December 09, 2016

Win 5,000 Airtime From Zenith Bank Google+ Quiz - See How to

Zenith bank is now at it guys by offering free giveaway for December. Zenith Bank is giving free N5,000 Airtime if you pertake in their Google Plus Quiz Contest. The N5000 Airtime is not free, you are expected to get the N5000 Airtime if you join & follow them on Google +, then answer their questions asked in the quizzes, when you get answer correctly, you win free N5000 Airtime straight.

How do i win free N5000 Airtime ? 

1. Follow Zenith On Google + : To win free N5000 Airtime from zenith Bank, you need to follow them on Google+ social media platform. Their Google + Profile is

2. Answer Both Quizzes Correctly : After following Zenith Bank on Google+, next thing to do is answer both quizzes correctly. That's, you need to answer any quiz question(s) asked by zenith Bank on Google +. You will also need to +1 the question and share with friends also.

For instance below was a question asked :

Who did this to their pencils in school? Do you still do it now? 
Please +1 and share 

3. Win a whooping N5,000 Airtime :
After following zenith Bank on google plus and answering their questions correctly, you will win whopping sum of N5000 Airtime.

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  1. Êmmlêx ÇêlêbrîtýDecember 9, 2016 at 2:48 PM

    How will I know if I won

    1. 1. Follow zenith Bank on Google Plus
      2. Answer their questions correctly
      3. Then you will win free N5000 Airtime from them(zenith bank)

    2. You will receive a message from them via your Google plus profile.


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