December 15, 2016

Rockstar's Classic Game "Bully" - Now Available For Download on Mobile Devices

Rockstar games i will say is the company that develop live games. Example of these games are GTA both for android and pc. Now they recently developed a game called bully which was only available on desktop devices, the good news that it now available on mobile device(Android & IOS).

Introducing Bully: Anniversary Edition (asynchronously named due to this being the games 10th anniversary).
For those who don't know Bully , it's sort of like GTA except you control a 15-year-old delinquent having to deal with school life (and yes Bullies).

Here's is a nice brief description of the game according to Wikipedia ;

Bully takes place at Bullworth Academy, a privateboarding school in the New England region of the United States. After being expelled from seven previous schools, 15-year old James "Jimmy" Hopkins, is sent there for a
year while his mother and her new husband go on honeymoon.

This version of the game comes with a newly added multiplayer mode, better and redesigned textures not seen on the PS2 version with extra missions, classes, characters and all of the features that
came with the Scholarship Edition (the remastered version of the original PS2 game which was released 2008).

Download Link 

Bully is available for download for Android and iOS for $6.99 (₦1,390.00)

Credit: Rockstar Games

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