December 03, 2016

How To Stop "Auto Play GIFs" In Your Telegram Messenger App

Telegram messenger app is an alternative messenger app to whatsapp. It trends, though not oj PlayStore. Telegram has hit many users and downloads due to the fact that it is a making money app. Telegram messenger app is into bitcoin making money.  Telegram has a lots of features and to crown it all, it has all whatsapp features. Therefore, there is no need to start distinguishing their features.

I will say telegram has more feature than whatsapp. Telegram is very easy to operate and navigate through, but with these app, there are lots of enabled feature that drains your data which you can disable. One of them is "Auto-Play GIFs". Auto-Play Gif is a telegram feature embeded in telegram that helps you play telegram Gif Images before you download them. Gif images are like video, so when Auto-Play gif is enabled, any gif file sent to a group or personal chat in telegram will play automatically.

Benefits Of Auto-Play Gifs Images 

  • Helps you view gif images before downloading 
  • To know what the image is all about before deciding to download

How To Stop "Auto Play GIFs" On Telegram 

To stop "Auto-Play" GIFs on your telegram messenger app, launch ypur telegram app, swipe your telegram to tye right and click Settings 

Now scroll down, you will see the AutoPlay Gifs feature disable it.

That's all. You have now disabled Autoplay Gifs on your telegram fpr better messenging experience.  

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