February 10, 2017

How To Get Free 1GB Data On Etisalat Via Imei Tweaking

It been a long since tweakers tweak imei to get free data. Itbhas been long just after the airtel imei tweak that offers free 5GB(and was discovered to be 30GB via accumulation). Tweaking imei to get free data on etisalat has been long. I could remember the one pf the 150MB Free every month for one year. Lol mine is finished already.

This new tweak from etisalat is the same as the old & etisalat free 1gb data when you buy a new sim or smartphone(then you recharge #100 Airtime). Now i think you dont have to waste funds getting a new sim or new smartphone and recharging to get 1GB free data from etisalat, you can now get the free 1gb via imei tweaking.

To get free 1gb data from Etisalat, you have to tweak below imei


Tip : Learn How To Tweak Imei 

From above imeis, generate the remaining using GL Imei Generator Apk app( the app completes imei randomly). Now tweak the generated imei given by Gl Imei Generator using Mtk Engineering Mode.

Tip : Learn how to use gl imei generator to generate imeis

Immediately after tweaking, dont reboot your device, better still, switch on airplane and switch it off again. Successfully, your imei has being changed dial *#06# to confirm.

After that, go to your phone's dialer and dial *8186 *092840413028038# (for at least 15 times), then you will get your free 1gb of data from etisalat via a successful message saying ;

Congratulations your free smartphone 1GB has been successfully activated, data is valid till 08/03/2017. Get free social me pak

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