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April 30, 2017

How to Save or Retrieve Contacts and Other Items on Your Phone When Stolen

Most circumstances the estimation of the Mobile Gadget we have is not by any means a major ordeal, however the substance we safe inside these contraptions may cost a lifetime to assemble, much the same as the instance of a picture taker who spared every one of his tasks in a SD card embedded in iPhone 6 that was later stolen, for this situation the estimation of the iPhone is not the major ordeal, but rather the substance inside the SD card cost him a lifetime to accomplish and everything was detracted from him in a twinkle of an eye. Yet, this case could be turned away if the fundamental strides were taken.

I question if the vast majority of us know we can spare for all intents and purposes every one of our records (Pictures, Videos, Documents, Contacts, and so on.) on the web and later get to or recover it from any gadget anyplace on the planet? This is conceivable in a few routes, however for this instructional exercise I will utilize Google benefit has contextual analysis.

How to Save or Retrieve Contacts and Other Items on Your Phone When Stolen

Google made sparing of things on the web in a simple to-snap way with the goal that anybody can without much of a stretch spare, recover or share their records (Pictures, Videos, Documents, Contacts, and so forth.) anyplace on the planet. So I will demonstrate to you how you can spare your contacts and different things on the web for future reference.

How to Save or Backup Your Contacts on Gmail attached to Your Mobile Phone

Saving of contacts can be easily done from the contact tab of your mobile device.

  • Firstly your mobile phone needs to be attached to a Gmail account.
  • Next open your Contact > click the Option or Menu tab > there you will see “Import/Export”.
  • Click Import/Export tab.
  • Select where you want to copy the contacts from either from SIM 1, SIM 2 or Phone.
  • Now select the Gmail account you want copy the contacts to.

How to Retrieve Your Contacts Saved or Backup on Your Gmail Account.

Firstly you need to attach the Gmail account to your mobile phone.

  • Next open your Contact > click the Option or Menu tab > there you will see “Import/Export”.
  • Click Import/Export tab.
  • Select the Gmail account you want to copy the contacts from.
  • Select where you want to copy the contacts to either to SIM 1, SIM 2 or Phone.

The next page will prompt you to select the contact you want to copy, you can easily click all button, then click ok. Viola you’re done retrieving your contacts from the internet.

How to Backup and Retrieve Your Pictures, Videos and Document on the Internet

There are very quantities of organizations that render this administration for nothing, however my favored decision is the one offered by Google since it is anything but difficult to utilize and get to. Google gives each Gmail account you have with a free 15GB space (Upgradable) to spare any computerized records on the web, Google called this administration Google Drive.

Google Drive is a sheltered place for every one of your documents and puts them inside reach from any cell phone, tablet, or PC. Once your records are saved money on Google Drive you can without much of a stretch welcome others to see, alter or leave remarks on any of your documents or organizers.

Note: Files or Folder saved or backup on Google Drive can be viewed offline.

Watch this short demo on Google Drive:

If you want to backup files on your Android phone, simply go to Google PlayStore and search for Google Drive or click this link

If you want to backup files on your computer, go to your browser and type the following address: then login with your gmail account.

If you want to backup files on your iPhone, simply go to Apple Store and search for Google Drive or click this link then login with your gmail account.

Google made the service self explanatory, so that anyone can easily update/upload their files from any device.
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April 02, 2017

WhatsApp Running Slow or Hanging? See Solutions Here

Whether your WhatsApp is running very slow, hanging, crashing or not working properly, I have a solution for you. Sometimes, you might even be faced with issues like 'unfortunately whatsapp have stopped'. All these issues are fixed here once you follow and apply the tips I will share on this article.

There are several reasons which can cause your whatsapp not to work properly on your phone. The most common reasons are low memory on your phone which includes RAM and internal memory, another cause is outdated version of the app, others are huge chat log, so many media files received, virus attack, poor processor and many more reasons.

So let me ask you, is your WhatsApp Running slow or crashing? If you are facing any of the above problems, then it's time to solve it with below solutions. Follow me along.



Do you have a long whatsapp chat history? Do you belong to many whatsapp groups? Do you usually receive pictures and videos on whatsapp chat? These might be the problem and the reason why your whatsapp is hanging. So delete all the chat history especially group chats that has many media contents and see the results.

As you chat on whatsapp, lots of the inputs and memory are been stored as data and in the phone cache memory. At a time this log of memories including junk files starts slowing and hanging your phone, especially phones with low memory capacity. So you should clear the whatsapp data and cache to free up memory. Below is the guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Tap on the Settings >> Apps option on your phone.
Step 2: Locate and tap to open WhatsApp icon in the All apps window.
Step 3: Tap on the “Clear Cache” button which remove lot of junk files.

I advise you to regularly perform this operation on your whatsapp if you are facing this problems but remember it will delete your chat history!

You can also delete file with the help of “Clear Data” option from your WhatsApp Storage window. During deleting the data from WhatsApp you will get an confirmation message, press OK to delete them.

Sometimes the culprit for whatsapp not working properly is because of outdated version of the app. Make sure you perform regular updates as it fixes some app bugs.

Phone applications runs with RAM memory so if the RAM is choked up, it may struggle to run WhatsApp properly. So check the phone RAM and free space by uninstalling some apps you don't usually use. It will go a long way to fixing the hanging issue.

Virus could be the cause of this, so ensure you have an active Antivirus app that you installed. Scan your phone and remove any malware found. You can download "CM security" Antivirus app.

