December 15, 2016

Update: Senate Didn't Approve NCC to Increase Price of Data Plan

Sequel to what we posted here about data recession, "Finally : Senate gives NCC approval to increase Price of data plan" , the Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Communications, Senator Solomon Adeola have made it clear to us that the Senate committee did not give Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) the approval to increase data tariff price.

This information was published on his personal website.
Below is the photocopy of what was
published on his blog.

Our attention has been drawn to
a publication with the misleading
title “ Senate Okays Data Price
Hike, says NCC Acted in national
Interest ” in a national daily
insinuating that the Senate
through its Committee on
Communications sanctioned data
price increase by
telecommunications service
providers during an oversight visit
to the Nigerian Communication
There is no iota of truth in the
misleading title as the contrary is
the case from what the Vice
chairman of the Committee
Senator Solomon Adeola said in
his presentation during the
briefing by NCC Executive Vice
Chairman, Professor Umaru
Senator Adeola while
commending the NCC for its
achievements in recent times
stated that the action it took in
suspending the proposed data
hike following public outcry was
in the national and peoples’
interest stressing that their
prompt responses to Senate
inquiries on the matter and other
related issues and a promise to
undertake further scientific study
on the data hike issue was
As can be seen from the body of
the story no where did the
senator ‘okays’ the regulatory
agency recommended “price
floor” which was the issue that
gave rise to the proposed data
price hike that has since been

Chief Kayode Odunaro
Media Adviser to Senator Solomon Adeola
13th December, 2016.

Just stay tuned for more updates on data recession!!

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