February 01, 2017

How To Use Chitika's WordPress Plugin

Recently i wrote an article on how to install Chitika Plugin on a wordpress blog. This plugin help a wordpress user easily show Chikita ad on their blog. After installing Chikita plugin on your wordpress blog, you have to use it but most people don't know how to use it.

To get started using our WordPress Plugin once it has been downloaded, you will need to select it out of the plugin options in your account.

Once you are in the plugin you will need to select where you want the ads to go (above the post, below the post, both, or between the first and second paragraph). You can also stops ads from displaying on specific posts by adding anywhere in the body of the post.

After you have selected the placement you will then need to enter your username and password to validate your account. This allows us to track the performance of the ads in your account and make sure everything is counted correctly.

Once the username and password have been validated you will need to select the size and font of the ads you want to be displayed.

You can also edit the color of the font, the background, and link color. We recommend creating ad units that match or blend in with the content of your site. By matching the look and feel of your site, you will be able to maximize performance.

Once you have customized the ads, click the "Update Settings" button to add the ads to your WordPress site and start monetizing.

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