After applying all the above tips and your whatsapp still hangs, uninstall the app and reinstall it again. And it will surely fix so many bugs on the app. I hope the above tips helps you in fixing major whatsapp issues like hanging, running slow, etc. Help others know about this by SHARING it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc

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March 13, 2017

Infinix Hot 4 Users - Fix Your Phone Bugs With The New Software Version X557- H807A1D1...

Infinix Hot 4 users, good news to you. New update is available for your device. The update tries to address those complaints about the recent glitches
you are experiencing on your Infinix Hot 4 smartphones. It fixes issues with partialfingerprint functions and phone auto rebooting itself occasionally.

Optimized issues
1. Optimized the issue where the startup guide interface was occasionally blocked.
2 optimized the memory leak issue in the app using process
3. Optimize the camera function and increase Caution: If you have already rooted your Infinix Hot
4, to be on a safer side, you're strongly advised to Unroot. Upgrading an already rooted device Over-the-Air or via TF card can get the device bricked.

To Upgrade Your Infinix Hot 4 to Android 6.0-XOSv2.0.0 (Version X557-H807A1D1-M-170110V194)
Check if the update is already pushed on your device.
To check, navigate to Settings » About Phone » Software Updates.
It required 420.29MB
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February 15, 2017

5 Apps to Create a Smarter Android Homescreen

Android homescreens have been largely ignored as far as software advancements are concerned. However,
there are a few apps which will help you generate a relatively smarter home screens. Shubham Agarwal lists out five such applications.

Home screens on Android phones have gone from being the spotlight to the most underrated aspect of a software. If you think about it, you don’t go beyond the home screen in the majority of instances because all your favorite
applications are already pinned there and more or less, each setting can be toggled from the notification panel. So, how do you create a smarter home screen and make the most out of it? Let’s start with installing some of these apps.

Contextual App Folder

This nifty little app is capable of generating a dynamic folder based on various factors such as your location, whether a headphone is connected,
time, Bluetooth connection, and more. Hence, when a particular event is triggered, the content i.e. the apps of this folder will be changed with the ones you’ve selected. For instance, you can configure a scenario where when headphones are  linked, the widget shows all the music applications. It’s an extremely useful utility once you begin to use it on a day-to-day basis. And the best part? It’s free! So go ahead and give it a shot.
Download Link

Arrow Launcher

Next up on our list is Microsoft’s Arrow launcher. In a way, this app brings everything that’s missing from Android’s stock launcher – a universal search that is only a swipe-down away, a recent activity section displaying messages, calls, notifications you received, quick access to contacts, and more. Furthermore, if you’re a Wunderlist or any Microsoft service user, there are dedicated tabs for displaying content from them. Additionally, a bunch of quick settings such as brightness control, WiFi can be accessed from the swiping up from the button which can be handy if you’ve a massive phone. It’s really one of the most intuitive launchers available out there and unlike others, Arrow launcher is entirely free of cost.
Download Link

CSBW – Custom Search Bar Widget

This is a customizable search bar for your home screen. Currently, the search widget on your home screen is limited to Google, however, with this widget, you can add any website you’d like to
search. Hence, for instance, you can configure Amazon or YouTube and look up content directly without loading up the site. The widget’s aesthetics can also be altered, although you’ll have to opt for the pro version to benefit from
those features.
Download Link


DashClock has been around for years and if you haven’t heard of it, I feel bad for you. Nevertheless, DashClock is a modular or you can say, extensible widget meaning you can install
extensions for it. Therefore, if you want it to display Wunderlist tasks, you can download an app or if you want detailed CPU stats, there’s an app. The Play store has hundreds of DashClock
extensions available and most of them including DashClock itself, are free.
Download Link


Lastly, we’ve S.Graph. It’s a clock widget that shows your day’s agendas in the form a pie chart. This is primarily for people who aren’t particularly great at keeping track of time throughout the day. You can add anything from a
meeting to a simple to-do and have it all
displayed in a single place. S.Graph is free and integrates with Google Calendar for maintaining the appointments.
Download Link

So, those were some of the applications you can download for creating a smarter Android homescreen. Do let us know in the comments section if we missed any good one.
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February 12, 2017

How To Activate and Use AutoResponder for WhatsApp (Wa Chat Bot) on Your Android Device

In some cases you are not next to your phone, but want to reply to WhatsApp™ messages?, there is no way unless you stay online . But today i will introduce to you an app called AutoResponder for WhatsApp. AutoResponder for WhatsApp is an android app that automatically respond or reply to predefined messages, which contain some words or equal a message. AutoResponder fpr WhatsApp is alternatively called WA Chat Bot. You can set custom responses for different messages. Works as a Tasker plugin, too [PRO needed].


  • Automate your WhatsApp™ and give automatic replies
  • Automatically replies to custom/all WhatsApp™ messages with predefined texts
  • Responds if message equals or just contains some words
  • Possibility to set contacts who will get responses for each message
  • Possibility to answer all received messages (from all/from single contacts)
  • Answer replacements like %time% for current time
  • More settings..

Pro version can only be downloaded or installed only when you install the free version then download it inside the free
version of WA Chat Bot. Also WA Chat Bot doesn't work in some Android 5+ Roms 

Horlartechgist should not be held responsible for any damage or harm you got in your device(BRICK) and please follow the procedure properly.

Ensure that you back up important files(store it In SD card) before
proceeding with the below steps so that in case something goes wrong you'll be able to RESTORE your files. 

How To Activate and Use AutoResponder for WhatsApp (Wa Chat Bot) 

==> Firstly, download and install WA Chat Bot. And note that your phone must be rooted. 

==> Open the app after installing then "Allow Root access" . 

==> Now Click on Rules and add your rules or auto reply messages. 

