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November 19, 2016

Introducing Zen Browser - The Free Airtime Giving Browser - Get More Than N1000 Airtime When You Browse

Introducing Zen Browser - The Free Airtime Giving Browser

Zen browser is a new browser that gives free airtime any time you browse an webpage using the zen browser. Zen browser is a newly launched browser which main aim is to give free airtime. I am so suprised i have never seeeln this kind of browser before, all apps i know that gives airtime are just apps using referals e.g MyAds, Slide Airtime, Zoto, Mcent, Nairabox etc.

Zen browser gives you airtime when you browse the internet very well. The amount of airtime it gives is depends on the time you spent browsing and when your points gets to 100, yu redraw your airtime free. Zen browser app browser that is very simple to operate. It also contains ads that disturbing why trying to surf the internet but don't worry you have to endure it. Nothing good comes free or easily.

How To Get Free Airtime When You Browse/Surf Internet/ Webpages Usinf Zen Browser 

To get free airtime from zen browser follow below steps. 

Step 1 ==> First of all download Zen Browser Here. Launch it  Tap on "Get Started

Step 2 ==> Another page will open, here input your phone number (ex 08169xxxxxx) 

Step 3 ==> Now Choose your network provider (ex MTN, M-Tel, Multilinks, Visafone and other available ones)

Step 4 ==> A page will open again where you will requested to input tye 4 digits pin sent to the phone number you drop. You will receive the 4 digit pin then input it in the space provided. 

Step 5 ==> After the pin input, the app will automatically move you to the main broswer. Start browsing till your point reaches 100. Then Zen Browser will message you via pop up message saying : 
Zen is sending you free any amount recharge
Please wait for some time

Immediately, your account wiill be recharged with free airtime of any amount you are been rewarded by Zen. 
See proof below : 

Zen browser is supported by One Recharge and MTN (VTU to be precised) i will say. So why not download this app and start recieving back your data(MegaByte) in airtime. 
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October 23, 2016

How To Get Free 10MB Data And N50 Airtime From MTN VTU

Just last week i posted an article on mtn vtu. This is a special service from MTN that offers free airtime to it customers for free of charge. And also recently MTN launched a new offer called MTN Awuf4U. As i was saying recently mtn is dashing 500# airtime via vtu but it has ended and i will update yiu guys when it back. But i am still getting my N500 free airtime from MTN.NB: Not Bonus it is a normal airtime.Like when you recharge

Now MTN VTU is at it they are dashing 50# free and 10MB free also for jusjust a token which is you will answer their questions.

How To Get Free 10MB And N50 From MTN Via VTU 

To Get Free 10MB And N50 From MTN Via VTU, Text START TO 38143.  Then you will be redirected to a call. recieving an sms first saying : Thank you for responding. Please expect a call shortly. Pick the call and answer thier simple question. E.g
  • How old are you
  • Married or single 
  • No children or one child 
  • Male or female 
  • State etc. 
Then after call you get this  : Thanks for your responses. Look out for your N50 airtime reward within the next 48 hours. 

Then later you will receive a message from MTN N saying : You have received 10.00MB data bonus, valid for 3 days. Dial *559*11# to view bonus. Top Up =N500 & Get 50MB, Top Up >=N1000 & Get 100MB.

And A Message from VTU Saying :
Ref: 791186678  22/10 21:13:17      
Bonus Acc: Dial *559*4#         
Amt: N50.00       
From: MTN VTU      
Buy your BB,Data,XtraValue,Social Bundles from VTU

That all about getting Free 10MB And N50 From MTN. Which is different feom the new MTN Awuf4U.
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October 13, 2016

All You need To Know About Borrowing Airtime From Your Various Networks

We network users borrowing airtime from our various Telecom networks is the best means where by we enjoy their service. Borrowing airtime is just for us to use for the main time when we need it and most of us don't know how to borrow airtime. Most of us can do but we misuse it or do not pay back rather we dispose the sim card. Therefore how to borrow airtime from all networks is what I want to discuss in this today's article.

