December 04, 2016

How To Upload Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping - Step wise Guide

Hello my lovely viewers, today i am going to discuss on how you how can you set Whatsapp profile picture without Crop it in your Android Phone. Virtually everyone android whatsapp users experience this when ever they want to upload a picture as their profile picture, they will have to crop it which might be a loss because you will miss out some important part of picture.

Isn't this bad ? But problem fixed. Here i will fix ut by teaching you how to to upload an image as profile picture in whatsapp without cropping. In this article, am going to show you the detailed step wise guise about how to make Whatsapp profile picture without
cropping. Come to think of it, whatsapp is not suppose to allow crop before uploading an image.

How To Upload Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping ? 

Therefore guys, read below steps for you to upload a Profile Picture in your Whatsapp without cropping it. Be t firstly you need an app named Squaredroid. This app isis the tool that will help you. What this app is meant for is that it will help you resze the resolution of the image without cropping any portion at all. Download Squaredroid here and Below are detailed easy steps with screenshot.

  • Thereafter successfully installing Squaredroid, open the app, & you will be viewes with 3 options in the app page. Here, click “Pick a Photo”. 
  • When it the next page shows full menu, now choose from gallery tye image you want to upload to whatsapp without cropping. 

  • Here, immediately, Squaredroid will automatically resize the image for sucessful whatsapp upload and instantly, the cropped portion also will be deleted without loosing it quality. 
  • Then after all that, click the save icon at the top right of the app page to save the image. You're done

  • Now upload your picture to whatsapp profile sucesfully without cropping. 

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