January 03, 2017

How To Download Android Apk App From Google Playstore On Your Computer

PlayStore is a platform by Google to store all available Android apps and games for download. Google Playstore was formerly known as the Android Market. It popularly known that Google playstore apps cannot be downloaded on pc because it is not Android.

Getting apps from the Store enables you to use them on your device. When you
get music, movies, books and other digital content from the Store, other Google Play apps let you play, listen, watch, or read.

A situation whereby you want to download playstore apps on your pc, it won't download because it hasn't detect an android phone.

Here, i will teach you how to download android apk app from google playstore on your computer.

Step 1 : First you need to visit Google Play Store to search for applications
and games you want to download.

Step 2 : Now copy link address of the application just like the google drive above.

Step 3 : Then http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader or http://apk-downloaders.com/, then carefully paste the link on the site

Step 4 : Now click on Generate Download Link.

Step 5 : Lastly click the green download button to download your application

 Application downloading, downloaded then you can noe enjoy your app.

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  1. Well, I must confess, in all my years of surfing the net, I never knew that aside downloading youtube videos, it was even possible to download play store apps with computer.

    Thanks boss, commenting from consumer tech blog


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