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June 03, 2017

AdSense Introducing Page-level enforcements and a new Policy center

Google AdSense has now released a new feature in the AdSense dashboard. These features Introduces page-level enforcements and a new Policy center. As an AdSense publisher you face many challenges and One of the broadest and most encompassing of these is growing your user base while making sure your content remains high-quality and policy compliant.

Few weeks ago, Google announced two new AdSense features: page-level enforcements and a new Policy center. Now these features are available globally for all AdSense publishers.

A page-level enforcement pages is where violations of the AdSense Program Policies are found or see and as a result of this, ad serving is restricted or disabled on those pages. Then ads will continue to serve where no policy violations have been found, either at the page- or site-level.

Therefore, when a new policy violation on one of your pages is discovered, you’ll receive an email notification and ad serving will be restricted or disabled on that particular page.

As this is a new feature, you may already have current page-level enforcements that were not surfaced through these email notifications. To make sure you’re not missing anything, head over to the new Policy center to review existing violations. Don't worry, you can also appeal for that particular page and your appeal my take at least 7days before being reviewed and when reviewed, live ads will start displaying on the particular page.
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June 02, 2017

How To Authorize your verified sites On to display ads

Site authorization is an optional feature in AdSense that lets you identify your verified sites as the only sites that are permitted to use your Google ad code. Note that if you place your ad code in a site that's not one of your verified sites, ads will still show but you won't generate any earnings from them. That means you have authorized your site to display your ad code. You can make use of these if you noticed someone is displaying your ad on his or her site without your permission.

If a URL displaying your ad code is not on your list of verified sites in AdSens, ads will still show on that URL, and impressions and clicks will be recorded. However, advertisers will not be charged, and you won't receive any earnings for that site. Also If you don't add a site to your list of verified sites, and you place your ad code on it, ads will continue to appear on the site but you won't earn from them. Therefore, please enable this feature with caution to avoid missing out on valid revenue.

How To Authorizing your verified sites

To authorize your verified sites, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
2. In the left navigation panel, click Settings.
3. Click My sites.
4. On the "Manage sites" page, click More More.
5. Click Site authorization.

6. Next to "Only authorize my verified sites to use my ad code", turn the switch on On.
7. Click Save.

Your changes should take effect within 48 hours.

You should see a tag saying "Site Authorization Enabled". That All.
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May 27, 2017

Buy, Sell and Verify Your UK and USA AdSense Account Easily - Araromi Damilola

The dream of 80% bloggers or webmasters who want to make money with their site is to get an AdSense account approved. AdSense is a free way of earning with your site or blog by implementing and displaying google ads on your blog. Nowadays, it now easy to get an approved AdSense account but the most disturbing part is the PIN VERIFICATION aspect and Tax verification(USA only). Recently, I wrote a post on how to verify USA, UK and China Google AdSense Account in Nigeria Using Shoptomydoor and which is a Good Way but it cost just 10.

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Now I want to introduce a new way by which you can verify your USA and UK Adsense quickly. UK Adsense Pin takes 2-3Days to arrive while USA Takes 2-3Weeks before the Pin arrives. Here, we are not going to use any platform like Shoptomydoor. It very easy.

Want to verify your USA and/or UK Google AdSense Account today? Call or Whatsapp MR. Damilola Miracle on these contacts : +2347033591791, +2348064892518One should be available if the other is not.

How Does He Verify These AdSense?

Verifying your USA or UK Google AdSense Account does not mean the Mr Araromi Damilola will collect your AdSense. All he does is just give you the address and postal code you are going to put in your AdSense account(be it USA or UK). Then when the pin gets to him, he will notify you then you pay.

How Much Is is UK and USA AdSense Pin Verification? 

For now I think he charges #6,000 for USA and also #6,000 for UK AdSense Pin Verification. But I don't know how much he charges for USA AdSense Tax Verification.

How Long Does the Pin takes to arrive ? 

For UK Google AdSense account, it takes just 2-3days to arrive while USA takes 2-3Weeks before arrival. The arrival can't fail because the address is contact and the postal code service is very strong.

This tips is good for those who just got an AdSense approved. So as to get Pin easily after reaching threshold.

Is Mr Araromi Damilola a Scammer? 

