January 09, 2017

How To Add/Display AdSense Ad Above Blogger Blog Header Logo

There are many place where an AdSense publisher could place AdSense ads on his website. As a blogger using a blogging platform, you can add AdSense ads between your blog posts, home pages and many other places. Today i am going to teach you how to add AdSense ads above your blogger blog header logo image.

Adding AdSense Ads above blogger blog header logo image gives your AdSense first impression which can also increase your AdSense earnings. That's the first live ads to be seen is the one placed above header logo image.

To add AdSense ads above blogger blog header logo image, follow below steps :

First you have to create an ad unit which you want to let it display live ads on your blog header. I recommend a 320x50 banner ad unit because it is portable.

Step 1 : Log on to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Tap "Layout". In the page that opens, search for the Layout title where you added your blog header to. This used to be under "Header" (See Screenshot below)

Step 3 : Click "Add a Gadget", choose "HTML/JavaScript". Then paste the code into the box.

Note : If there are no more space to add gadgets, you can fix issue here.

Preview your blog and see AdSense live ad displaying at top first above header image.

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