December 27, 2016

South Africa CellC Unlimited Free Browsing Settings Using XP Psiphon v5

First time in history i am going to post a free browsing for foreign countries and from this i begin, i will write more. CellC is a network provider in South Africa and with your CellC SIM, you can now have access to unlimited free browsing using your Android device or PC via thanks XP Psiphon V5 which is the latest version different from other version 6.0.0.

However, in the old xp psiphon 6.0.0, it was working for etisalat and glo free browsing. It worked well and was later transferred to QueenCee Vpn V8 Infinity which is the latest version of QueenCee Vpn.

Meanwhile, the most interesting aspect of this new tweak(free browsing)is that it works on both Android and PC. It can be used to download large files (no limit to what you can download) it is also easy to use as it uses already configured files. Powers all apps also. Read through to get it done.


  • An Android device or PC
  • Ofcourse CellC simcard ready with no or zero data and airtime 
  • XP Psiphon v 5 apk - Download Here
  • Stable 3 G Network. 

XP Psiphon V5 Settings For CellC South Africa Free Internet Browsing

  • Launch your Psiphon V5 in your android phone via the link above.
  • Download any of the configurations files below (Its recommended to download all the configurations so as to have options )
  • Link1 Configuration download
  • Link2 Configuration download
  • Link3 Configuration download 
  • Then, launch the XP Pisphon vpn you installed,
  • Now click on the left top icon to see a list of selection, scroll down and click on clear settings
  • Once you have cleared the settings , go back and click “import configuration”
  • Now you need to import any of the configuration files you downloaded
  • Go to your download folder, search for the configuration you downloaded and then select 1 to upload.
  • However , the configuration would request for a password.
  • Type and click on connect to start enjoying free unlimited internet on your CellC network.


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