May 07, 2017

Think Before You Buy Power Bank. Best Power Bank Selection Tips!

No matter whether you are purchasing power bank for your smartphone or for your tablet, you should be extra careful about your selection because there are certain things that can make your purchase completely worthless if you will ignore it while making the selection of your power bank.

Selecting power bank for your smartphone

If you are selecting power bank for your smartphone then you should make sure that it is light weight so that you can carry it anywhere you want with you and you won’t feel like you have to carry so much extra burden with you just to make sure that your smartphone does not run out of battery in time of emergency.

You should be able to simply charge it at your home without any special charging requirement and it should be small in size so that you can keep it in your pocket just like you keep your smartphone with you all the time. Then you would be able to quickly connect it with your smartphone whenever you are in need of battery charging. There will no longer be any issue of low battery of your smartphone when you have right smartphone power bank with you.

Selecting power bank for your tablet

First of all, you should check the size and capacity of the power bank that you are going to purchase for your tablet. Although it is ok to purchase average size power bank when it comes to the tablet charging, however it is always better that you prefer compact size for such purposes. You should see the additional features that the power bank will offer you for emergency charging support.

You should see what are the available power output options that the power bank will offer you and you will also need to check the USB ports. There should be multiple USB ports and cables should be included with the power bank pack. There should be suitable power input option and most important thing to check is the safety, certification and quality assurance of the product before you purchase it.

Things To Consider While Selecting Power Bank For Your Smartphone Or Tablet:

Capacity : The charging capacity of the power bank is measured in milli Ampere Hour. For simple mobile charging, 1500mAH battery seems to be suitable size. However, for bigger charging requirement, you should consider purchasing 8400mAh and 11200mAh or even higher charging capacity power banks so that you can get best charging support.

  • If you are going to fully charge your mobile phone one time then you should buy: 1500mAh battery power bank
  • If you are going to fully charge your mobile phone two times or half charge of tablet then you should buy: 5200mAh battery
  • If you are going to fully charge your mobile phone four times and fully charge your tablet at least one time then you should buy: 10000mAh battery

USB charging: You should make sure that your power bank is offering all commonly used charging ports so that Sony, Samsung, Apple, etc. devices can be charged easily.

Price: There are so many competing companies are available in the market. If you will do simple research, then you will surely be able to find good price range in power bank. However, never choose price over feature when it comes to the power bank purchase.

Quality: No matter what price you prefer, but you should never purchase refurbished batteries power bank. Moreover, you should make sure that you can find complete list of common and basic feature in your power bank such as over-charging protection and short circuit etc.

Portability: Portability is the most important feature and you should never compromise with it. Always go with portable power bank.

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