January 10, 2017

Latest MTN 0.00k Unlimited Free Browsing Using Psiphon, Xp Psiphon, Netify, QueenCee Vpn | Datareset#

Hi folks, it been a while at least since last year August since we enjoyed MTN free browsing cheat. This even has made many of we tweakers switch our sims to glo to enjoy more of free browsing and downloading and also recent airtel 0.0k which was blocked after a week enjoyment. Reading this post, many will be anxious because they know MTN cheat works fast but get blocked easily, that is why we call nowadays free browsing cheat "Enjoy While It Lasts" but not in GLO's Side.

I am glad to notify you guys that MTNdatareset# 0.00k unlimited Free browsing cheat has been reloaded, back and better. It now works fine now. The tweak worked very well when it was first unveiled last year around early new year. But after huge usage by many tweakers, MTN discovered their loophole(s) by blocking the blazing 0.0k free browsing. Therefore the only free browsing i enjoy on MTN is Musicplus Unlimited MB + Psiphon settings and also GamePlus 300MB + Psiphon Settings though i gat two MTN sims so i received 600MB.

MTN 0.00k unlimited free browsing works just like the recent airtel 0.00k unlimited free browsing. That's, it works via Psiphon108handlerUIXp PsiphonProNETPsiphon A+ ProQueenCee Vpn and Syphon Shield.

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To Browse Unlimitedly with your airtel, you need to download any vpn app. Vpn app like Psiphon108handlerUIXp PsiphonProNETPsiphon A+ ProQueenCee Vpn and Syphon Shield. There you can download them from the given links. Also set your APN as default or click here to know all network Apn Settings. Launch any of above vpn, then apply below settings;

Go to your APN settings and reset to default or use below airtel apn :

Name : MTN NG
    Apn Name : web.gprs.mtnonline.net
      Apn Type : default/Supl
        Proxy : [Blank]
        • Port : [Blank]
        • Username : [Blank]
        • Password : [Blank]
        • Sever : [Blank]
        • MMSC : [Blank]
        • Mms Proxy : [Blank]
        • Mms Port 
        • MCC : 621
        • MNC : 30 
        • Authentication Type 
        • Apn. Protocol : IPv4
        • Apn Roaming Protocol : IPv4
        • Bearer : Unspecified 

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        Save the Apn and then create another apn again name it MTN MMS or MTN NG MMS then choose MMS in yhe Apn Type. After that, tick the MTN NG and then start browsing. 

        Then launch your psiphon VPN and configure it like this below.

        • Mark or Unmark Remove port
        • Proxy type - Real host
        • Proxy server - datareset.mtnonline.com/#
        • Real proxy type - Default
        • Real proxy port - 80

        Tap Save button and click on “tunnel whole device”. Click on the option taband select United States or Best Performance as your region. Then Navigate to More Options

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        Check “Connect through an HTTP Pro” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as :
        • Host address -
        • Port - 8080

        Now, go back to the home screen and click Start button to connect.

        Features Of MTN Datareset# 0.00k Free Browsing 

        • It connects in few seconds 
        • It can change your Ip Address Automatically 
        • Browse and surf internet speed 
        • Download large files(Movies) 
        • Make you appear anonymous online in aspect of changing ip address randomly. 
        Psiphon not stable, disconnecting because of poor MTN Network in your location or area, fix it here and here

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        1. You mean we are going to use airtel apn to browse With mtn

        2. Guy i no dey understnd yu at all. Make we use airtel apn on mtn for the cheat??( Make us understnd) We kw airtel blocked their own dat one is byegone pls stop mentioning it. Nice job here

        3. Bro m sorry. It fixed already. I mistook the apn settings. Thanks for understanding


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