January 08, 2017

How To Increase Number Of Gadget in Layout Section of a Blogger Blog

This is a blogger blog tip which i know many bloggers using blogger blogging platform don't know about but i am. Sure my header article will make you understand this article. As a "blogger" blogger, have you ever tried to add more of gadgets to a particular layout section in your blogger blog? but you notice they failed adding, these are tge solution here.

The gadgets will not be added to your layout because it has been fixed in your template that "the available gadgets" in your blogger Layout Section that that is the only gadgets you can add.

Meaning, if you have added 10 Gadgets to your Blogger Layout Section under Sidebar and want to add more but didn't worked, this means it has been fixed in your template that only 10Gadgets can be added to your Sidebar section. Therefore, if you want to increase them, you have to go template editing. 

In a case whereby you want to add more gadget to your Layout "main" section(like below image), you won't be able to add more gadgets because it has been fixed that only one gadget should show on the layout "main" which is Blog Posts.  Here you can increase the amount of widget to be added to your choice of up to 50 and more than but won't make sense.

I hope you have understood the issue in this article? 
See how to fix it below making "Add a Gadgets" Many.

Step 1 : Log in to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : You must get a widget under any of the layout section. E.g I want to increase the widget number under under Main, therefore i have copied "Blog Posts" Gadget's ID which ID is Blog1. 

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Step 3 : Now navigate to the Template Section, click "EDIT HTML"

Step 4 : Hit the "Jump To Widget" button and tap "Blog1"

Step 5 : Now scroll to top and check for below code
<b:section class='main' id='main' maxwidgets='1' showaddelements='yes'> 

You can also search for other Layout Section. E.g Sidebar or Footer or Header.

Step 6 : Now change the '1' to any amount of gadgets you want to display.

Step 7 : Now Save Template.

Then you can now go on and add more than gadgets to the layout section. If it exhausts, you can repeat this process and increase the number but note that too much HTML make website or blog load slow.

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