May 20, 2017

Blogger Recent Posts Widget That Lists Posts Titles Without Thumbnails

The Recent Posts gadget for Blogger gives you a chance to show the latest blog entries on the sidebar of your Blogger/Blogspot blog, making it simple for your perusers to perceive what's new on your blog.

There are diverse Blogger late posts gadgets out there. Some will show posts title and thumbnails; some will show number of remarks and date notwithstanding the posts titles and thumbnails; while some will simply show the post titles.

The current posts gadget I'm offering to you in this instructional exercise will list your current posts titles. No thumbnails, no date.

Here is a pic of what it looks like


To add this to your Blogger blog, Sign in, go to your blog dashboard and navigate to "Layout"

On the sidebar, click on "Add a gadget" and select "HTML/Javascript" gadget.

Copy the javascript code below and paste it in the "HTML/Javascript" gadget

<script type="text/javascript">
function recentpostslist(json) {
 for (var i = 0; i < json.feed.entry.length; i++)
    for (var j = 0; j < json.feed.entry[i].link.length; j++) {
      if (json.feed.entry[i].link[j].rel == 'alternate') {
var entryUrl = "'" + json.feed.entry[i].link[j].href + "'";//bs
var entryTitle = json.feed.entry[i].title.$t;
var item = "<li>" + "<a href="+ entryUrl + '" target="_blank">' + entryTitle + "</a> </li>";
<script src=""></script>

Carefully replace  with your blog address and click SAVE.

Finally,  view your blog and you should see it displaying the recent posts of your blog.

NB: You can change the number of posts to be displayed as seen in the image above. You can also use css to style the list. eg change font color, size etc...

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  1. I'm still a fresher, I just started with blogspot. I will contact you for more information. You gat a nice blog


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