December 03, 2016

How To Setup "Favicon" Image For Your Blogger Blog

This is a blogger blogging tip. A Favicon is an icon associated with a particular website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser accessing the site or next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks. Favicon is a small 20px square images that displays behind url of a webpage on all blogging platform. Here, i will be teaching you how to create a favicon image for your blogger blog. You can also generate a Favicon image for your blog here.

How to Create a Favicon Image  

Material Needed :

  • Pc - Personal computer 
  • Microsoft Office Software - Must be installed on the pc
  • Paint App 
  • Working USB cable cord 

Major material you need is a pc to create a Favicon image for your blog because the image must be 20px height & 20width. Now launch your pc and make the image you want to use as favicon ready (make the inage ready).

Anywhere the image is, Copy the image, then launch your Microsoft Office word. 

Paste the image inside the microsoft word, then start resizing it to the smallest you know will make 20x20 images. After finishing resizing, copy it. Now launch your Paint app on your pc then paste the image in it and save it by clicking File >> Save As >> Choose Png or Jpg >> Use Favicon as save name.

Next is to crop the while portion your paint has given the 20x20 image. To crop this image, go to your desktop screen, the image you saved from paint is already available on your desktop. Now, right click the image and open it using Microsoft Office Picture Manager on your pc. To crop, click Pictures then select Crop and start cropping the white portion of the image. Then after cropping, save it by clicking File >> Save As >> Use Favicon as save name or any.

Favicon image has been created, next step is to upload it to your blog.

How to Upload Favicon Image to Blogger Blog 

If you want to use your android phone to upload your favicon image, transfer the image from your pc to your android using a working usb cable cord or use Xender. After that, log on to your blogger dashboard >> Layout >> Favicon.

Then select the favicon image which you have created. That all.

Then save!

Now refresh your blogger blog home page and see the favicon sets.


If you get a sad message saying "Not a square image" that means that image is not a Favicon. The only wrong message you can get is "image not 20px" then you can go back to resize it at Microsoft office word and do all process again.

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