December 09, 2016

Wow! : Share Your Past Photos And Moments Using Facebook 2016 Year In Review Video

Wow guys 2017 is coming while 2016 ends soon. Today, you can now share your your 2016 photos, best moments and friends using new facebook feature called 2016 Year In Review . Don't panic, you are not creating this video for yourself(manually), Facebook will generate this video for you and any other person on facebook to share their biggest moments of the Year (2016) via your timeline.

 This was so much popular in year 2015.

This video also talks about all your likee towards a picture or a comment or a post, liked pictures from 2016. It also congratulates you for being loyal as facebook user. Therefore if you want to see the short video clip facebook has generated for you, click HERE to get started.

Now when the page opens, log in to your facebook account using the box section provided in the page.

Congrats, you video is live. You can now see it in the nest page, also scroll down to view more of the things about your video. Checkout mine below :

Check my few reactions to people's post this year

Checkout the friends i had this year

Checkout the two places i checked for this year

That is how yours too is going to be or look like. Now, you will br prompted to share your Year In Review Video. To do this, click the video, use either your browser or your facebook to complete action of sharing. Example i used my browser to complete action.

Then click the "Share" buttos to share the your video to your timeline.

Now your video has been shared to your timeline. Your facebook friends will now be able to see your facebook Year in Review video and watch.


  1. Wow olamide. Thanks it was lovely. My own was fantastic

  2. Replies
    1. Yea it was fantastic than last year's


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