February 08, 2017

How To Move Apps From Phone Memory To Sd Card On Android Device

Moving your android App(s) from
phone memory to sd card on android might occur when you have already installed app(s) to phone storage and later noticed phone memory is full and you want to move the app to sd card. External memory card is more sure than the internal memory card. Also you might also want to free up some space on your phone storage by moving apps to Sd Card, might be when app is overheating.

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Though, on a normal day you might decide to move your android apps from
phone memory to sd card on android
device and you dont know how to go about it.

How To Move Applications From Phone Memory To SD card (2.2 to 4.2 kitikats).

==> Launch your android phone & tap on "Settings" .
==> Click on "Apps" and click on "Manage Apps" and you will see all your Apps lists.
==> Then choose the app you want to move and finally tap on "Move To Sd card".
==> Finally, you are done! You can start moving the Apps one by one till you are done.

How To Move Apps From Phone Memory To SD card On 4.2kitikats and above Using Apk extractor

==> Firstly, download and install Apk Extractor Here
==> Now go to File Manager, you will see a folder named ExtractedApks; hold it and copy the folder to anywhere
in your SD card.
==> After that, you can then launch your Apk extractor app and hold on the App you wish to move to your Sd Card and it will be extracted successfully.
==> Then go to your SDcard >>ExtractedApks folders and
see your Apps moved successfully or you can go to your Apk extractor and tap on the left upper three dots and
tap on path, you will see your moved Apps there too.

Now, with all these you have already moved your app from phone storage to Sd Card without stress.

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