December 09, 2016

Top 6 Available Softwares to Help you Hide Your IP Address

An ip address unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies
each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a
network. An IP address is a fascinating product of modern computer technology designed to allow one computer (or other digital device)
to communicate with another via the Internet. ... "IP " stands for Internet Protocol, so an IP address is an Internet Protocol address.

How to Hide My IP Address?

Do you want to hide your ip address for you to browse web in anonymity mode ? here are 6 popular methods to hide your IP address.  They are proxy software, http proxy, socks proxy, web proxy, VPN and private proxy. They have different features. Here we will choose the best one to fit your purpose. Please select your most valued features. Also note that not every http proxy supports the https websites such as facebook and craigslist.

My IP Hide

  • Encrypted Private Proxy ✅
  • Fast and Stable ✅
  • Dozens IP Addresses ✅
  • Less IP than Others ❎

Http Proxy List

  • Free Proxy Switcher ✅ 
  • Thousands IP Addresses ✅❎
  • Updated Every Hour ✅❎
  • Unstable Uptime ❎

Socks Proxy List

  • Free Proxy Checker ✅
  • Hundreds IP Addresses ✅
  • Versatile Proxy ✅
  • Unstable Uptime ❎

Web Proxy

  • Support All Systems ✅
  • Easy to Use ✅
  • Free of Charge ✅
  • Not support every site ❎

VPN Tunnel

  • Support All Programs✅ 
  • Thousands IP Addresses ✅
  • Strong Encryption ✅
  • Slower than Proxies ❎

Private Proxy List

  • Dedicated IP Address ✅
  • Stable Uptime Choose
  •  Http or Socks ✅
  • Expensive than Others ❎


My IP Hide
My ip hide is a proxy software recommended to hide your IP address. It uses encrypted private proxy technology. It's safe, fast, stable and easy to use. The cons is that it only has about 20 IP addresses.

  • Advantage: It's safe, fast, stable and easy to use. It supports both Win and Mac.
  • Shortcoming: It has only about 20 IP addresses, less than other methods.
  • Audience: Best for the users who focus on the speed and stability instead of the number of IP addresses.
Download My Proxy Hide software here. You can also sign up here

Http Proxy
We recommend Elite Proxy Switcher if you need thousands of IP addresses. It uses public http proxy so it has thousands of IP addresses..
  • Advantage: It has thousands of IP addresses which are updated every hour.
  • Shortcoming: Public proxies are unstable, need being updated frequently.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need many IP addresses but only use them for a while.
Get software here 

Socks Proxy
Socks proxy is versatile proxy for all your Internet usage while the http proxy can only be used for surfing. You can use socks proxy to send emails, transfer files, chat online, play games as well as surf websites.
  • Advantage: Socks proxy supports https and high anonymity naturally. It has hundreds of IP addresses.
  • Shortcoming: Public proxies are unstable, need being updated frequently.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need many IP addresses but only use them for a while.
You can get socks proxy from their website here.  

Web Proxy
Web proxy such as My-Proxy is the easiest way to hide IP. Web proxy is a website with a address bar. Just input the URL of blocked site into that bar and click the Surf button. Web proxy will
fetch the web page for you showing on its own site. It's easy to use. The cons is that it doesn't support all websites and only has 5 IP addresses.
  • Advantage: It's easy to use and supports all systems such as Win, Mac and Linux.
  • Shortcoming: It has only about 5 IP addresses and doesn't support all websites.
  • Audience: Best for the users who don't want to install any program. Get it here 

VPN Tunnel
VPN Tunnel such as Hide My Ass is a common way to hide IP. It uses strong encryption to ensure that only authorized users can access the network and that the data cannot be intercepted. It's usually used to securely connect the branch offices of an organization to its head office network through the public Internet. Now many VPN vendors open this service to public. You can use it to hide IP.
  • Advantage: It supports all systems and all programs besides browsers.
  • Shortcoming: Because of the strong encryption, VPN is slower than proxy.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need to use proxy in other programs besides browsers. 

Private Proxy
We recommend Your Private Proxy if you need dedicated IP addresses. Their proxies are private http or socks proxy . You are the only user of the proxies you bought.
  • Advantage: The proxies are exclusive to a single user.
  • Shortcoming: It's expensive if you need many IP addresses.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need dedicated IPaddressess.

These are the 6 softwares available for hiding yournip address. Some other day i will write on how to use these softwares. 

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