January 31, 2017

Whatsapp : You Will Soon Start Tracking the Location of Your Contacts

Whatsapp is now set to introduce "live location tracking" features it app. This feature allows users to track the location of their friends on whatsapp. This feature is very cool and beneficiary, but it is very risky in some aspects.

WhatsApp Messenger is actually the best instant messaging application in
the world right now and there is no sign of dropping out as it keeps improving constantly. So sad that Blackberry users has been denied of this great app but the Android and iOS counterparts are really enjoying the heck out of this useful app.

Recall in December 2016, WhatsApp added the features to revoke and edit the sent messages in a beta version testing.

Image credit: WAPBETAinfo

The feature is currently available in WhatsApp beta for the iOS but not available on the normal platform.

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The "Live Location Tracking" is a new feature already introduced to some beta tester but will soon be roll out to both Android and iOS platform.

Source shows the features will work on WhatsApp beta version for iOS, 2.16.399+ on Android and will be disabled by

The Live Location Tracking can be kept on for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or indefinitely. Now imagine that you have a lying partner, or a random player, with this feature, you can easily trace their location in real time.

Or this could come in handy if you're supposed to meet with your family at a certain location and time, and you want to see how far away from the destination they are.

Moreover, in case you don’t want anyone to track your movement, The live streaming can also be disabled so that no one can learn where you are at any given moment.

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