==> Select message which has to be answered (or * for all incoming messages which can also be specified by contact)  

==> Select an answer for this message and also Select contacts which will get responses from the Settings Page 

==> Now go back home Click Enable WA Chat Bot

Now your Wa Chat Bot will start responding and replying messages automatically when you are not next or with your phone. Isn't this app great? It make sense like die. Lol😋

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February 11, 2017

How to Enable The Screen Pinning Feature on Android

Android phones or devices comes with a lot of features but only very few user or individual are able to explore these features or even know about it not to talk of implementing. Today I’m going to show you another features on your android device in which some people are not even aware of how it works while some others are already exploring it.

‘Screen Pinning’ allows you to pin (lock) the screen to a certain app. This is one of the useful  features in Android 5.0 and above. When enabled, you can lock down your device so the person using it only has access to one app. undoubtedly, a convenient feature
for those who often offer a device to a child to watch a movie/ games or a friend to check his or her e-mail.

How to Enable Screen Pinning on Your Android Device?

==> Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
==> Scroll down until you find the Security option. Tap on it.
==> At the bottom of the Security page tap on Screen pinning .
==> Slide the switch to the On position.

How to Pin an App?

  1. To pin an app, tap on the overview button (it's the square button along the bottom of your screen).
  2. Drag the title bar for the app you're going to pin up, until it's in the middle of the screen. 
  3. In the bottom-right corner of the app overview will be a blue pin button. Tap on it.
  4. Each time you pin an app, you'll be asked to confirm the action. You'll also have to decide if you want to require a security code to leave the pinned app.
  5. Tap on Start to pin the app.

Once the app is pinned, the user can navigate anywhere within the app, but he or she can't leave it. So if you pin Chrome, the user will be able to browse the Internet, but that's it. 
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February 08, 2017

4 Ways To Recharge StarTimes Decoder And Get Free 3 Days Viewing Time

StarTimes clients can now appreciate more days after the terminating date of their membership by just recharging their membership 3 days before the due date. In this article, I will demonstrate to you a few strategies you can use to effortlessly pay for your startimes membership once it lapses without setting off to the workplace. You can restore your membership by just dialing a straightforward code on your cell phone even without web association. Yes it's conceivable. Simply take after the techniques I have laid out on this article and you will be upbeat you came here.

StarTimes is one of the least expensive pay TV link that has given practically every home both well off and poor the chance to appreciate computerized satellite TV in their homes with the least expensive membership plan of only N800 for the Nova Bouquet.

Truth be told, StarTimes and GoTv is by all accounts fighting between each other for who will govern Africa and Nigeria specifically. Both are shoddy digital TV benefits that offers normal channels for your Viewing joy.

Like I said before, to appreciate this additional 3 days, simply reestablish your membership 3 days before due date.

How To Subscribe With Your Phone

You can subscribe with the StarTimes app from Google Playstore. Open the app and navigate to your profile and click on your smart card number and follow the steps to recharge online.
Alternatively, you can subscribe by using Quick Teller app. You can also download it from google Playstore and select cable TV payment. Quick teller is the easiest app to use for this as it accepts different types of ATM cards, PayPal, payoneer and so on.

You can as well recharge your startimes decoder via GTBank USSD code on your mobile phone without internet. follow the steps below.

Updated February 2017 

How To Recharge Startimes Using GTBank Mobile USSD Code

  • The USSD code is *737*37*Amount*SMD#
  • For example, dial *737*37*500*02146553564# If you are paying NGN500 for smartcard no 02146553564
  • The Phone number in which the code is dial from must be the phone number registered with GTBank account details.
  • Once the code is dial, Gtbank will automatically deduct the money from the customer GTBank account balance and activate the Smartcard number immediately.

NB : You cannot change your bouquet with it, it will only maintain your current bouquet.

How To Recharge With QuickTeller

  • Log on to
  • On the payment gateway, enter your smartcard number, e-mail address, phone number and the amount you wish to recharge.
  • Select “continue” then it will take you to a page where you will see the name you used in registering your startimes account and the #100 service charge, select “pay
  • Select the ATM card type, card number and CVV number (3 digit no. printed at the back of your ATM card), card expiring date and the card 4 digit pin number then select “pay

To pay for your subscription with your phone using quickteller method, dial *322*8888# it will bring up a list of banks attached to the phone number are using. Then you can complete your payment.

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How To Pay For Startimes Subscription Using "One Card"

  • Go to you will select recharge which is at the top of the home page then fill the following information: 
  • (a) service provider, cable (b) startimes (c) smart card number (d) amount (e) card holder’s name, email and phone number then click on “submit”. 
  • It will generate a transaction number (write it out because that can be used to track your transaction). Select “pay” and select interswitch or etransact depending on the type of payment mode you want to use.
  • For Paga select enter your email or phone number and the email password then login then select the ATM card type, card number and CVV2 number (3 digit no. printed at the back of your ATM card), card expiring date and the card 4 digit pin number then select “pay"
  • Select recharge which is at the top of the home page 
  • fill the following information: (a) service provider, cable (b) startimes (c) smart card number (d) amount (e) card holder’s name, email and phone number then click on “submit” .It will generate a transaction number (write it out because that can be used to track your transaction).
  • Select “pay” and select interswitch or etransact depending on the type of payment mode you want to use. 

Recharging Via ATM
  • Go to the nearest ATM powered by Quickteller
  • Insert your ATM card,
  • Enter your PIN Number and select account type
  • Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen Select ‘Others’
  • Enter the code ‘240534’ and Press ‘Proceed’
  • Enter ‘Smart Card Number’ e.g. 0207xxxxxxx and Press ‘Proceed’ (It will display the customer’s information).
  • Enter the amount you wish to recharge and Press ‘proceed’ 

You will get alert via notification from both your bank and startimes congratulating your for the successful subscription payments.

