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November 21, 2016

How To Create Android App (For Your Blog) Using Androidcreator - How To Monetize

As a blogger, having an android app for your blog is very essential. Android app for a blog is a very fast way for blog users to visit a blog easily with the app notifications. If you are a blogger and you have an android app, visitors will prefer app because app is faster than browser, also apps will also give notifications for your latest updates and fast and quick navigation through your website or blog. Apps also can also visit website using the same app browser

Androidcreator is one of the top 5+ site where you can create android app for your blog and also monetize them using Apnext and Admob Ad network only which are top ad network for app monetization. Therefore to your own android app for your blog follow below steps.

  • How To Create Android App For Your Blog 

Step 1 ==> Go to, sign up or create an account then log in after account activation to your dashboard where you will create your android app for your blog.

Step 2 ==> Click "CREATE APP" and Do The remaining requirements below

  • Create App - General Info : In this page you will have to write the name of the app, title of the app and choose an icon of 96x96 for your app and click "Next" when done with general info. 

  • Create App - Style : Here you will chooee the colour of style that you need for your app from the given styles.

  • Create App - Kind of app : In this page you have to choose the kind of app you want to create. Click "Blog App

  • Create App - Blog type section : Here, input your blog title and input the url of your blog and click "Next". 

Step 3 ==> Congrats, your app has been create then go to your app dashboard by clicking "Go to app manager". Here you can configure your apps again. 

You can rebuild your app by clicking the "General Info" and select any of drop down options you want to edit or change somethings. 

To download your app, click the Download App Image link immediately if you don't want to monetize the app. If you want to monetize it, don't download yet because if you download before monetizing, ads won't show. Therefore read below to learn how to monetize your app. 

  • How To Monetize Your App 

To monetize your app, you need to make use of the top 2 Adnetworks for app monetization which are Appnext and Admob. You can display both ads on your app but in some app developing site you need to choose one of the top 5 ad network for app monetization.

To monetize your app on, in your Androidcreator blog app manager, click the "Ads" section then fill in the required boxes with each ad network as unit id. For Admob you can create an account and create your ad units (Banner & Interstitial) here and click Here to put ads in the "Ads" section For App Next, sign up in and confirm your registration via your email. Log on to your appnext control panel you have to go to Apps section select Add app button and follow the reminder steps till you get your appnext ad units id. Then put that as unit id in the both appnext box in the "Ads" section then save it. Also configure the position of where your ads should stay be it buttom or top and also the size of your ads. You can also set up they time or moments your ads should display. 

Now you can now download your app and see if your ads arr displaying. 

  • Conclusion 

Congrats you have created an android app for your blog then spread the app worldwide and make your admob amd appnext earnings increase. It very compulsory for blogger to have an android app for better site navigation by users and also visit your website easily without using any browser. 
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November 18, 2016

Top 5+ Sites To Create Free Android Apps For Your Blogs And Other Events

Android is now a top porpular platform mostly used by millions of people with millions of apps. And also day by day people are creating android apps and publishing them on google PlayStore. No long story, do you want to create an android app for an event be it your blog app, chat app, messenger apps, marketing apps where peopcan buy and sell, you don't need to stress i am here to provide guide on how to create your own android apps with top 5+ websites.

I am very sorry i will just be a listing the name of the site and url then you navigate to create yours. I don't want to waste time writing the best steps to create them maybe some other time i will write as an seperate article. There are millions of apps downloads daily in android market. What if you could make your own Android app for your
blog or website or any events. Hm! Looks cool, let’s checkout a look 4 easy App maker sites that can help you create your own Android apps for free

Top 5 Sites To Create Free Android Apps 

Though there are more than than 30 App building platforms but i will just be mentioning Top 5+ .


Andromo is one of the top site where you can create free android apps for your. You can create professional apps using Andromo and at th same time use that same app to promote businesses. You can make apps with Andromo with just few clicks and also monetize them using by displaying ads on them via the Monetization Section in Andromo. 

Andromo also enables you publish your app to google playstore using Andromo publishing app to store section ; but the most interesting part is that you can promote businesses with your app created by Andromo. 


Appsgeyer is another top site where you can create your android apps for free. With appsgeyer, you can create your android apps in two click because these app building platform has turn many self service into making app.

Appsgeyer is also embedded with some features that enables you share your app immediately to social networks. If you don't want to go online creating apps with appsgeyer, you can go offline also by using appsgeyer android app to create your android app. Isn't this cool you can appsgeyer app from PlayStore or appsgeyer's blog. You can also develop IOS Apps with appsgeyer.


Goodbarber is also another app building site wherw you can develop bith android and Ios apps. You can also submit it to google playstore

Nevertheless you can also monetize it by placing ads on it via Goodbarber monetize section. 


Appyet too is one of the best Infact the best app building platform. Here, App yet tells you to select your blog platform and then you go on. Meaning it turns your blog RRS Feeds into an android app easily. 

5. SHOUTEM :  

Shoutem an online app building platform like others as listed above. It also enables you to develop your app to the maximum lenght you can and it totally free. 

Other websites you can create free android apps for your your blessings g and other events are 

With all these app building platforms i have listed i am sure you will be able to create an android app for your blog and other events as well. Like i said ealier don't be angry i didn't write more on es VGG site. Don't worry more days to come i will write article on most on them that is how to create the app(full details and how to monetize them). 
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