How To Borrow Airtime From MTN. Via MTN XtraTime.

MTN XtraTime allows only eligible customers access airtime on credit when their account balance is too low to have ordinarily continued with an on-going call. The airtime received on credit can be used for all chargeable activities on the MTNN network.

Who Can Utilize MTN XtraTime?
MTN XtraTime will be available to active prepaid MTNN customers.
Other. Eligibility criteria include:

  • SIM must be prepaid
  • SIM must be registered
  • Customer's main account balance must be between N0 and N12
  • MTN's consideration of Customer's monthly recharge frequency
  • MTN's consideration of Customer's average monthly spend
  • Customer must have paid up any previous XtraTime request and the charges associated thereto.

How to access MTN XtraTime
Customers can access MTN XtraTime by dialling *606# .
The following Menu will then be displayed:
1. Check Eligibility Status
2. Request for XtraTime
3. Check XtraTime Balance
4. XtraTime Transaction History
5. AboutXtraTime
6. Exit
Customers can then subsequently check eligibility status, request for XtraTime and learn more about XtraTime by dialling the corresponding USSD code.

Receiving MTN XtraTime credit
When an eligible customer requests for XtraTime, the XtraTime credit will beloaded in a special XtraTime account once the request is approved. Customers can check their Special XtraTime account balance by dialling *606#. But sad as MTN Has Now Increased Their Xtratime Interest Rate To 15%. That is they will deducte 15% from the airtime you borrowed. 

Using MTN XtraTime
Airtime advanced with MTN XtraTime can be used for all
chargeable activities on the MTNN network. Once XtraTime credit is exhausted, customers will not be able to perform any other chargeable activities until the XtraTime borrowed is paid for.

MTN XtraTime Service charge
MTN XtraTime attracts a service charge of 10% of the airtime borrowed. For example, if N100 XtraTime is requested for, a service fee of N10 is first deducted, and the remaining N90 isbcredited to the customersspecial XtraTime account.

Paying back MTN XtraTime
Customers can use the usual balance enquiry command
(*556# ) to check the outstanding XtraTime amount owed. This command will return a negative value showing the outstanding XtraTime amount. This owedamount will be recovered at the very next recharge made by the customer.

In cases where the recharge amount is less than the outstanding XtraTime amount, subsequent recharges will
be used to recover whatever is outstanding. The recharge can be via any of the available physical or
logical channels.

How To Borrow Airtime From GLO 

Glo has launched path breaking product called Borrow Me Credit for Prepaid Customers. This is the most innovative service launched by Glo. Currently, when customer runs out of recharge, he has to go to out to buy a recharge card and top up his account. Sometimes there are situations when customer cannot go out to buy recharge card; during late night hours, while travelling, etc. Under these emergency situations customer is not able to make call due to low balance and there is
opportunity loss for Glo. 

Now, we offer solution to such customers who have consumed their airtime and cannot go out immediately to buy recharge card. Customer can send request to avail the facility of airtime credit by sending text on the short code. Customer will repay his credit by recharging his account and credit airtime will be deducted from his balance.

The customer is required to request through the predefined short code*321# which will provide the customer the amounts qualified for. To get specific denominations use the following
short codes:

*321*50# for N50,
*321*100# for N100,
*321*200# for N200,
*321*500# for N500
*321*1000# for N1000

*Now with auto-recharge option
The Emergency Airtime Service allows active Globacom prepaid
customers who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the table

How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel 

To borrow airtime from Airtel dial *500*amount#. And also your money will not be deducted immediately like MTN. 

*500*50# for N50,
*500*100# for N100,
*500**200# for N200,
*500*500# for N500
*500*1000# for N1000

How To Borrow Airtime From Etisalat.

