December 06, 2016

WhatsApp Adjourned Support For Those Using BB OS and Nokia Symbian OS Till July 2017

Months ago, whatsapp planned to stop it service on some phones which i mentioned here. Okay phones like : Blackberry including BB10, Android below 4.0 and All java phones.  The former date set by whatsapp to stop working on Blackberry and Nokia phones running BB OS and Symbian OS was December 31. But today, people still using these devices has been given more grace period to upgrade to an Android or iOS device in order to continue enjoying WhatsApp or kiss goodbye to the worlds most popular IM applications.

In recent notifications sent to users, Whatsapp Has Extended Support Until July 2017 so if you are still using a Blackberry device that runs the BB OS or the old school Nokia devices, do
yourself a favor by upgrading. Meanwhile, this extension excludes handsets using Android 2.3 and earlier versions, Windows Phone 7 or iOS 6.

I still don't get it why some people still stick with BB. I even saw one guy last week pricing a BB device that costs around N40k. What for? Let's get it right. Blackberry is now a old device but i still wonder why people like it. Hmm all is well.

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