Mr Araromi Damilola is not a scammer but a reliable person even when you give him your AdSense account to help you. He is a tech blogger who owns DamTops Tech Blog. He is also a freelancer, and makes money from online businesses. He is 100% Trusted. Don't worry, I swear to bear all risks if he fails.

Don't Forget : That you can also buy or sell to ur Google AdSense through him. He is reliable. You can contact him on Facebook.

I think with this Post, you will be convinced to verify your Google AdSense Account with Mr Damilola Miracle and Start withdrawing from your AdSense account.
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May 26, 2017

How To Verify USA, UK and China Google AdSense Account In Nigeria

Google AdSense is a Platform by Google to enable website owners or bloggers to make money with their website by placing ad code in their websites. Google AdSense is the dream of 80% bloggers in the world because they want to make money from the free service they offer to visitors. Once a blogger got an approved AdSense account, he or she is now entitled earn money but will be restricted from withdrawing because he or she has to verify the AdSense account.

If a blogger of a particular country sign up using his own country as Territory/Country, he or she can verify the AdSense in his or her country. But if a blogger of a country make use of another Country like USA or UK to sign up an AdSense account, he or she won't be able to get the pin because he or she is not available in the country being used. And if an AdSense account is not verified in 4Months, displaying of live ads will be disabled in the AdSense Account until you verify it later.

Here today, I want to introduce to you the best platform where you can verify your USA, UK and China Google AdSense while in another country different from listed. This platform is called Shoptomydoor. It is a platform designed to help users ship their item from USA, UK And China to any current country and they destinated. Shoptomydoor has available offices In USA (Houston-Texas), UK(Liverpool) and China (Guangzhou).

Therefore, if you want to verify your UK, USA and China Adsense in Nigeria, All you need to do is to change the address of your AdSense and put the one Generated to you by Shoptomydoor and your Adsense PIN will be shipped to Shoptomydoor immediately it available, then they will now ship it to UK he Nigeria Address you dropped when creating Shoptomydoor account. Fees Applied, For now it Costs just $10.

How To Verify UK, USA And China AdSense Account In Nigeria 

Step 1 : First of all, you have to Cretan account with Shoptomydoor. Click here to Create an account

Step 2 : After Registration, Tap on Enter Address To fill your Nigeria Address and Nearby Post Office. Also you will be asked to verify your number. Please do so.

Step 3 : Now you have gotten a USA, UK and China Address. To view it, scroll down to the Select Warehouse Location; CHINA, UK And USA you should choose your Google AdSense Account's country. E.g USA.

Step 4 : Your USA Address will be generated to you like : 12011 Westbrae Parkway #B STMD - UNIT NG106253 Houston, - 77031. Copy this address to your notepad.

That all for that. Next is filling the address in your Google AdSense Account.

This tip is better for those with an AdSense account that hasn't reach threshold or those who just wanna sign up so as to get their pin fast. For those who wanna request new pin, they can make use of this and Fill up the USA address when requesting a new Pin.

How To Fill Shoptomydoor Address Into Your Google AdSense Account 

Step 1 : Sign in to your Google AdSense account via

Step 2 : Click the Menu Icon at the top left of your AdSense approved account.

Step 3 : Click "Settings" and from the drop down options, click "Payments"

Step 4 : Make payments page load finish. Here, now click MANAGE SETTINGS

Step 5 : Now you will be taken to another page where you can change your Address. Now change your address. Fill like below;
Address line 1 : 12011 Westbrae Parkway
Address line 2 #B STMD - UNIT NG106253 
City : Houston
Postal Code : 77031
State : Texas 

For those who have an existing address, All you need to do is just tap the pencil ✏ icon to edit, then change anything you want to change or read ==>

Now, when your Google AdSense PIN arrives at USA, Shoptomydoor will give you and Alert about the Pin Arrival. Now for you to make Shoptomydoor ship your AdSense PIN from USA to the Niger a Address you left, you have to Pay. For now the fee is just $10. You can get this PIn also by E-mail. Now when you get the PIN, Copy and paste it into the Rectangular Box Provided. Viola your ads is now verified, you can withdraw from the account.

Stay tuned for more AdSense Tips.

Note : UK AdSense Pin takes Just 2-3Days to arrive while USA AdSense takes up to 2-3Weeks before arrival.

