May 26, 2017

How To Verify USA, UK and China Google AdSense Account In Nigeria

Google AdSense is a Platform by Google to enable website owners or bloggers to make money with their website by placing ad code in their websites. Google AdSense is the dream of 80% bloggers in the world because they want to make money from the free service they offer to visitors. Once a blogger got an approved AdSense account, he or she is now entitled earn money but will be restricted from withdrawing because he or she has to verify the AdSense account.

If a blogger of a particular country sign up using his own country as Territory/Country, he or she can verify the AdSense in his or her country. But if a blogger of a country make use of another Country like USA or UK to sign up an AdSense account, he or she won't be able to get the pin because he or she is not available in the country being used. And if an AdSense account is not verified in 4Months, displaying of live ads will be disabled in the AdSense Account until you verify it later.

Here today, I want to introduce to you the best platform where you can verify your USA, UK and China Google AdSense while in another country different from listed. This platform is called Shoptomydoor. It is a platform designed to help users ship their item from USA, UK And China to any current country and they destinated. Shoptomydoor has available offices In USA (Houston-Texas), UK(Liverpool) and China (Guangzhou).

Therefore, if you want to verify your UK, USA and China Adsense in Nigeria, All you need to do is to change the address of your AdSense and put the one Generated to you by Shoptomydoor and your Adsense PIN will be shipped to Shoptomydoor immediately it available, then they will now ship it to UK he Nigeria Address you dropped when creating Shoptomydoor account. Fees Applied, For now it Costs just $10.

How To Verify UK, USA And China AdSense Account In Nigeria 

Step 1 : First of all, you have to Cretan account with Shoptomydoor. Click here to Create an account

Step 2 : After Registration, Tap on Enter Address To fill your Nigeria Address and Nearby Post Office. Also you will be asked to verify your number. Please do so.

Step 3 : Now you have gotten a USA, UK and China Address. To view it, scroll down to the Select Warehouse Location; CHINA, UK And USA you should choose your Google AdSense Account's country. E.g USA.

Step 4 : Your USA Address will be generated to you like : 12011 Westbrae Parkway #B STMD - UNIT NG106253 Houston, - 77031. Copy this address to your notepad.

That all for that. Next is filling the address in your Google AdSense Account.

This tip is better for those with an AdSense account that hasn't reach threshold or those who just wanna sign up so as to get their pin fast. For those who wanna request new pin, they can make use of this and Fill up the USA address when requesting a new Pin.

How To Fill Shoptomydoor Address Into Your Google AdSense Account 

Step 1 : Sign in to your Google AdSense account via

Step 2 : Click the Menu Icon at the top left of your AdSense approved account.

Step 3 : Click "Settings" and from the drop down options, click "Payments"

Step 4 : Make payments page load finish. Here, now click MANAGE SETTINGS

Step 5 : Now you will be taken to another page where you can change your Address. Now change your address. Fill like below;
Address line 1 : 12011 Westbrae Parkway
Address line 2 #B STMD - UNIT NG106253 
City : Houston
Postal Code : 77031
State : Texas 

For those who have an existing address, All you need to do is just tap the pencil ✏ icon to edit, then change anything you want to change or read ==>

Now, when your Google AdSense PIN arrives at USA, Shoptomydoor will give you and Alert about the Pin Arrival. Now for you to make Shoptomydoor ship your AdSense PIN from USA to the Niger a Address you left, you have to Pay. For now the fee is just $10. You can get this PIn also by E-mail. Now when you get the PIN, Copy and paste it into the Rectangular Box Provided. Viola your ads is now verified, you can withdraw from the account.

Stay tuned for more AdSense Tips.

Note : UK AdSense Pin takes Just 2-3Days to arrive while USA AdSense takes up to 2-3Weeks before arrival.

Another alternative way you can verify your AdSense account is having someone in any of UK, USA and China. All you need is just collect their correct address with Postal code and then use it. Then when pin arrives, they help you get it for free depending on how the person KS related to you.

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