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February 15, 2017

5 Apps to Create a Smarter Android Homescreen

Android homescreens have been largely ignored as far as software advancements are concerned. However,
there are a few apps which will help you generate a relatively smarter home screens. Shubham Agarwal lists out five such applications.

Home screens on Android phones have gone from being the spotlight to the most underrated aspect of a software. If you think about it, you don’t go beyond the home screen in the majority of instances because all your favorite
applications are already pinned there and more or less, each setting can be toggled from the notification panel. So, how do you create a smarter home screen and make the most out of it? Let’s start with installing some of these apps.

Contextual App Folder

This nifty little app is capable of generating a dynamic folder based on various factors such as your location, whether a headphone is connected,
time, Bluetooth connection, and more. Hence, when a particular event is triggered, the content i.e. the apps of this folder will be changed with the ones you’ve selected. For instance, you can configure a scenario where when headphones are  linked, the widget shows all the music applications. It’s an extremely useful utility once you begin to use it on a day-to-day basis. And the best part? It’s free! So go ahead and give it a shot.
Download Link

Arrow Launcher

Next up on our list is Microsoft’s Arrow launcher. In a way, this app brings everything that’s missing from Android’s stock launcher – a universal search that is only a swipe-down away, a recent activity section displaying messages, calls, notifications you received, quick access to contacts, and more. Furthermore, if you’re a Wunderlist or any Microsoft service user, there are dedicated tabs for displaying content from them. Additionally, a bunch of quick settings such as brightness control, WiFi can be accessed from the swiping up from the button which can be handy if you’ve a massive phone. It’s really one of the most intuitive launchers available out there and unlike others, Arrow launcher is entirely free of cost.
Download Link

CSBW – Custom Search Bar Widget

This is a customizable search bar for your home screen. Currently, the search widget on your home screen is limited to Google, however, with this widget, you can add any website you’d like to
search. Hence, for instance, you can configure Amazon or YouTube and look up content directly without loading up the site. The widget’s aesthetics can also be altered, although you’ll have to opt for the pro version to benefit from
those features.
Download Link


DashClock has been around for years and if you haven’t heard of it, I feel bad for you. Nevertheless, DashClock is a modular or you can say, extensible widget meaning you can install
extensions for it. Therefore, if you want it to display Wunderlist tasks, you can download an app or if you want detailed CPU stats, there’s an app. The Play store has hundreds of DashClock
extensions available and most of them including DashClock itself, are free.
Download Link


Lastly, we’ve S.Graph. It’s a clock widget that shows your day’s agendas in the form a pie chart. This is primarily for people who aren’t particularly great at keeping track of time throughout the day. You can add anything from a
meeting to a simple to-do and have it all
displayed in a single place. S.Graph is free and integrates with Google Calendar for maintaining the appointments.
Download Link

So, those were some of the applications you can download for creating a smarter Android homescreen. Do let us know in the comments section if we missed any good one.
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February 12, 2017

GuezzIt – It’s a challenge and fun too! | Download App For Your Android & iOS Devices

GuezzIt – It’s a challenge and fun too!

Word games have always been popular. Traditionally, they took the form of scrabble, crossword puzzles and such other games. Today, digitized versions of most of these games are available. There are a number of mobile word games available today. There are some games with interesting twists such as ‘guessing’ a particular word by looking at clues. GuezzIt is one such Word Guessing Game. It presents the user with four different images. These images have some kind of similarity. The user needs to be a keen observer with an eye for detail. The four images will have something in common – that’s your clue. You will need to guess the right word. With every right guess, you win a few golden coins. Well, if you are stuck at some place, you always have an option of availing a hint. This hint comes at a price though – you will have to pay a few gold coins in order to avail hints.

Well, the rules are pretty clear and simple, yet the game is very challenging and puts your grey cells to test.
Here’s why word guessing games are becoming more and more popular:

They are a challenge
Guessing the right word requires not only observation skills but also the right vocabulary. Well, once you know what the clue is pointing at, you must be able to name it! You cannot guess in another language. GuezzIt definitely poses a challenge, and makes you learn and have fun at the same time.

They are for leisure
Word guessing games are not all about ‘learning’ and ‘using your grey cells’. They are for leisure too. They can be played anytime, anywhere and have a great entertainment value. You can play word guessing games in the train or while waiting for a bus too.

They are interesting
As mentioned earlier, these games are not all about learning and education. They are interesting and fun too. The rules of the game make them more fun to play. There are over 100 stages and four different levels. You can go to the next stage only after you have guessed the word right.

They help exercise your brains
Well, again, they are not simply fun too. You get to know a lot of new words and all the thinking and observing helps exercise your brains. Word games give you something to think about and teach you never to give up until you get it right!