Another alternative way you can verify your AdSense account is having someone in any of UK, USA and China. All you need is just collect their correct address with Postal code and then use it. Then when pin arrives, they help you get it for free depending on how the person KS related to you.
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May 24, 2017

Google Can Now Disable Adsense Ads On Specific Pages Instead of Entire Site

In light of direct input from distributers, to how Adsense strategies are implemented and imparted to distributers, Google has reported the presentation of arrangement activities at the page level and another strategy place for distributers that utilization Adsense. Through and through, this implies less disturbances and more promotions straightforwardness for distributers.

Before now, in the event that you abuse Google Adsense approach, google advertisements will be debilitated on your site. As Google takes off page-level arrangement activity as the new default for substance infringement, Google will now have the capacity to quit demonstrating advertisements on select pages, while leaving promotions up on whatever is left of your site's great substance.

As indicated by Google, site-level activities will in any case be upheld when important, for example, on account of constant infringement, which certainly will prompt the end of the distributer's Adsense account. The organization guarantees that the arrangement will enable it to act all the more immediately when it needs to expel promotions from a distributer's site.

Then again, the Adsense arrangement focus will fill in as a one-stop search for everything distributer has to think about strategy activities that influence his/her destinations and pages. Along these lines, if an advertisement gets expelled from your site and you need to know why, you can simply get the information at the strategy focus.

You will have the capacity to perceive any reason why approach moves were made and the infringement found, including page-level activity information, so you can rapidly resolve these issues over every one of your locales and pages utilizing well ordered directions. The Policy Center will likewise make it simple for distributers to reveal to Google when approach issues have been settled and their pages are prepared for audit.

What's your thought on this?
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May 13, 2017

How To Change Your Google AdSense Address For Easy Pin Verification

Google AdSense is a Platform Designed by Google to help website owners or bloggers to make money with their blog or site by implementing and displaying Live Google Ads on their blog or site. Changing your Google AdSense address occurs when you want to receive your AdSense Pin. If you just sign up for a new AdSense account and you just got approved but later you noticed you put a wrong address in your approved account, you don't need to worry about it.

You can easily change your AdSense Address via your AdSense Dashboard. The main benefits of changing an AdSense address is to receive your PIN quickly at your door step.

How To Change Your Google AdSense Address 

Step 1 : Sign in to your Google AdSense account via

Step 2 : Click the Menu Icon at the top left of your AdSense approved account.

Step 3 : Click "Settings" and from the drop down options, click "Payments"

Step 4 : Make payments page load finish. Here, now click MANAGE SETTINGS

Step 5 : Now you will be taken to another page where you can change your Address.

Now you can edit and change your address. All you need to do is just tap the pencil ✏ icon to edit, then change anything you want to change.
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May 12, 2017

How To Apply For More Than One Google AdSense With One URL Using Different Gmails

In many of my AdSense posts, I have talked about the meaning of Google Adsense. Like I do say, it is a platform designed by Google to help website owners or blogger earn money from their blog by implementing and displaying google ads on their site. Having an approved Google Adsense account is the dream of any blogger. The issue is that most bloggers do not have Adsense and in this blog I think we have provided many solutions to bloggers who don't have Google AdSense.

Now a blogger who just got an approved Google Adsense account with his web URL will be happy and later after some times may still need to get another AdSense with that same particular URL. He or she may not be able to sign up due to some reasons. He or she might've getting error saying : "This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense" which he or she can fix in the link 🔗  above. 

Immediately you get an approved AdSense using your own site URL and you want to apply another, this is what should be done. You have to Unverify your site from the newly approved AdSense account.

How To Unverify your site URL from the newly approved AdSense account.

Step 1 : Log in to your AdSense Approved Account. Now Tap on the menu icon

Step 2 : Tap "Settings", from the dropped down menu, select "My Sites". Here you will see your URL verified. Unverify it.

Step 3 : Unverify it by moving the icon away. Now wait for at least 2-3 days to make the URL totally unverify site from AdSense. After then you can now apply for another AdSense using the same URL you unverified from former Adsense.

That's It.
You can read more post about AdSense and also you ask more questions on Google AdSense.

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How To Apply For UK or USA Adsense In Nigeria

AdSense is a platform made by Google that enables websites owners or bloggers to make money with their site or blog while they implement and display google Ads on their blog. In Nigeria, as a Nigerian blogger, you cannot easily get an approved Nigeria Google AdSense. Now the only two alternatives is you signing up for either USA or UK AdSense Account in Nigeria.

