December 16, 2016

How To WelcomeBack Your Lost, Stolen or Damaged Etisalat SIM Fast

Etisalat Group is one of the world’s leading telecom groups in emerging markets. Etisalat’s current market cap is over 132 billion AED (36 billion USD). With reported net revenues of AED 51.7
billion and net profit of AED 8.3 billion for 2015, Etisalat ranks amongst the most profitabletelecom groups in the world. Therefore, my question is that have you misplaced or damaged your etisalat simcard? but you don't want to buy another sim because the number you misplaced is very important to you, etisalat has now made it easier for you to welcome back your etisalat sim in a fast way. This new method of etisalat, it will save you from spending unwanted expenses while trying to recover your sim card popularly known as "Retrieve" Which mostly we pay sum of N1000 for it. Read through...

Required Materials 

  • Android get  HERE 
  • Or Laptop get HERE 
  • Full internet connection.
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Alternate Mobile Number
  • Phone Number of the Lost/Damaged/Stolen SIM Card
  • PUK Number of the Stolen/Lost/Damaged SIM card
  • Last Recharge Amount
  • Your Date of Birth (As registered with the SIM)
  • Three (3) frequently called phone numbers on the old SIM
  • Your FULL Address (As provided during registration)
  • Your EasyStarter U&Me phone number (If any)11-
  • The package of your damaged/lost/stolen SIM (EasyStarter or EasyClick)
  • The details on the newEtisalat SIM you wish to use for the swapping process (Phone number andSerial Number)

Required Steps 

==> Get the the Puk code/number of your. You can get that on the thick plastic card that came with your sim pack. If you've misplaced it(Sim Pack), simply contact Etisalat customer care number on 200 and follow the voice prompt.

==> Get a new Etisalat sim, you don't need to register it, you are going to do the retrieving all by yourself and doesn't request money. 

==> Click here and fill the form that is on the page. Fill the form correctly as required. 

==> Click Submit when you're done. 

That's all, now you have to stay tuned for the next 24 hours before you activate your new sim which now carries your old/former number. 

NOTE: If it doesn't activate after the given 24hours+, don't panic, just wait a little more it'll eventually work later. Also i will implore you to make use of a valid working email address because, you might engage in some further communications which will be made via your e-mail. 

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