February 08, 2017

How To Make Your Blog/Site Domain or Url Approved by Chitika Ads

Chitika Ad has been one of the Ad Network i have been talking about recently. Chitika Ad is an alternative ad network to Google AdSense. In a review i said one of the easiest way is by placing few lines of Java-script from an Ad Network like Chitika or AdSense and it will show related ads automatically.

Lol if i say Chitika Ad is is the best option for a lazy blogger who wants to earn from their blog. The reason I used word lazy here is because others are using methods like Affiliate marketing which pays huge and give better result. Read more reviews on Chitika Ads Here.

Few Bloggers are complaining to me about Chitika Ads not approving their website or blog domain or url. I told most of them to be patient when they ask me how long it takes because i myself didn't know my domain was approved till i checked my official mail few days after pasting the Chitika Ad Unit Code to my blog (www.horlartechgist.com).

After some brain cracking i found out a tip on how to make a website or blog domain approved by Chitika Ads. Read through...

How To Make Your Blog/Site Domain or Url Approved by Chitika Ads ? 

It is very simple to be approved by Chitika Ads. To make your blog/site domain or url approved by Chitika Ads, you have to first of all create and paste Chitika Ad Unit to your blog. Also you can learn how to install and utilize Chitika Ad on your wordpress blog.

After adding Chitika Ad Unit Code to your website, you have to wait for days before your domain will be approved.

Chitika Ad - www.horlartechgist.com Approved

Note : To get a site approved by Chitika Ad, you have to put the ad code on the domain you want to get approved.

Wait for at least 3days, then your website will be approved if Chitika detect Click(s) or Impression(s) on the particular live Chitika Ad embedded on the site(You want to get.approved). And when approved, your domain will be added to your domains section in your chitika account.

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