December 03, 2016

Top 10 Url Shortener Sites You Can Earn Money From - Maximize Your Profit Today

Technology brought internet which has makes our lives easier. In this world, there are many ways of making money in this life which even bloggers cannot talk about again. Like i said there are many ways to make money and "via Internet" is one of them. In this article, i will discuss on how to start earning cool money with URL been shortened; and here, you don't need any experience to start earning with URL Shorteners.

What Are Url Shortners ?

Url Shortner are sites which helps you shorten your any long url. It can be your blog/site url. There are many url sites. Some of these sites are making money url shortener sites and just few are not. For example and does not monetize shortened link. Most of these sites pay you just because you bring traffic to their sites. 

How do You Make Money withURL Shorteners ?

To make money with url shorteners sites, you have to log on to any of below url shortener sites mentioned below then create an account and start shortening your url. At that spot, you start earning money once anyone clicks it. Some pays $5 to $6 if 1000 or more visitors to click the URL links. 

Top 10 Url Shortner Websites to Make Cool Money From ?

1. ADF.LY : is the No. 1 URL shortening
site worldwide that pays cash for shortening links and promoting them. pay you around $8 for over 1000 views or clicks been detected on a url been shortened by them. threshold payment is just $5. They can pay you your earnings on both daily and monthly basis through PayPal(Only). Therefore Join Signup Today 


LinkShrink is another URL shortening website. LinkShrink payment depends on the country you base. Fir example someone living in tmUnited States gets $4 for 1000 views and so on. LinkShrink threshold income is also $5 and payment is recieved via PayPal. LinkShrink pays you on 1 and 16 of every month.

You can also make money vis their affiliate program or marketing. Once you have signed for LinkShrinkz join bmbecoming an affiliate and you will receive 15%(commission rate) for each person you refer. Therefore, join linkshare today and start earning 


Another URL shortener site is works like LinkShrink in sense that it payments depends on based country. Fir example, pay out around $8.60 for people in US. However , pays only $.58 for people living in India.

There are difference in the minimum payouts rate of For example, you can only withdraw $5 via PayPal, $20 via Payoneer and $5 via Web Money. You can also earn money with their referral program which pays you 20% per referral. Therefore, join Here. 

4. BC.VC

BC.VC a bold link shorter website that
pays you for two categories which are interstitials CPM (1000) and Top banner CPM. For example in US for interstitials for unique you get $5 and for Raw you get $2.25. For top banner it does not pay you anything.

Moreover the commission rate for referrals it is 20% and minimum payout is $10.00. Join now.

5. ADFOC.US cmaffords to pay you up to $8.70 for 1000 views however in India you get only $.60. In te aspect of threshold  income for the payouts for every month is $10.00. They offer 20% per referrals. pay you monthly through PayPal and Bitcoin. Signup Here.  


The above 5 websites are really popular but there are others which are lesser known but still you can make money with. URLcash is one of them with a low
profile. This is really good for bloggers and website owners. URLCash can pay you up to 90% of its income. You can make 35% for referrals and also 13% more on what your referrals make and so on. You get paid through PayPal, Payza, Paxum etc.

Bonus Sites 

7. P.PW - Signup P.PW Here
8. ITY.IM -  Sign for here 
9. CASHFLY - Sign for cashfly here 
10. OUO.IO - sign up here 

These are the top 5+ website you can earn money from when youyou shorten your link. You can visit each website to learn about them. 


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