These are ways you can easily pay for your startimes subscription or renewal without going to branch offices. You can
even stay in the confort of your home or office to recharge your decoder. Is this article helpful? okay help others to know this by hitting the SHARE buttons below. Let your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc know about this. Enjoy.

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How To Use 'Do Not Disturb' Feature on Android Devices

Do Not Disturb is a component in Android candy and Marshmallow gadgets that permits you restrain the way sounds and notices take a shot at your telephone. As the name demonstrates, it resembles a noiseless mode yet can consequently allow authorization to specific applications, messages and individuals while quieting other non significant notices.

Entertaining yet intriguing perspective is numerous Android telephone clients are unconscious of this vital element. Indeed, it's typically situated in the telephone settings albeit a few brands arrange it in the sound settings zone.

Do Not Disturb proves to be useful particularly when you are in a meeting, in some sort of environment or even around evening time, you can modify how you need your telephone to act when a caution or warning arrives. It is superior to the general "quiet mode" we are utilized to. This is on account of when your telephone is in noiseless mode, every single other notice consequently gets to be distinctly quiet however with "do not disturb", you select applications to hush.

Benefits Of "DO NOT DISTURB"

  • Automatically limit sounds at night or during events
  • Mute interruptions other than alarms, so you wake up on time
  • Get alerted to calls and messages only from favorite contacts 

3 Ways to Limit Vibrations and Sound
  • Total silence – To completely mute your phone so that it doesn't make a sound or vibrate, choose "Total silence."
  • Alarms only – To mute your phone so that you'll still hear your alarm, choose "Alarms only." This option won't mute sounds from music, videos, games, or other media.
  • Priority only – Mutes everything except alarms, people, reminders, and events that you choose. 

How To Use Do Not Disturb In Android Lollipop
==> Go to settings
==> Click on Do not Disturb
==> Navigate through the 3 options available and choose the one that suit you with settings.

How To Use Do Not Disturb On Android 6.0 Marshmallow

==> Go to "Settings"
==> Scroll "down" and you will see basic settings
==> Just under basic settings, locate "do not disturb"
==> Tap on it and you will be presented with options of what you can do with it.
==> Choose according to your priorities. 

Note : This same step applies to Android 7.0 Nougat devices as this feature is available for Android 5.1 Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat as I earlier stated.  
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How To Move Apps From Phone Memory To Sd Card On Android Device

Moving your android App(s) from
phone memory to sd card on android might occur when you have already installed app(s) to phone storage and later noticed phone memory is full and you want to move the app to sd card. External memory card is more sure than the internal memory card. Also you might also want to free up some space on your phone storage by moving apps to Sd Card, might be when app is overheating.

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Though, on a normal day you might decide to move your android apps from
phone memory to sd card on android
device and you dont know how to go about it.

How To Move Applications From Phone Memory To SD card (2.2 to 4.2 kitikats).

==> Launch your android phone & tap on "Settings" .
==> Click on "Apps" and click on "Manage Apps" and you will see all your Apps lists.
==> Then choose the app you want to move and finally tap on "Move To Sd card".
==> Finally, you are done! You can start moving the Apps one by one till you are done.

How To Move Apps From Phone Memory To SD card On 4.2kitikats and above Using Apk extractor

==> Firstly, download and install Apk Extractor Here
==> Now go to File Manager, you will see a folder named ExtractedApks; hold it and copy the folder to anywhere
in your SD card.
==> After that, you can then launch your Apk extractor app and hold on the App you wish to move to your Sd Card and it will be extracted successfully.
==> Then go to your SDcard >>ExtractedApks folders and
see your Apps moved successfully or you can go to your Apk extractor and tap on the left upper three dots and
tap on path, you will see your moved Apps there too.

Now, with all these you have already moved your app from phone storage to Sd Card without stress.

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February 06, 2017

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts on iPhone & Android Devices

Duplicate contacts accumulate on your device due to syncing with various email and other accounts on your device. It accumulates over time and creates problems for you as it may enhance contact searching time for you. It makes your contact list cluttered and unorganized which affects contacts searching process negatively. This problem prevails similarly on all the
devices including your favorite iPhone or Android device.

It happens very often when your Android device creates two or more copies of identical contacts data. This may happen due to syncing feature you have enabled on your device or due to data backup etc. This can clutter your contacts completely, making it tough to navigate through contacts. You can apply manual cleaning of these similar contacts, which may prove a lot of time-
consuming or you can use some duplicate contacts remover tools for instant results. You can follow certain methods to de-duplicate your smartphone device instantly. This way you can better manage your contact list for instant contacts search.

How To Delete Duplicate Contacts on an iPhone

Method 1
Using Your Contacts App : Follow these steps to remove contacts using contact app in your device. Remember you can
only delete one contact at a time. 
==> Go to iPhone’s Contact App from Home Screen.
==> Scroll through the contact list to locate the contact you want to delete or go to search bar at the top of the screen for quick navigation.
==> Tap on the selected contact to open the details.
==> Tap “Edit” in the upper-right corner of the screen to edit the
==> Now scroll down to the bottom of the contact page and tap on “Delete Contact” option and confirm it.

Following these step, if your iPhone is connected to your iCloud account then the contact will be removed from all your connected devices.

