January 27, 2017

How to Run Facebook ads using your ATM/Master Card or Paypal Funds

Advertising on social media is one of the best method of making ad products known and as for bloggers, it could drive massive traffic to your blog this is why you have to consider social media ads e.g Facebook ads for your blogs or sites. With Facebook ads you will be Able to get targeted audience from any destination of your choice. For instance, you sell cars in Abuja and you want buyers only from Lagos with facebook ads you can easily target the audience for your marketing niche.

In my recent post i wrote about reliable traffic Source for the new year in which Facebook or social media specifically is one among the list. So running Facebook ads will extend your traffic
sources to social media as well.

Today am going to show you how you can run Facebook ads for your pages and blogs using Your ATM/master
card or Using PayPal funds /account .I know this method is applicable in many other ways but for the reason of this
tutorial i will be using Facebook lite app.

Download The Facebook lite.apk  [1.4mb]

Step 1 : Login your Facebook account from the app and click on your
Facebook menu you will see many options , select Ads Manager from the list

Step 2 : After that select the Billing option from the next page.

Step 3 : And a new page will open just scroll down and click on Add card

Step 4 : Now from the next page you will be required to fill in your card
details put your card expiry dates and your CVV2 and your card number and Save

If your card is Valid Facebook will message you and now you can start running ads while Facebook charge you from the account associated with the card you have added To promote any page just click on pages and select the page you want to promote and click on promotion tab. To get started.

Note if you don't want to use your ATM/master card you can use PayPal the option is specified there just enter the PayPal info and save settings and any ads you run your charges will
be removed from your PayPal account. you can pause your ads any time you wish to and your ads will stop automatically. and your charged will remain where you stopped the ads.

Hope you can now run Facebook ads for your pages and sites using your ATM card. enjoy.!!!

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