June 09, 2017

We Are Moving To Ogbongetechs.com : Learn How To Blog & Make Money

This is to notify the lovely viewers of HorlarTechgist. We really appreciate your effort for enabling us make it as a top blog in Nigeria and helping us make our day to day SEO has effect on our blog.

Due to some personal reasons, we are moving www.horlartechgist.com to www.ogbongetechs.com . OgbongeTechs is a new blog with SEO optimized feature that serves you top tips on how to blog and make money online. You can't miss horlartechgist because all post will be divirted to the new blog and will be paraphrase to avoid copyrighted materials.

Ogbongetechs was created June 1st, 2017 and has been designed and fully optimized by SEO. Therefore we will advise you guys to move with us to Ogbongetechs.com and start experiencing smart life lol.

Horlartechgist is also Ogbongetechs you guys should not this and don't get confused. So if you are still visiting Horlartechgist, I will advise you to visit Ogbongetechs.com also to get new tips on how to blog and make money online. Every now has changed and we are making the new posts on www.ogbongetechs.com.

Out fans from : Nigeria, USA, India, Unganda, Cameroon, UK, and many other countries out there where our blog is recognized, I want you visit www.ogbongetechs.com. Read our too 30 new posts before it gets to our older posts page.

However, for now we can't say this one will be closed. But till further notice, we will reply you.

Thanks so much for making Horlartechgist grow so fast in one year.

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