Method 2
Deleting All iCloud Contacts : If you have synced your contacts on your iCloud account then you can follow these steps to remove these contacts from there.
==> Open the Settings app from your Home Screen to turn off iCloud contacts syncing. It will allow you to remove all your iCloud contacts stored on your iPhone.
==> Select “iCloud” to open the iCloud syncing menu.
==> Now search for “Contact” and toggle it off. Here you will be prompted to remove all iCloud contacts stored locally on your device.
==> Select “Delete from My iPhone” option to remove all the contacts which you have synced with your iCloud account.

Check other email accounts: You can follow the same procedure to remove contacts synced from other email addresses. To do this go to Settings > Mail/Calendars and toggle off contact
syncing for any of the accounts to remove contacts.

Method 3
Using your Address book and iTunes : If your contacts are synced with your Mac or Outlook on a computer then you
can remove them through your address book on the system. You can also remove iTunes contacts. To do this follow these steps:
==> Open your “Address Book” from the menu and locate the contacts and press Command + Click (for Mac) or Ctrl + Click (for PC) to select multiple contacts which are not next to each other. Press Shift + Click to select contacts that are next to each other.
==> In Address Book option for the Mac, system clicks on the “Edit” option and select “Delete Cards” or simply press the
Delete key. On A PC, go to your Contacts list and click on Actions > Menu > Delete Contact.
==> If your contacts are not synced wirelessly, plug your iPhone device into your system, Open iTunes menu and select your iPhone at the top right of the iTunes windows.
==> Click on the “Info” tab and enable Sync Contacts > All Contacts.
==> Click on the “Apply” to sync iPhone with iTunes and delete the contacts you removed in your address book.

Method 4
Using Groups : You can hide entire categories of contacts from the list without having to delete them completely. To manage your multiple groups on your device, tap the Groups button at the top lest of the Contacts screen. Now “Uncheck” the groups
from the list to hide them and click on “Done” when finished.

Method 5
Using Apps: You can also delete duplicate contacts from your device using [duplicate contacts remover apps. These apps work efficiently to de-duplicate and manage your contact list in an organized manner.

You can follow these different methods to get rid of duplicate contacts on your iPhone device to get clean and organized contact list. It will reduce contact searching time for you. 

How To Delete duplicate contacts on Android

Method 1
From the phone contacts: To do this, use the built-in contacts merging feature on your device. Go to Contacts app and tap on the menu button. Select Merge accounts > Merge from Google. Click OK and all your duplicate contacts will be

Method 2
Using Gmail: Inbuilt feature on your Android device syncs all your contacts with active accounts on your device including Gmail account. You can remove all these duplicate contacts attached to your Gmail account without touching your Android device. To do
this, follow these steps. Open your Gmail account on your system and click on “Mail” from the left pane menu. Select “Contacts” from the drop-down menu to open all contacts list attached to your Gmail account.
Click on “More” option located at the top of the screen and select “Find & Merge Duplicates…” option from the drop down menu. Wait for while so that the list will open to see all duplicate contacts. Uncheck any contact if you want to keep it, else just click on the “Merge” option to merge all your contacts instantly.

Method 3
Remove duplicate contacts using a dedicated app: Similar to the app used to delete similar contacts on iPhone you
can also use a dedicated app to remove all similar contacts on your Android device as well. These Android specific apps help you get rid of all unnecessary contacts from your device instantly. This way you can better manage your contacts effortlessly. 

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January 17, 2017

How To Reduce or Limit High Data & Battery Usage On Snapchat Android App

You've probably heard about Snapchat . It's the popular mobile app that allows you to send videos and pictures, both of which will self destruct after a few seconds of a person viewing them. Snapchat is also a fun messaging app. ... Yes, at its core, Snapchat is used to send photos and videos to friends.

Snapchat is a fun mobile messaging application that lets you share photos, videos, text and drawings that expire
and automatically delete themselves after a set time, ranging from a few seconds up to 24 hours.

Not everyone is aware or knows that SnapChat android app drains both battery and data just the way Facebook app zaps data. But there are settings I always apply to limit how much data and battery the app consumes on my Android phone because it works even
without your consent (in background)
Having said that, shall we go straight to the point? Believe me, by the time you are done reading this quick guide, you would be able to save some battery juice as well as data plans especially if your current subscription is not an unlimited plan.


The truth is that whenever you enable travel mode, you save data and indirectly, you phone battery life. Do you know why? SnapChat app continuously preload Snaps and stories in the background even without your consent but once you enable travel mode, this background process stops thereby prolonging your data plan and
phone battery life.

How To Enable Travel Mode

==> Swipe down to access the main menu
==> Tap the gear icon on the top right corner
==> Scroll down a bit and select “Manage Preferences.”
==> Finally, enable the “Travel Mode” option. Once this is done, Snapchat won’t preload snaps or stories until you click on them.


Snapchat usually check for location updates in the background. This feature is one of the heaviest battery drainers in any smartphone. It drains your battery even when you are not using
the app. It makes use of the Geo-filers

How To Disable Location Permission

==> Go to applications in your android settings
==> Select Snapchat
==> Then choose ‘Permissions.’ Once that is selected, just disable the location option and confirm your choice when prompted.

After applying all these, your Snapchat will startstart utilizing low data and low battery. This is just a tip.
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January 15, 2017

How To Fix Overheating on Your Smartphone | 5 Effective Ways

All devices that stores energy must at a time overheat, smartphones are not eluded from this reaction. Overheating is common to smartphones either when charging, using or left in a recess mode. One of the most annoying aspects is for your device to be unusually hot without any usage hence draining your battery.
Today, we’ll talk about how to handle overheating on your smartphone.

Today, we’ll talk about how to handle overheating on your smartphone.

1. Too Many processes (Apps) running at same time – 

When too many Apps are running on your device background, it will definitely cause it to heat up. In this case, you can download Clean master
app; Clean master can remove junk files as well as free up ram by closing unused applications to cool down your smartphone.