They create a distraction – hence help relieve stress
In today’s world, daily stress is a common occurrence. A round of ‘GuezzIt’ could definitely lighten up your mood and help you relax. It is a known psychological fact that games (including board games and mobile games) act as stress busters.

Well, if you are looking for an interesting word guessing game, download GuezzIt – it has it all – fun, the zing and learning too!. Download GuezzIt for Android and iOS.

Author Bio:
A word guessing game which improves your brain power. It is very interesting game for all age people. GuezzIt can be played on your Androids or iPhones and on Facebook too.

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January 16, 2017

Download Latest Tweakware v5.0 Android App | Crash Bug Fixed!

Tweakware VPN is a tunneling software that can securely anonymize your internet activity by encrypting all your internet traffic. It can let you access websites and or contents/services that are restricted or blocked by your ISP. e.g Youtube, Hulu , Facebook, Twitter etc...

Tweakware VPN as an Android app, allows you to hide your real IP, gain access to restricted contents, multiple server location and unlimited bandwidth on all servers.

Tweakware has been working for etisalat and glo unlimited free browsing since last year. This app has help many user (Glo) reduce rate of subscription. Even till date, Tweakware is still working for Glo & Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing.

Where To Download Tweakware 5.0?

Download Tweakware 5.0 Here from top free file hosting site. I uploaded it here because if i upload the direct tweakware download link, when new version (5.1) unveils, people won't be able to download 5.0, so that is why i have uploaded the app to datafilehost.

Snapshot From Tweakware 

Features of Tweakware v5.0 

  • Crash Bug Fixed
  • Enabled with Glo & Etisalat 0.0k free browsing 
  • App already redesigned : Tweakware app has been redesigned. There is no more bundled settings. To choose free browsing option, just tap on tool icon and choose your tweak.

  • Browse fast 
  • Connect fast when 3G (H+) is available snd stable 
  • More features when you download..... 
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December 30, 2016

How To Make Android Vpn Connection Stable Using Connection Stabilizer Booster - Download

Connection Stabilizer Booster is the best mobile data connection stabilizer, reconnector and booster for 2G GPRS, EDGE, 3G and 4G LTE wireless networks.

Vpn are Android apps which are used to enjoy freebies on a particular network popularly known as free browsing tweaks. When browsing in a free mode using vpn apps on your android, you are prone to face disconnection issues. But with the help of some functioning Android apps, you can make your vpn stable and enjoy more of it. One of the popular app which is used to make Vpn connection stable is Terminal Emulator.

Must Read :- (Updated) - How To Make Vpn Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator.

But there is another app which has a lot of features more than terminal emulator and can also make vpn connection more stable than terminal emulator (i will say). The App Is Called Connection Stabilizer Booster. This app has many functions which i couldn't observe totally but i knew it could make vpn connection stable. Therefore, Download Connection Stabilizer Booster.


If you are having issues with your cellular data connection, this is the app for you. Loaded with lots of powerful features, this app delivers a stable
mobile internet connectivity. 

  • Active Keep Live 
Does your wireless carrier disconnects your 2G, 3G or 4G data connection after a certain period of inactivity? Or is there no data  transfer even when connection is live?

Active Keep Alive along with Reset on Failure keeps your connection alive in such cases and also helps in keeping the traffic flowing between your phone and your ISP's servers. It also optimizes TCP/IP parameters if required, to give you the best possible internet experience. The network assigns a higher priority to your device and this results in significant improvement in network performance, especially if resources on the network are under

  • Active Reconnect
Does your device often lose data signal and is unable to reconnect even though network is available? Do you miss out important chats, IMs and emails until you turn data connection on and off, maybe multiple times to get reconnected? That is a known issue that
affects many people. It can be caused by handset or carrier issues.

Active Reconnect automatically reconnects your 2G GPRS, 3G or 4G LTE internet connection as soon as it gets disconnected and thus keeps the data connection active at all times.

When activated, this feature actively monitors and immediately re-establishes dropped connections, using muscle if required. This is particularly useful if android's built in system fails to connect you to the network. The monitoring process does not cause any load on your device's resources as it is intelligently invoked only when required. Reconnection needs root access (only) on Lollipop due to new
access restrictions imposed by Google.

  • Fast Connect 
Uses tricks and tweaks to establish internet connection and attains
connectivity even on congested networks.
  • Highly customizable design.
  • This app can fix 2G, 3G and 4G internet connection problems on T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Telkomsel, Tata DoCoMo, BSNL 3G, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance or any other troublesome carrier!
  • This ad supported app is available completely free of charge unlike other ineffective low quality paid apps. 

Usage Instructions:

→ If you are experiencing difficulty in establishing connection to the
internet over the mobile network, just press the Force Connect button on the dashboard to try forcing the connection for once.

