May 29, 2017

GiftCards.NG: Buy Amazon, PlayStation, iTunes Gift Cards Online in Nigeria

You can now purchase iTunes Gift cards online at All your most loved Gift cards from top stores like Amazon, Sony PlayStation and Google Play can likewise be bought here in Nigeria at the online store.

In this way, in the event that you have been thinking that its hard to make installments at Amazon, Apple iTunes, Sony PlayStation and Google Play in view of the current 'flimsy rate' of our dearest Naira and the confinements set by banks on worldwide spending limit, then this is for you.

Why Get a Gift Card?

Many retailers, both online and offline, offer consumers gift cards to shop or give money to friends. There are two types of gift cards: physical and digital, each of which comes with a value.

  • Amazon – You can shop all you want on Amazon with a digital gift card.
  • iTunes/App Store – You can buy all your favorite music, download paid apps, subscribe or extend a subscription, pay for Apple Music and much more with an iTunes digital gift card.
  • Google Play – You can buy all your favorite paid apps and games on Google Play Store from your Android mobile device.
  • PlayStation – Buy the games you need on the PlayStation Network.

Gift cards make shopping on the parent site simpler for everyone.Got trade out the bank however then limited by an approach specifically from the CBN? Get yourself an advanced gift card and break the points of confinement e.g. Amazon gift card can be utilized on Amazon US or UK, PlayStation gift card on Sony PlayStation Store and iTunes gift card on Apple iTunes/App store. purchase gift cards online in nigeria

Have you chosen getting a gift card? Extraordinary! Presently is it's an ideal opportunity to make a beeline for and purchase the gift card you require. There are bunches of gift cards you can choose from (Amazon Gift Cards, PlayStation gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Steam, Xbox.) and the best part is that you can buy them with your nearby atm platinum card on the web and get them conveyed electronically very quickly.

On the off chance that you are as yet misty about how it functions or need questions replied, visit the FAQ page which has a great deal of data to clear your psyche and help you settle on an educated choice. At this moment, you should simply make a beeline for and select your favored gift card, pay in naira, get your card and apply it to your record to make your buy.

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