May 12, 2017

How To Apply For More Than One Google AdSense With One URL Using Different Gmails

In many of my AdSense posts, I have talked about the meaning of Google Adsense. Like I do say, it is a platform designed by Google to help website owners or blogger earn money from their blog by implementing and displaying google ads on their site. Having an approved Google Adsense account is the dream of any blogger. The issue is that most bloggers do not have Adsense and in this blog I think we have provided many solutions to bloggers who don't have Google AdSense.

Now a blogger who just got an approved Google Adsense account with his web URL will be happy and later after some times may still need to get another AdSense with that same particular URL. He or she may not be able to sign up due to some reasons. He or she might've getting error saying : "This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense" which he or she can fix in the link 🔗  above. 

Immediately you get an approved AdSense using your own site URL and you want to apply another, this is what should be done. You have to Unverify your site from the newly approved AdSense account.

How To Unverify your site URL from the newly approved AdSense account.

Step 1 : Log in to your AdSense Approved Account. Now Tap on the menu icon

Step 2 : Tap "Settings", from the dropped down menu, select "My Sites". Here you will see your URL verified. Unverify it.

Step 3 : Unverify it by moving the icon away. Now wait for at least 2-3 days to make the URL totally unverify site from AdSense. After then you can now apply for another AdSense using the same URL you unverified from former Adsense.

That's It.
You can read more post about AdSense and also you ask more questions on Google AdSense.

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