June 02, 2017

Made Easy : Google Added Navigation Bottom Bars To YouTube Android App

YouTube is a free video-hosting website that allows members to store and serve video content. YouTube members and website visitors can share YouTube videos on a variety of web platforms by using a link or by embedding HTML code. Google who own YouTube has added a new feature to YouTube Android App.

YouTube adding navigation bottom buttons to its latest version of Android app YouTube is a very great thing. The buttons are available in all pages of the app except when streaming video and this will definitely stop you from looking for buttons to press when on the app.

These navigations include : Home, Trending, Subscription, Shared, Account. And I know you know what all these navigations are for. It make you navigate through the app easily. Latest YouTube app also remembers where you left off in each tab, and when you go back you can easily continue from there immediately.

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