January 03, 2017

Latest Airtel 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Offers Free 2.1GB Daily - See How & FAQs

Ever since airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing via Psiphon and other like VPN was unveiled, i haven't enjoyed the browsing until the recent Tweakware 4.7 was launched officially and embedded with airtel bundle setting to enjoy the airtel free browsing via Tweakware. Tweakware has been the best app for recent airtel 0.0k unlimited  free browsing even till now, i am still blazing it. Using Tweakware to blaze airtel 0.0k free browsing gives you free 2100.6MB daily approximately 2.1GB

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Tweakware 4.7 is a hacked one which has 6 free severs. These Free severs offers 350.1MB each unlike the Old hacked one that offer free 250.0MB. Then if you multiply 350.1MB by 6, it gives you 2100.6MB which is daily. Tweakware is best. 

Therefore, If you are interested in enjoying your airtel free browsing cheat via Tweakware, then you have to click Here. 

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Do I Need a Premium Account? 

You don't need a tweakware premium Account to enjoy your airtel 0.0kb unlimited free browsing cheat. Things you need are : 
==> Good and stable 3G Network 
==> Accurate settings 

When you have above, you can enjoy your airtel unlimited free browsing via Tweakware enjoying the 6 free severs with 350.1MB daily. Although i cannot use 350MB daily because i am not the type that do download large file. My highest daily data usage is 230MB. 

How Do i enjoy Airtel Free Browsing via Tweakware?   

To enjoy airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing using tweakware, you need a stable 3G network like i said ealier. Now download 4.7 Here. Apply below settings : 

==> Launch tweakware and click "Settings" 
==> Tap "Bundled Settings" 
==> Enable or Tick "Use Bundled Setting"
==> Tap "choose bundled setting" 
Choose (NG Airtel) 0.0# 
==> Now go back home and hit connect button. 

Your Tweakware will not connect immediately. Just keep tapping connect till it connects. Once Tweakware is connected, it takes long before disconnecting. It will only disconnect when you leave it idle or your 3G Status was unavailable for at least 60seconds. 

I am seeing just one free sever. How Do i view the remaining? 

Yes when you first download and launch your Tweakware, you are prone to enjoy just one free sever because you haven't attain the level to use more 5 free sever. To enjoy more 5 free severs of Tweakware, you must have used up to 50MB and above from the first free sever which is offering just 350.1MB. Then after that, whenwhen your Tweakware disconnects, your remaining 5 free severs will be available and each consists of 350.1MB as explained HERE

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  1. Pls d app is requesting for username and password what should I do?


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