Are you a blogger or webmaster looking for way to get AdSense Approved fast and start earning, the trick here is that you will apply for USA or UK Adsense account because their approval rules and policies are not strict like that of Nigeria but you will only need a little set up to get your adsense approved without delay.

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How To Register USA And UK Adsense In Nigeria

Step 1 : Go to Google Adsense official website via, Then, tap on SIGN UP.

Step 2 : Log in the Gmail Account you want to use to register for AdSense Account

Step 3 : In the next page, insert your website URL and select content language which is to be English.

Step 4 : Then, under Country/territory: Select UNITED STATES or UNITED KINGDOM. 
Here, enter your Name, Address, City, State and Postal Code. If you don't have neither a USA or UK Address and postal code, there is a way you could get it. You can make use of Shoptomydoor

Note : You can make use of Nigeria number to open USA AdSense.

Step 5 : Finally, tap on SUBMIT APPLICATION.

Now you have applied / register a UK And USA Adsense Account. Now, you will be enabled to log in to your account. Not to start earning but to connect your site with AdSense.

Therefore, you will be given an html ad code. Parse and paste the generated verification HTML code in your website under the <head> tag as explained in this post

Note : Any Blogger From any country can sign up for both UK or USA Adsense Account.
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March 07, 2017

Reasons To Integrate Your AdSense Account with Analytics

Most AdSense publishers are now linking their AdSense account with Analytics which is suppose to be so. But just few know the reasons for this. Well linking your Adsense with Analytic will not increase your earnings.

Integrating or linking your AdSense account with Analytics will provide you with a wealth of new information about your ads and your site. By integrating AdSense with Analytics, you can improve your ad performance and your users' experience.

1. Optimize content by identifying which traffic sources,geographies, pages, and browsers bring the best and worst monetizing users to your site.

2. Improve user experience by seeing which pages your users spend time on, which pages drive them away, and where they're going when they leave.

3. Understanding where your
visitors’ attention is focused will also help you to place your ads where users are most likely to look at them.

4. Grow revenue by implementing changes based on how earnings are affected by aspects of user behaviour such as visit frequency and page depth.

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February 02, 2017

How To Withdraw Money or Earnings From Your Google AdSense Account

Google AdSense is a program designed by google for bloggers and sitr owners for website publishers who want to
or publishers who wan to display targeted text, video or image adverts on their blog or site pages and earn money when site visitors or viewrs view or click the advent.

Google doesn’t disclose information about how they distinguish those clicks, but one of those invalid activities is clicking on ads on your own site. If you violate the AdSense policy too often, you might even get banned from the network and lose the whole outstanding payments.

If your Google AdSense Account is already verified, then you can think of withdrawiwithdrawing your money from your account. Therefore, to withdraw your earnings from your adSense account, follow below steps

Step 1 : First Sign in to your Google Adsense account to display the Adsense homepage.

Step 2 : Choose the “Home” tab if it is not already selected, and then click
Payment Settings” to show the Payment Settings screen.

Step 3 : Click the “Add New Bank Account” button to display the Add New Form of Payment screen.

Step 4 : Carefully Enter the requested bank account information, including the account holder name, the bank routing number and the account number.

Step 5 : Then Click the “Save ” button to save your change.

Step 6 : Now Wait up to five days for Google to deposit a test amount into
your bank account.

Step 7 : Sign in to Google Adsense once more, click “ Payments ” and then
“Payment Settings” to show the Payment Settings screen.

Step 8 : Click “Verify Test Deposit” and enter the test amount that you noted.

Step 9 : Then click the “Submit” button, which verifies your account. When the deposits into your Google Adsense account reach the payment threshold.

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February 01, 2017

Google AdSense : Introducing “Ad balance” - Focus On Your Best-Performing Ads

Google AdSense is a top and best Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Network that allows it publishers to earn cool money by displaying it ads on their blog or sites. AdSense is also available for videos. AdSense releases new features as time persist and now they have launched a new feature name "Ad Balance". This new AdSense feature will give you more control to create a great ads experience for your users.

Ad balance lets adSense publishers reduce the number of ads you show to your users. Finding the right balance between the number of ads you show and the user experience on your site can lead to better overall engagement with your content. With Ad balance, you’re able to see how changes in the volume of ads you show affect your earnings, and find the balance that makes the most sense for you and your users.