Otherwise download Greenify if your smartphone is rooted. Greenify is a great tool to manage overheating as well as improve battery life. It can close Facebook and whatsApp which tend to use lot of Ram and at times keep the processor busy with useless work.

2. Only Enabled /WIFI / 3G/ 4G when required – 

This is a must for all users who are doing a lot of multi-tasking on the smartphones, usually the 2G signals are stronger and phone need to do less work while searching for it. For extended battery life and performance keep your phone on 2G if possible. Turn On WIFI /3G / 4G whenever required it will also reduce load on the smartphone processor and help it cool down faster.

3. Too Many Apps Installed – 

More Apps you have on the smartphone more processes continue to run in the background – Apps like Facebook and it’s messenger continue to run background processes.

Try removing the Apps which you have not used for last 15 days. I always periodically check my smartphone to remove apps which I haven’t used for many days.

4. Fake Battery – 

Is your phone battery original or fake? If it is fake, it can wreak havoc on your smartphones operations, overheating and excess charge and discharge. When it is fake, it drains faster Always get the genuine batteries either by contacting the service center or buy it from an authorized dealer for the mobile brand.

5. Don’t Use the Smartphone when Charging

This is the cardinal rule you must follow, must not play games or use data to watch videos when your smartphone is charging; as processor will come under huge amount of stress and definitely all of the smartphone will heat up due to this.
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January 13, 2017

How To Sucesfully Install CheatDroid Pro App on your Android Phone

Cheat Droid is a developer's tool. You are a developer and want to debug the shared preferences of your apps and games? You care about data privacy and want to see, what apps save which
information about you? You forgot your password in your own app or game and try to recover it? You are simply some sort of "hacker" and simply technically interested?

Then give Cheat Droid - Shared Preferences Editor a try! Shared Preferences are the most common way for Android apps and games to store settings or information inside your phone data. For example, a puzzle game might store the current level inside this
file. Or other games might store your money, gold count, highscore or whatever in it. Apps might track, how many times you started them. Or when was the last time.

However, please note the disclaimer below. Cheat Droid is rather adapted for technical, scientifical and debugging reasons.


  • View, edit, add, search through and delete shared preferences
  • exqport and import preference files
  • Browse through sqlite database files
  • Export and import any other application files (CheatDroid PRO only)
  • Edit sqlite database files (CheatDroid PRO only)

How To Sucesfully Install CheatDroid Pro App on your Android Phone 

Step 1 : Download Cheat Droid Pro Here from Google PlayStore. 

Step 2 : After installing Sucessfully, it will demand for the installation of Busy Box which is another app before CheatDroid can work. 

Step 3 : Click the pop up link to download BusyBox pro or click Here to download from Google PlayStore. 

Note : Make sure your phone is rooted and should be able to accept root access. Especially when app is been launched for start. 

Step 4 : Go back toto CheatDroid and re launch it. Now you will be able to use CheatDroid anyhow  

If it ask you a question saying : 
Using this app can affect the......, just tick "Don't Show This Again" then tap Yes. 

Cheat Droid needs root access - accordingly, every use of it can also negatively affect the functionality of other apps or even of the whole system! Do only use if you really know what you are doing. I do not assume any liability if you mess up your device or the
functionality of other apps. hink of exporting and creating backups of those shared preferences files you might want to edit. If an app does not work properly anymore, you can try clearing its data. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS APP FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSE. You are not allowed to (commercially and in any other way) damage or disrupt a third party. Everything you do happens on your own responsibility. 
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January 08, 2017

MTN, Glo, Airtel & Etisalat Access Point Name (APN) Settings - 2017

Some subscribe to data plans of any network provider but later in the day, they found it not browsing. One of them is Bad configuration of Apn Settings. APN means > Access Point Name which is a settings we all should COnfigure when we want to browse on our android phone. Apn also is available on java phones but not like the android own. Before an android users starts browsing on his or her  android phone, he or she needs to configure hisbor her Apn Settings.

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There are two ways of configuring Apn settings for android phone which are :

  • Automatic Apn Settings 
  • Manual Apn Settings 

1. Automatic Apn Settings : 

Automatic settings is one in which a message will be sent to you to install an apn settings on your phone. To do this, switch your android phone using any sim especially MTN, then remove your battery, put it back and switch on your phone again. Immediately, an Apn message will arrive now you install them automatically amd you start browsing immediately. 

2. Manual Apn Settings : 

Manual settings involves you configuring your Apn manually, that is by self. For manual settings i will dropping all apn settings for all networks (MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat). Just navigate to Settings >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Name >> Click The Sim you want set apn for. 

Actually i use MTN, Airtel And Glo Sim only but i will provide all. 
For MTN 
  • Name : MTN NG 
  • Apn Name :
  • Apn Type : default/Supl
  • Proxy : [Blank]
  • Port : [Blank]
  • Username : [Blank]
  • Password : [Blank]
  • Sever : [Blank]
  • MMSC : [Blank]
  • Mms Proxy : [Blank]
  • Mms Port 
  • MCC : 621
  • MNC : 30 
  • Authentication Type 
  • Apn. Protocol : IPv4
  • Apn Roaming Protocol : IPv4
  • Bearer : Unspecified 
Save the Apn and then create another apn again name it MTN MMS or MTN NG MMS then choose MMS in yhe Apn Type. After that, tick the MTN NG and then start browsing. 

