February 01, 2017

How To Create Chitika Ad Unit & Put On Your Blog / Sites (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr)

Chitika Ad Network is one if the best Google AdSense alternatives that can be used to monetize your blog or website. Reading am article here, i explained everything about Chitika ad; how it works, how it pays and many more. Chitika pays lows in PPC. Their ad unit consists if rectangular banner, square, sky scrapper and more.

Now i am going to teach you how to create an ad unit on your blog Chitika account. Immediately after signing up for Chitika, in your dashboard you will be asked to copy an ad unit code. This code is one that will make your domain approved after Chikita ad are now live on your blog.

The main way to create an ad unit on Chitika is by :

Step 1 : Log in to your Chitika Account

Step 2 : Click "Ad" and in the drop down menu, select "Get Code".

Step 3 : You can manually select the recommended ad unit which is 550x250 banner under the quick start option.

Step 4 : You can also select your choice of "Ad Format", then click "Get Code"

How To Display On Blog or Website 

Displaying Chitika ad on your blog or website is the best way you can earn from Chitika ad. You can show Chitika ad on your blogger blog, WordPress blog, tumblr and more. You can also display Chikita ad on your wapka site.

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To Display Chikita ad on your blog blogger blog,

==> Log in to your blogger dashboard
==> Go to "Layout" and Tap "Add a Gadget"
==> Select "HTML/Javascript"
==> Then paste the Chikita ad code in the provided html section.

To Display Chitika ad on your Wordpress Blog :

==> Go to Appearance >> Widgets
==> Drag a Text widget to the appropriate widget area. In our case that would be "Main Sidebar".
==> For the purpose of this tutorial, we will place this widget right under the search field. 
==> Finally, paste the banner code in it, set a title for the widget (that's optional, leave it empty if you don't want to have a title above your banner) and hit the Save button.

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