By only showing publishers best-performing ads, you may see a minimal drop in your earnings. However, these changes may result in an overall earnings increase, since an improvement of the user experience often leads to users staying longer on your site and engaging with more of your content*.

Ad balance is the first example of a Lab that's being made available to all publishers. Those of you who had the Show fewer ads lab enabled have been automatically moved over to Ad balance**.

How To Set Your Ad Balance
To set your ad balance, follow these steps:

==> Sign in to your AdSense account.
==> If you haven't already, opt in to the new AdSense user interface.
==> In the left navigation panel, click My ads .
==> Click Ad balance.

==> On the "Ad balance" page use the slider to reduce the number of ads and see the estimated impact this has on
your revenue.
==> Click Apply.

AdSense now will fill your ad units with the highest-paying ads up to your new ad fill rate. You can also read further on the Google official Adsense blog Here
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January 29, 2017

How To Make Money Online With Adsense Matched Content Unit

Matched Content, is an AdSense feature. It is a free content recommendation tool for AdSense publishers that promotes your content to your site visitors. Matched content generates contextually relevant and personalized article recommendations from the pages on your website.

Therefore, if your blog have been approved for Matched Content , you can now generate revenue by allowing ads to appear alongside recommended content that display in a matched content unit on your blog.

According to a post on Adsense blog, the relevant ads will appear within your Matched content unit, and will be styled to complement the look and feel of your content.

How To Allow Ads In Your Matched Content Unit 

If you'd like to show ads in your Matched content unit, you can turn on the "Allow ads" feature when you create or edit a Matched content unit. You can read how to create a matched content unit here.

Please note that by opting in to this feature you agree to let Google try out different ad types and ad sizes in your Matched content unit. Google will only show ads when they're likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.

Below is an example of a Matched content unit showing ads and
recommendations. The ads have a "Promoted " label.

In Addition, you should be aware that:

  • Ads will show only when appropriate ads are available.
  • Ads will replace some of the recommendations in your Matched content unit.
  • Smaller Matched content units with only one recommendation slot will not show ads.
  • Ads will be styled to complement the look and feel of your content recommendations.
  • The AdSense program policies will still apply to Matched content units with ads.You can track the revenue generated by the ads in your Matched content unit by viewing the Ad units report on your Performance reports tab.
  • Matched content units don’t count towards your Google content ad limit per page, but only one monetized
  • Matched content unit (i.e., with "Allow ads" turned on) is allowed per page.

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January 27, 2017

How To Create Matched Content Unit From Your Adsense Account | New Way

Once Google approves your blog for Matched content , you can start generating Matched Content unit from your Adsense account. By placing the code of the matched content unit on your blog, Google will be able to display relevant articles (below your blog posts) to visitors of your site based on topic similarity.

Though the old way to create a new Matched content unit is :

==> Sign in to your AdSense account .
==> Click the "My ads" tab.
==> On the sidebar, click "Content".
==> Click +New ad unit.
==> Give your Matched content unit a name.
==> In the "Ad size" section, choose an ad size that fits your layout. Automatic Size (Responsive) recommended!
==> From the "Ad type " drop-down, select " Matched content " only.
==> (Optional) In the "Text ad style" section, apply a style for your Matched content unit.
==> (Optional) Set up a custom channel to track your Matched content unit. Learn more about custom channels.
==> Click Save and get code.

But the new way is :

==> Sign in to your AdSense account .
==> Click the "My ads" tab.

==> On the page "Matched Content" if it ask you what type of ad ad

==> A Page will pop up saying
A great way to promote your content

Matched content promotes your articles, so visitors see more of your content, and stay longer on your site.

==> Tap "Next" Icon

==> Tap Get Started 
==> Now you are ready to get the html code.
==> Before that you can edit somethings like - Title, Url Ad Font...

==> Now Save and get code.

You can paste the matched content html ad code anywhere in your blog / site already approved with matched content. In other words, Copy and paste the ad code into the HTML source code of  your approved site.

Google recommends that you place your Matched content unit directly below your article (below the fold), and either above or below an ad unit.

While your Matched content settings are propagating across Google systems, standard ads may serve in your Matched content unit. To avoid this, please wait 15 minutes before putting this code on your site.

