December 15, 2016

Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan Offers Unlimited Data Per Month

Spectranet unlimited gold plan is packaged data for users who browse the Internet 24/7 for their personal needs and business. It is 4G plan which makes the browsing speed. This data plan is for heavy internet users that are always connected online. It is also considerable for business men as well as cyber cafe operators but the plan is not as rosy as you might think. I will reveal the shocker as we go on. Follow

Attributes of Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan

  • Full speed 24/7 access on the Spectranet 4G network
  • Validity period is one month (30 days)
  • There is speed throttling as soon as you use 100GB. Meanwhile, Spectranet does not specify what speed you will be cut down to from that point
  • The price of Spectranet Unlimited Gold is N18,000 monthly
  • This plan is available only in Lagos and Ibadan for now 

I know users will like this plan because of the data is unlimited but the price is a bit cost because Ntel offers unlimited data for 1month @ N10,000 only with better 4G LTE 99% speed. 

NB : Former customers migrating to this plan will have their unused data kept in their accounts, so later in the will be credited to them any time they return to their existing capped plan in the future.

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