February 01, 2017

List of Today's Google Proxy That Hides IP | Settings For Google Chrome Browser

Make use of these google proxy lists in your chrome browser and you will be sleeping on water. Just  choose a proxy and it port from below lists and put it in your proxy section in your chrome browser. I know most of us don't know where to put this proxy in explained in this post  which is very great because this changing of "ip address manually" feature is not available on any other device platform except Computer our chrome browser. Doing this, is as if you are changing your desktop ip address manually. 

Only few of us know that Google own Chrome Browser. Therefore, use below free Google Proxy Lists in your chrome browser.

To do this,
==> Click on the Chrome Menu on the browser toolbar.
==> Select "Settings".
==> Click "Show Advanced Settings".
==> Click on "change proxy settings" button
==> Click the “LAN settings” button. ==> Enter your proxy information.
==> Enter in the IP address or domain as well as the port (e.x Proxy Port : 3128) you are connecting to from below proxy or ip lists.
==> Click OK when you are finished.

Free 230 Google Proxy Lists


  1. Hide your chrome browser ip address 
  2. Change your ip manually while browsing using google chrome 
  3. Hide your personal identification online while using chrome 
  4. Make your browsing anonymous as if you are in incognito mode 
  5. Open all blocked sites or urls 
  6. Stay secure 

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