For GLO 

  • Name : GLO NG 
  • Apn Name : gloflat
  • Apn Type : default/Supl
  • Proxy : [Blank]
  • Port : [Blank]
  • Username : flat
  • Password : flat
  • Sever : [Blank]
  • MMSC : [Blank]
  • Mms Proxy : [Blank]
  • Mms Port 
  • MCC : 621
  • MNC : 50 
  • Authentication Type 
  • Apn. Protocol : IPv4
  • Apn Roaming Protocol : IPv4
  • Bearer : Unspecified 

Create another apn like below 

  • Name : GLO NG 
  • Apn Name : glosecure
  • Apn Type : default/Supl
  • Proxy : [Blank]
  • Port : [Blank]
  • Username : [Blank]
  • Password : [Blank]
  • Sever : [Blank]
  • MMSC : [Blank]
  • Mms Proxy : [Blank]
  • Mms Port 
  • MCC : 621
  • MNC : 50 
  • Authentication Type 
  • Apn. Protocol : IPv4
  • Apn Roaming Protocol : IPv4
  • Bearer : Unspecified 
Save the Apn and then create another apn again name it GLO MMS then choose MMS in the Apn Type. After that, tick the GLO NG and then start browsing. 


  • Name : AIRTEL NG 
  • Apn Name :
  • HomePage :
  • Apn Type : default/Supl
  • Proxy : [Blank]
  • Port : [Blank]
  • Username : [Blank]
  • Password : [Blank]
  • Sever : [Blank]
  • MMSC : [Blank]
  • Mms Proxy : [Blank]
  • Mms Port 
  • MCC : 621
  • MNC : 50 
  • Authentication Type 
  • Apn. Protocol : IPv4
  • Apn Roaming Protocol : IPv4
  • Bearer : Unspecified 
Save the Apn and then create another apn again name it AIRTEL MMS then choose MMS in the Apn Type. After that, tick the AIRTEL NG and then start browsing. 


  • Name : ETISALAT NG 
  • Apn Name : etisalat
  • HomePage :
  • Apn Type : default/Supl
  • Proxy : [Blank]
  • Port : [Blank]
  • Username : [Blank]
  • Password : [Blank]
  • Sever : [Blank]
  • MMSC : [Blank]
  • Mms Proxy : [Blank]
  • Mms Port 
  • MCC : 621
  • MNC : 50 
  • Authentication Type 
  • Apn. Protocol : IPv4
  • Apn Roaming Protocol : IPv4
  • Bearer : Unspecified 

Configure your available sim with above apn settings then start browsing. Without Apn, you will not experience browsing.

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December 26, 2016

Download Latest Lucky Patcher 6.4.2 and 6.4.3 For Your Android Phone

Lucky patcher is a great Android app which let you to remove advertisements from Android apps and games, modify permissions of different apps, bypass license verification of premium apps, backup downloaded apps and games etc.

Lucky Patcher Features :

1. Remove ads from apps and games : The app can Identify the apps with advertisement on your device. It can easily remove the ads.

2. Remove license verification of pro apps. So you don’t need to buy anything from play store. Lucky patcher is able to remove in app purchase verification.

3. Modify app permission. The app can be used to remove any app permissions.
Take a backup of your apps and games downloaded from play store. Or you can also backup after modifying any apps.

4. Different useful tools are available. Lucky Patcher also app supports different colors to identify the state of the apps. Root access needed for all the features.


Additional App Information :

Current Lucky Patcher Version : 6.4.2  & 6.4.3

Whats New :

  • Fix Android patches on some ARM64.
  • Translations updated
  • Bugs fixed

File Size : 6.2 MB (Both Versions)
Average Rating : 5

Requirement : Android 2.0 and up.
License : Free .

Download Link 

Download Lucky Patcher - Version 6.4.2 HERE
Download Lucky Patcher - Version 6.4.3 HERE
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December 25, 2016

Updated : How To Make VPN Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator

Are you having or experiencing disconnecting issues while using VPN app on your android devices, this article is going to help you today. This article isn't new because i have made an article on it before. Terminal Emulator is an android app for you to prevent your vpn apps from disconnecting or not being stable. This app is the only solution to the problem especially when you are enjoying free browsings via your vpn.
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Terminal Emulator is an android app developed by Jack Palevich help you access your Android's built-in Linux command line shell. So with Terminal Emulator you can be able to send
command that will make your network stable without disconnecting and reconnecting, this is very simple and you don't need any rooting, it works on root and unroot devices.
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Download Terminal Emulator below
DOWNLOAD. Terminal Emulator is also available on Google PlayStore.

How To Make VPN Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator

==> Now Install terminal emulator > Open the terminal emulator

==> In front of $ symbol type ping
Note: Any time you want to use it you must type the above command.

==> Then press Enter to send the command.That is all, and you can now minimize your terminal emulator and enjoy your internet browsing.

Picture of Terminal emulator when sending command.

Enjoy uninterrupted VPN connection. With this you can now enjoy the free browsing we have updated on this blog.  
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December 24, 2016

How To Download Specific Parts Of YouTube(or any) Videos In Many Formats

Many of us do not like to waste data on downloading YouTube videos especially the lengthy ones (when you just want to watch a little or specific part of it), but we gat no choice than to download the video because we love the video. In this post or article, i will teach you how to download a specific or interesting part of a YouTube (or any) video without downloading the full movie that will lead to waste of data.

To do this, you don't need too much stress, it very easy only if you read carefully through the article. 
Note : Get the URL of the video you want to download (part of it) 

How To Download Specific Parts Of YouTube(or any) Videos In Many Formats 

==> Now go to, paste the YouTube video Url 
Note : you can also input videos apart from YouTube. 

==> Select the quality of the video you want to download (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p), After that, you can now choose the video format you want to download (MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV). 