To borrow airtime from ETISALAT dial *665*amount# or dial *665# and follow the prompted instructions. 
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October 06, 2016

How I Get N500 MTN Airtime Every Week Via MTN VTU

MTN VTU is an MTN service that gives free airtime weekly at least N500 maximum. The purpose of this service is to bring more customers to MTN. Now that your are reading this article and you use MTN, follow below step to get your own N500 Airtime from MTN

How To Get Your Own N500 Airtime From MTN 

There are two ways of getting free N500 Airtime from MTN. Which are ;

1. HELPING YOU MANUALLY : Helping you manually is you dropping your MTN  number, Mtn tariff plan, state, email address and twitter handle. For example : 081********, Mtn pulse, Lagos, @Horlartechgist. 

2. DOING IT YOURSELF : The second way of getting free N500 from MTN is me teaching your how to get it yourself with my help. Therefore follow below step to get your free N500 Airtime from MTN yourself. 

How To Get Your Own N500 Airtime From MTN For Yourself 

To get the MTN free N500 Airtime for yourself, Log on to this url ==> HERE. Then fill in the form which will be given to you. E.g 
  • Name (e.g Horlartechgist)
  • Your Twitter Handle (e.g @Horlartechgist)
  • Email (e.g
  • Phone Number (e.g 08100000000)
  • MTN Tarrif Plan (e.g Pulse)
  • Location (e.g Lagos) and 
  • General Comment 

Above are just all you need to get your free 500 from MTN and afer that click thr SUBMIT button. 

That's all to get your N500 Free Airtime from MTN. And you will get a sucessful message saying: Your response has been recorded. You can also submit another response if your have another email, twitter handle and phone number. 

NOTE : Wait for some hours  and you will be reward with Free N500 airtime Check Screen shot for proof below Swallow your pride and grab the offer while it last.

Sourced From Kelvin Alexandra From

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September 19, 2016

Nairabox : Join Nairabox And Earn Money Or Get Free Airtime On All Networks

Hey guys, you cannot afford miss this offer. Another means of getting free airtime is now out. This is Infact different from chamcash, my lucky zone, slide airtime and MyAds.

Download nairabox app from datafilehost or PlayStore  or Apkmonk  and from iTunes. Then earn instant #100 airtime of any Nigeria networks e.g mtn, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat Use NAIB028 as your invite code to earn your free airtime...

Use NAIB028 and get 1000# free. Something particular about that invitation code (NAIB028) is that it belongs to an official in nairabox. So when u use it you earn free 1000# instantly. Note that if you don't use any invitation code, they won't grant you any credit nor bonus

Things You Can Do While With Nairabox

You can:

  • Buy airtime for yourself and any contact on your phone
  • Buy digital tickets to the cinema and live events
  • Transfer digital tickets to your friends
  • Make bill payments for utility and Internet services
  • Send money to other nairabox users and phone contacts
  • Make donations to charities to support their cause
  • Make in-store payments at participating retail stores and save

Nairabox is for your absolute convenience and security.

  • Use Airtime Auto-Recharge to automatically buy airtime for yourself or any of your contacts
  • Express Pay allows you make automated bill payments for recurring charges, like DSTV and Internet Services Subscriptions
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How To Get Free N300 Airtime To Call All Networks + 10MB Free Data To Browse The Internet For Only N100

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!. MTN is back again with their Cheapest call deal!. That is you can now Get N300 airtime to call ALL networks + 10MB FREE data to browse the internet for only N100 which will be Valid for just  7 days.

Isn't this great. This is great and good and cheap. You can't afford to miss this offer because it still blazing.

How Do I Get The Offer? 
To get the offer of  the Cheapest call deal!, that is, Getting N300 airtime to call ALL networks + 10MB FREE data to browse the internet, Dial *567*102# to enjoy the offer. This offer costs N100 and it is Valid for 7 days.

How Do You Know This Offer Exists
Knowing that this offer exists is via sms. I go the offer tip via my sms box which I know most of you too would have gotten so and as for those who has not gotten this offer sms, this article is for you

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