January 27, 2017

Recession: MTN Nigeria Introduce Transaction Fee on Share n Sell Services

Few years back when MTN Nigeria introduced Share ‘n’ Sell features, everyone applauded them for a job well done and ever since then, the service has been running smoothly without attracting any transfer fee.

Be that as it may, as financial downturn seethes in Africa, and the costs of things soar without tremendous control, starting from 31st of January, 2017 MTN Share n Offer exchange administrations will no longer be free. MTN endorsers will begin paying exchange expense on any broadcast appointment exchange started to other MTN endorsers.

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MTN sent a message across to subscribers as seen below;
“Dear Customer, please be informed that Share n Sell transactions will attract applicable transfer fee, effective
January 31, 2017”

This is no longer funny, instead of applying charges to the service, why not just scrap it completely… after all the share n sell transfer is within the same MTN network; why the extra charges?

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