For best results, Google recommends placing your Matched content unit directly below the article (below the fold) and either above or below your ad unit. When placed directly above or below an ad unit, Matched content units can improve the visibility and engagement rate of your ad units.

NB : Matched content units don't count towards your Google content ad limit per page .

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Adsense Matched Content Feature : Horlartechgist Approved

April 2015, Google announced the introduction of Matched Content, a free content recommendation tool for AdSense publishers that promotes your
content to your site visitors. Matched content generates contextually relevant and personalized article recommendations from the pages on your website.

By making it easy for your readers to find the content that they're interested in, the tool can help increase your site's page views, the time spent on your site, reader loyalty, ad impressions, and ultimately ad revenue.

The Matched content feature is for Adsense publishers but not available to all publishers. To be eligible, you must have a site that meets Google's minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.

Good news is Horlartechgist has been approved to create Adsense matched content units. Hence, I have access to the Matched content feature in my AdSense account.

Has your site been approved for the Matched Content feature?

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January 13, 2017

How To Place or Make AdSense Ads Display in the Middle of Blogger & Wordpress Blog Posts

Google AdSense is a top PPC Ad network that helps blogger or publishers make money with their online content by placing ads on them and when been clicked, they earn money. After getting AdSense approval, the next thing is to place AdSense ads in your site or blog via layout section in blogger and appearance in wordpress.

Though you can place Google AdSense ads in your blog posts at the beginning and end of posts but that won't be okay if you gat a very voluminous article because your readers won't see ads. Therefore, i will teach you how to add Google AdSense ads between your blog posts.

If you have a WordPress blog then you can do this job by optimized plugins and you know that blogger doesn’t support the plugins, but in this post, I
want to share a script with you which will help you place Google Adsense ads in the middle of the blogger blog post.

Step 1 : First of all, login into your Google Adsense and create an ad unit code that you want to add in the middle in your blogger post, then prase the AdSense Ad Code Here.

Step 2 : Log in to your Blogger Dashboard, Click Template >> Edit HTML

Step 3 : After the opening, all coding, click on the template editor and search for <data:post.body/>  you will find more than one code, try the second one.

Note : If you have already added AdSense ads to the beginning and end of your blog posts, remember you made use of code →<data:post.body/> , then use that same code here

4. Copy the below code and replace
<data:post.body/> with it.

<div expr:id='&quot;post1&quot; + data:'/>
<div class='googlepublisherads' style='
margin:20px 0'>
<div expr:id='&quot;post2&quot; + data:'><data:post.body/></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var obj0=document.getElementById(&quot;
var obj1=document.getElementById(&quot;
var s=obj1.innerHTML;
var t=s.substr(0,s.length/ 2 );
var r=t.lastIndexOf(&quot;&lt;br&gt;&
if(r&gt;0) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r

Replace PUT YOUR PRASED AD CODE HERE with the Google Adsense prased code and "Save" the template.

Now view your blog any post, wow you have successfully added Google Adsense ad in the middle in the blogger post.

Note: Your ad will appear after the first </br> in the blog post, so this is mandatory to have a </br> tag in the blog post. If your post doesn’t have any </br> in a post, then the ad will appear in below title by default. You can put any other PPC ads network such BuySellAds, bidvertiser, yahoo or custom banner instead the Google Adsense.

How to Modify the Position Adsense ad in blogger post?

Like I said earlier that the ad will appear after the first </br> however if you want to change the position of ads you can modify thought blue marked number, following some modifications
you can do.

  1. To put the ads in the second </ b> of blog posts, then replace the blue number 2 with 3.
  2. To put the Adsense ads in a quarter of a post, please replace the 2 with 4. 

Therefore, friends this a simple but very important trick which I shared with you. After putting the Adsense ad in the middle of posts , you will note the significant increase in your earnings in a few days. More importantly, you don’t need worry about the Google’s terms violation because you don’t change the ad code structure. 
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January 12, 2017

Google AdSense Redesigned It Publisher's Dashboard : Meet the new AdSense user interface

Over the coming weeks, when you log in to your AdSense account, you'll be automatically taken to the new User Interface (UI). You will no longer be able to opt-out of the new UI.