==> Now untick the "Start of video" and enter the time from were you want the video (you want to download) to start. Then, untick the "End of Video" and input the time you want the video to end. 

==> Tap on Start button. Immediately, it will be processed and the video will be ready to download. Download the video and you will see that it begins from where you want and ends in where you wanted; all in the name the way you configure the "Start of video" and "End of Video". That's all. 
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December 22, 2016

How To Use Your Android Smartphone As Microphone Via Bluetooth Speaker

The best thing about Android is that it's totally adjustable. There's nothing you can't change about it., it runs a considerable measure of applications and recreations. There is no restriction to what you can perform on an Android telephone. Each Android certified client is an pioneer. They want to investigate each alcove and corner of their cherished gadgets.

Today I will discuss a magnificent application that can transform your Android telephone into a receiver for the listening delight of your crowd. At the point when checking Google Playstore you will see various applications with comparative capacities, however Microphone application is our fundamental centered.

There are a great deal of applications accessible by that name so ensure you download Microphone by Wonder Effortlessness engineers. The app intended for Android clients to have the capacity to utilize their cell phone as mouthpiece associates with a speaker through Bluetooth.

You can control every one of the viewpoints, utilizing it. To begin with of whatever, you can control the pick up, volume and even the equalizer of the yield. It can be hard to get the perfect qualities at first and you may even hear a reverberate while utilizing the app, however you will arrive in the end.

Features of Microphone App

  • Amplifier
  • Mono / Stereo (Balance channel individually)
  • Equalizer adjustments
  • Line-In / Line-Out selection
  • Sampling rate selection
  • Widget support (Lock screen and Re-sizable)
  • Supports Locale / Taker as a plugin

To Connect Mic App With Bluetooth Speaker

Connect your Bluetooth speaker with your Android device and open the app, tap the microphone logo at the middle on your phone screen to ON/OFF the Mic.

The sound might not be perfect at first, but you can always adjust the settings and control to get the desired mic effect.

You can turn on the widget support to make it easier and flexible to use.

You can order for a nice Bluetooth Speaker at

So far so good. That’s how you use your Android device as a live mic. 
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December 11, 2016

Clear All Junk Files On Your Android Phone Using Es File Explorer - to increase memory space

Are you an android users suffering from insufficient storage? due to some irrelevant files which are in your phone. Yes once you get an android phone, and start installing games and app, just know that your android memory space will start reducing. It will be reducing due to some irrelevant files which we ragard as junk files.

Nevermind anymore, i have come to rescue your android phone from insufficient storage. I will also use that medium to introduce a popular android app called Es File Explorer. This app will help you clear all junk files on your android phone. I also enjoy writing how to clear junk files on android using ccleaner.

Es File Explorer won't only clear junk files, it will also delete all bad app data that are useless to your android phone. There download es file explorer here. Es file has many features which i will explain in some other article.
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How To Clear Junk Files On Your Android Phone using es file explorer? 

Launch the "es file explorer", click the three vertical lines at the top left of the es file explorer. Then click the "Tool" section, at the drop down option, click "Cleaner"

After clicking the "cleaner" option, another page will open and immediately, the cleaner page will automatically detect all junk files and it data size e.g (1GB).

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Now click "Clean Now", all the junk files will be deleted with immediate effect. Congrats.

You will get a message saying "Done cleaning".

That all just dash to your Sd card and see the memory space get increased.
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December 08, 2016

How To Hide Your Whatsapp Received Media From Your Gallery (Android Only)

It no more news that Whatsapp is the most used messenger app today and has hits 1 billion downloads. Whatsapp also records up to billions of messages sent by users daily. just a day, all whatsapp get up to billions of chats from users from all countries. Group chat are even the onces that boosts whatsapp message daily.

Now that whatsapp is the most used messenger app, photos, videos there media are also sent via whatsapp. Since whatsapp is already enabled to send audios, videos and images, it is now misused in the sense that in a group you will be receiving unwanted  & unbearable videos, images, and audio especially when you put your whatsapp in automatic downloads. Though audios are already enabled to download automatically. At same time, this is very bad, that when you set your whatsapp to automatic downloads, your whatsapp will start receivireceiving & downloading  all sorts of media message automatically which are wrong.

This normally occurs in groups. Sending unacceptable things in a whatsapp group is now rare among we Whatsapp users. And if you are the type that don't want to receive these unwanted media message and you will want to stay in the group, you will need this article. This is because, it very impossible to leave a group and still be receiving messages from that same group.

My question is, did you enable automatic downloads in your whatsapp but you don't want to receive unwanted media that download automatically? Today i will solve it for you. Though, you will be receiving unwanted media message but won't be visible in your gallery. Isn't that cool let go on. All you need to do to avoid this is just hide your whatsapp media folder from displaying in gallery. Read below to do this!

How To Hide Your Whatsapp Recieved Media From Your Gallery 

To hide your received and automatically downloaded unwanted whatsapp media, follow below steps :

Step 1 ==> Go to your Sd Card >> Whatsapp folder. 

Step 2 ==> 
Here, you will see 3 or more folders when you open the whatsapp folder. Now the folder that has the title "Media" rename it by putting a dot in front of it to make it an hidden folder just like it his done in this article.

Now to view any of your media, once you notice someone has sent you am important media and you can't reach it again, just go to your Sd Card >> Whatsapp folder >> Media. Now check the folders inside the media folder. If the media you want to check is an image, click "whatsapp image" folder to view it, and if it a video, click the "whatsapp video" folder to see it.

Practicing this article will really help you in hiding those rubbish media ypu are receiving from a whatsapp group chats.
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