→ If you are facing automatic disconnection problem then activate
the Active Reconnect module. It will automatically detect connection drops and actively reconnect the connection, using force connect if required.

→ If your carrier disconnects you from the network following a particular period of inactivity, activate the Active Keep Alive module. You can adjust the ping interval from the Active Keep Alive settings to be just lower than your network's inactivity timeout period.

→ If you are facing any other problem with you connection, like no data being transmitted even when connected, you can just activate the Active Keep Alive with default settings. Its pinging action is known to work wonders and solve or reduce the intensity of many congestion related network issues. It can also detect and reset frozen connections. 

NOTE : When Active Reconnect is enabled, you cannot turn off the mobile data connection directly from your device. To disconnect, press the data setting ON OFF button on the app's dashboard or deactivate Active Reconnect before turning off mobile data from android settings. 

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December 28, 2016

Download HiOS Launcher Apk Whether Your Android Is Tecno, Supported or Not

Android clients can now download and utilize Tecno's HiOS which is Tecno-Mobile telephone framework UI particularly modified for you to make your telephone more one of a kind, brilliant, and fun. Much the same as Infinix XOS, HiOS is the best custom UI that has ever gone to some Tecno telephones with simple to utilize client interface, effortlessness and proficiency.

Tragically, this HiOS wasn't accessible for all Tecno gadgets before now however the uplifting news is that you can now download it  what's more, experience its excellence on any android telephone (whether tecno then again not).

The HiOS is presently accessible in the Google Play store for you to download on your Android cell phone.

Features Of HiOS Launcher 

  • Comes with marvelous features like Hi Search which makes a difference you find rapidly locate the substance and applications you need, 
  • It accompanies copious topics and backdrops 
  • It accompanies dynamic symbol and camera. 
  • HiOS Wallpaper is another segment that permits setting of backdrops inside the HiOS UI. You can alter your backdrop with documents inside your telephone or SD card 
  • The HiOS UI highlights the Hi Theme. Howdy Theme is the focal point of subject evolving. Pick your gadget topic and give it another vibe. Enhance your gadget style and magnificence by picking an enhanced HiOS subject. 
  • Hi Manager is the administration focal point of the entire HiOS. Inside this segment or application symbol on your everything drawer while utilizing the HiOS UI, tap the Hi Manager to uncover settings. 
  • Hi Manager permits redesigning of the symbol measure, the desktop app.  The framework interface and the shading. This is the control purpose of the Tecno cell phone. 
  • Fonts were not a thing of Tecno telephones. You proved unable change the gadget show text style on the telephone. Be that as it may, now with the HiOS UI you can change the text style and feel of the Tecno telephone. 
  • The Tecno HiOS UI has control administration procedures. With the HiOS UI your battery will never down inside a brief time. It likewise permits the auto exchanging when your battery channels to a lower rate. 

Download HiOS Launcher Apk. Note that this implies all Tecno telephones and other Android cell phones can now utilize HiOS topics. Am anticipating that Infinix should take after ASAP with XOS.
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December 17, 2016

FGNAPP: Buhari App Now Available For Download - See Features

Buhari App is now available for download for your phone. Here we list it features, launch date, download link for Buhari app. Buhari App supports all devices, and many more information about the Federal Government of Nigeria App (FGNAPP) a.k.a ‘Buhari app’ is unveiled and compatible for you.

Nigerian Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, earlier this week announced that the Nigerian Government will be launching a mobile application. The minister revealed this in a meeting with Resident Information Officers (RIOs) in the ministry.

Buhari app is meant to keep Nigerians updated tobthe activities of the Buhari-led administration although it has generated mixed reactions from Nigerians both home and in the diaspora.

Attributes of Buhari App

Below are the attributes of the app and other essential things you need to know about it.

  • It will help Nigerians monitor the activities of the present government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.
  • This unique app will put an end to the misrepresentation and dissemination of falsehood on activities the Buhari-led government.
  • This new app will go on hand held devices.
  • With this app, you can get to know what is happening in Nigeria from anywhere in the world.
  • This information dissemination app was developed by Olawole Falope.
  • The Resident Information Officers (RIOs) from ministries, departments and agencies would be the one that would feed the app with stories.
  • It would function 24/7 all year round.
  • This new app will be launched on December 15 in Abuja.
  • The Buhari app is developed by Olawole Falope.

Download Link For BUHARI App?

The app is now available for downloads at Google Playstore (for Android devices) and Apple's iTunes store (for iOS devices). Therefore Download FGN App apk here

Source : naij
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December 15, 2016

Download Latest QueenCee VPN V8 Infinity APK

QueenCee VPN V8 Infinity is free Virtual Private Network app, it comes with handler menu settings which let you apply some tricks in other to enjoy
freebie with it. Queencee V8 is the upgrade of QueenCee V7 , it also comes with different interface and design. The VPN also feature 7 different countries IPs Locations with India, Spain and Korea IP. The VPN make it possible for you to surf the net anonymously.