AdSense say Thank you to the more than 500,000 publishers who switched to the new UI over the last few months. Your feedback has been invaluable in launching the new UI to all of our users. The truth is that new AdSense publishers are automatically switched to the new Dashboard.

The new AdSense user interface (UI) is here. Over the last year, our product team has been hard at work bringing Material Design principles to AdSense. This new UI highlights the information that’s relevant to you on a personalized homepage and streamlines navigation.

Over the next few weeks AdSense will be offering the new UI to AdSense publishers.  All you’ll need to do is opt in when you log in to AdSense:

What’s new?

  • A fresh new look & feel. We're adopting Material Design principles with a completely redesigned homepage and menu. We’ll roll out further improvements throughout the product soon.
  • A great new homepage. All the information you need, right where you need it. We've organized your homepage into a stream of interactive cards. You can pin your favorites to the top of the stream, and arrange your homepage just the way you’d like.
  • A streamlined new menu. We’ve brought everything together in a new left hand menu.

AdSense Team will continue to improve and refine AdSense over the coming months. While Google AdSense is still making these improvements, publishers will still be able to find all the content and features that you’re used to– right where you expect them. 

Opt in through the AdSense interface to try it for yourself, and let us know what you think in the feedback tool. 
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January 11, 2017

How To Report To Google About Invalid Activity On Your AdSense Account

According to Google AdSense, Invalid click activity includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. Invalid activity covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks. That's a website receiving a traffic that is not purr is. Prone to have inactivity in his or her adSense publisher's account.

Therefore, if you notice any invalid activities on your AdSense Account, you need to report yourself to Google before they take action(Suspending or disable your AdSense Account). Basically, this is a way to tell Google if you think that something has gone wrong with your AdSense account, for example if you
are being click-bombed or similarly targeted by malicious people or

But you can just ⬇
==> Remove the Link Units,
==> Remove the site from the approved list
==> Post a "me too" message on the support forum thread,

Then you can wait for Google to take action.

What does the form do

The Invalid Clicks report form has fields that let you submit

==> Your name, email address
==> AdSense publisher ID
==> The URL where ad code appears
==> Topic (select one of: reporting unusual activity, or predicting a significant change in account activity)
==> A paragraph describing what led you to believe that the click activity was invalid
==> "Data from your site, mobile app and/or YouTube channel traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers or requests which could explain invalid activity."

Google AdSense Reject Me - What do i do? 

Note : You only have 1000 characters for the description - but I'm sure
that links to documents in your Google Drive (set to be avaialble to anyone with the link, of course) would be very acceptable.

Most times you will get a response like this one below
Please note that we may not respond to your message unless we find a significant issue with your account. and I would not be in the least surprised to not hear anything back.

You should not waste time reporting these invidiual clicks. They are very easy for Google to identify and disqualify - and doing to would make it a lot harder form them to identify real problems vs noise from issues reported via the form.
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January 10, 2017

How To Check If Your Blog is Eligible or Approved To Use Adsense Matched Content

Last two year 2015 April, Google introduced Matched Content for Adsense publishers; a free service that promotes relevant content from your site to your site's visitors, and can help to increase your page views and the time your readers spend on your site.

Unfortunately, the Matched content feature is not available to all publishers. To be eligible, you must have a site that meets Google's minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.

My blog (Horlartechgist) have been approved to create Adsense matched content units as seen in the screenshot below:

To check if your blog has been approved to use Adsense Matched
Content, read through...

Though the old way of checking if your blog has been approved to use "Adsense Matched Content"
==> Sign in to Google Adsense
==> Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the site
==> Click on "Site Management"

But now that AdSense has redesigned their site for new publishers, things have been changed. To know or to check if your blog has been approved to use Adsense Matched Content,

==> Sign in to Google Adsense
==> Click on the "Settings" >> "Sites"
==> Click on "Matched Content"

You will see the list of your blog(s) with a mark ticked green. Before AdSense redesigned it dashboard, once you go to Sign in to Google Adsense, Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the site, Click on "Site Management", You will see the list of your blog and you will notice the "ready" label next to the ones that have been approved for matched content.

How To Create Matched Content Unit
From Your Adsense Account | New Way
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January 09, 2017

How To Add/Display AdSense Ad Above Blogger Blog Header Logo

There are many place where an AdSense publisher could place AdSense ads on his website. As a blogger using a blogging platform, you can add AdSense ads between your blog posts, home pages and many other places. Today i am going to teach you how to add AdSense ads above your blogger blog header logo image.

