December 13, 2016

Solution To Google AdSense Ads not Displaying After been Fully Approved

This post is for the new AdSense publishers who are facing some difficulties with their AdSense. I am talking about issue of AdSense ads not displaying after been fully approved. If you are new AdSense publisher who just got a fully AdSense account but when trying to implement ads, live ads aren't showing, i will advise you to take this post serious because there are some attached to a fully AdSense account. Therefore don't panic. The issue there is that after getting AdSense approval finally, you noticed that your ads aren't displaying after implementing them into your website, there nothing wrong, but my questions for you facing this issue are :

  • What type of account is the AdSense? 
  • What time was the AdSense Account approved? 
  • Did you implement the ad code well?
  • What view did you use to check your site after placing ads? 

Above are my questions. Check review below

1.What type of account is the AdSense? 

Depending on the fully approved AdSense account type will determine the reason why your ad code are not displaying. 
  • If your fully approved adsense is a hosted account of either Blogger, YouTube or Hubpage, your ads won't show on sites with custom domain( but will show on a host domain (
  • If you sign up AdSense with a custom domain via your blogger dashboard, ads won't show because it is a hosted but will show on other custom domains. 

Therefore by all means i am saying that if your AdSense is a hosted adSense, ads won't show on your sites but show on the hosted domain it self. E.g hosted  blogger AdSense will only display on blogspot, Hosted YouTube will only show on YouTube and same as hubpages. But you you gat one of these hosted account and want you to use it on your site, you need to upgrade it to a non hosted adSense account. 

2. What time was it approved? 

The time your AdSense account was approved also determines why your ads aren't showing. If you got your AdSense approved at 10:00 AM and you created ads 10:30AM immediately after you found that your AdSense was approved, your adsads won't show at that time. You need to wait for at least 5Hours before you start seeing live ads ONLY IF IT IS A NON-HOSTED ADSENSE. If it is hosted don't bother creating ads because it won show on custom domains. But you you gat an approved AdSense hosted account, you can only show ads by upgrading to a Non-Hosted like i said the "What type of AdSense Account is it". 

3. Did you implement the ad code well?

I know that no one can make mistake of implementing ad code into his or her site, but there is a saying that "No man is above mistake". So when implementing your AdSense adcode, implement them carefully for better ad serving and for ads to display. 

4. What view did you use to check your site after placing ads? 

This is especially for the bloggers using blogger blogging platform. After creating their blog, they need to do something in their blog to make it okay on both. Desktop and Mobile Views. One of these are Gadgets, a situation whereby you input your ads in a layout gadget in a blogge, your ads will only show on desktop view and won't show on mobile view because you didn't activate it to show on mobile view. To fix this click here
I am pretty much sure that these are the four reasons why AdSense Ads do not displaying after been fully approved. You can also drop your Issue about adse below one i will help you solve it. Also visit my AdSense Forum to read all tips about adsense. After fixing it i know you will be like

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