Adding AdSense Ads above blogger blog header logo image gives your AdSense first impression which can also increase your AdSense earnings. That's the first live ads to be seen is the one placed above header logo image.

To add AdSense ads above blogger blog header logo image, follow below steps :

First you have to create an ad unit which you want to let it display live ads on your blog header. I recommend a 320x50 banner ad unit because it is portable.

Step 1 : Log on to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Tap "Layout". In the page that opens, search for the Layout title where you added your blog header to. This used to be under "Header" (See Screenshot below)

Step 3 : Click "Add a Gadget", choose "HTML/JavaScript". Then paste the code into the box.

Note : If there are no more space to add gadgets, you can fix issue here.

Preview your blog and see AdSense live ad displaying at top first above header image.

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January 04, 2017

Best 5 Alternatives to Google Adsense in 2017

AdSense is an online platform or top advertising network established by Google to enable bloggers or site owners or it publishers earn free money by displaying advertisers ads on their website. Before a blogger can start earning with Google AdSense, the site must adhere to Google AdSense program policy.

Nowadays, people are quitting blogging because of they don't have adSense and been disapproved many times and don't know that there are many ways someone could earn from blogging without AdSense. AdSense now is very strict in accepting publishers to their program due to their policy.

Must Read : Google AdSense disapproval messages & how to fix them.

AdSense disapproval is not the downfall of a man. Therefore there are many other Adnetworks which you can use to make money from your site without Google AdSense. Some even think maybe their site is banned from adSense.

I don’t want to believe that you still have problem getting an approve adsense account. But if at all you do, I’ll provide best alternative to adsense. You can also get AdSense approved for your blog.

I know that Google Adsense is the dream of every bloggers but if you fail to get approval or get rejected because of some reason, don’t get frustrated because this article will help you to see all Google Adsense alternatives to earn money online.

Fix AdSense Problem Saying : This Url is not available to sign up for AdSense 

Best 5 Alternative to Google Adsense in 2017

1. is the best alternative to AdSense alternative in terms of ad types. is contextual ad network by Yahoo! and bing and it offers high-paying ads. Moreover, ad
types are similar to AdSense and if you have a quality blog, you are more likely to get approval in no time. It pays like Google AdSense in real time.
Sign up for MediaNet.

2. BuySellAds

Buysellads is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense. As soon as you submit your blog to BuySellAds, it will automatically fetch up your blog stats which includes PR, Alexa rank , Technorati,, Yahoo inbound links etc. For getting an approval for BuySellAds , your site should have a
decent Traffic. As soon as your site gets an approval, you can set up an area on your blog for buy and sell Ads and
then wait for advertisers to bid.
Sign up here for buysellads .

3. Infolinks

Infolinks  is simply based on in-text advertising now offers various other advertisement option for bloggers. You can earn money from info links using different ad types such as in tag which works like Google text link ads or in-frame ads which will help you to make money from your blog unused area. It
doesn’t offer contextual ad like Google AdSense, but as an alternative to AdSense; info links is highly recommended. You can combine  it with other ad network to increase your blog revenue. Sign up for infolinkads

4. Chitika

Chitika is a CPC product oriented program. You’ll like Chitika for two reasons. Firstly, it always places relevant ads based on the content, which helps you to get more click. Secondly, you can edit text color, URL color, border color to blend with
your blog format. You can also choose for their referral program, to earn extra income. Sign up for Chitika here

5. Superlinks

Superlinks is one advertisement program which can never let you miss AdSense. They offer different ad types
such as display ads, Tower ads, Footer ads to name a few. Their minimum payout is $100 and via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer. Your blog needs to have minimum traffic of 100,000/month to apply for Superlinks. If your blog have a high bounce rate due to exit links, their super exit links will help
you to earn great deal of money here. Superlinks also accept publishers who are banned from AdSense.

You can try them out. Sign up for a free superlink account.

Bonus Ad Networks 
1. PropellerAds
2. Clicksor
3. Adquet and many more

There are lots of Ad Networks that Pays blogger but we can't apply for all. Even if e apply for all, we can't display their ads on our sites  You can also make money in Nigeria as a blogget using the top 5 Nigeria Ad Networks.
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