Queencee Vpn it self is an app In the used to rock freebie  trick. Free Browsings

Other Snapshots From QueenCee VPN V8 Infinity

What's New? 

  • The latest QueenCee V8 Infinity is more stable and effective than the older version. 
  • Does not automatically clear setting like the previous version. 
  • The app size is quite reasonable, meaning that is not much and the app is not consuming battery like Psiphon handler and Tweakware. 
  • It connects fast 

Download Link 

Download QueenCee VPN V8 Infinity HERE 
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December 08, 2016

Download Aptoide Apps Store For Your Android Phone - PlayStore Alternative

Aptoide is a an android app where all android apps are being stored just like playstore described as Aptoide Apps Store. Aptoide app is an alternative app to playstore which you can download all android apps. All apps available in google playstore is also available in Aptoide. I been using Aptoide for 6months now. I make use of this app if my playstore is telling me "Insufficient storage", Aptoide will help me download without stress. Aptoide also can help you update your app. You can update your whatsapp with it, your other app that can't be updated downloaded in playstore.

Key Features Of Aptoide 

  • Updates any or all your android apps without insufficient storage issues
  • You can get all lastest Apps from Aptoide also 
  • You can log in to Aptoide with your google account (gmail) - (just like playstore)
  • You can choose Aptoide to complete your android update 

How To Download Apps From Aptoide 

To download apps from Aptoide, download and launch the app. Then refresh the home page of the app and download your choice. You can also search for apps by making use of the search box by clicking the search icon at first.

After seeing the app, click the app and now click install to download the app. Like i said earlier, it has no restrictions.

Read Also >> How to fix "Insufficient storage" while downloading apps from playstore

How To Update Your App From Aptoide 

When apps are outdated, you will need to update them before they start disturbing you with lifeless message. With Aptoide, you can update any app. You can update apps downloaded from Aptoide or another app store platform. Aptoide is very fast in downloading, and doesn't restrict you from updating apps if you have low storage unlike PlayStore.

Other Features 

Home :

Aptoide home is a section in Aptoide app where all android apps are stored. In the Aptoide home, you will see all available apps you can download from Aptoide. 

Community : 

Aptoide community is a section embedded in Aptoide where you can check "latest apps", "reviews" and "comments".

Social Timeline : 

Aptoide social timeline is a section embedded in Aptoide that helps you share the app you download from Aptoide with facebook friends in timeline inside Aptoide.

Download Link 

Now that you have known how Aptoide works & it features, download Aptoide app from below links.

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December 05, 2016

Not Satisfied With Kik Messenger? Checkout Top 5 Applications like Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is the totally free, crazy-fast, cross-platform messenger app that connects you to your friends in real time. Not satisfied with Kik? Or, perhaps you are looking for more
options that you can use alongside Kik or messenger app realted to kik? At any rate, here are 5 applications that are very much like and related to Kik Messenger.

Google Hangout 

Google’s Hangouts was a slow starter in the beginning, especially because Google already had a chat integrated with its email client and people were used to it. However, Hangouts has picked up very well now and used by millions across the globe. Hangouts is
a pretty straightforward messaging app that lets you make video and voice calls and also lets you communicate via text messages, pictures, voice and video messages. Hangouts is definitely a great
app to have, since almost everyone uses a Google Id for Gmail and other Google products. Many Android phones come with Hangouts preinstalled. Download Google hangout here.

Facebook Messenger 

Messenger is an instant messaging app developed by Facebook. It is simply called ‘Messenger’ and not Facebook Messenger. It is a cross platform app and can be used to chat with the people who are already on Facebook. You can make voice and video calls to your friends on Facebook. At the same time, you can also connect to the people outside your friends’ list if they accept your request. Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging apps at this time. You can use it as an alternative to Kik or along with Kik. Choice is yours. Download facebook here.


If there is a messaging app that needs no introduction or even a mention, it is WhatsApp . Billions of people all over the world already use this app. It is undeniably the most famous messaging
application of all times. WhatsApp has truly revolutionized the world of instant messaging. It is only reasonable to have WhatsApp on your device as everyone else also has it and so you can stay connected very easily. WhatsApp has a very simple and user- friendly interface. In spite of not having introduced video calling for the longest time, WhatsApp still remained as the number one app. However, now WhatsApp has also rolled out its video calling feature, which is incredible. Download whatsapp messenger here 


This is another app that hardly requires any introduction. Most of the people who have been using internet and computer for a while must have also used Skype application. In fact, when the trending messaging apps of today were not so common, Skype was being
used by millions of people. Today, Skype is not used much for personal communication as other instant messaging apps have emerged. However, if you are looking for something with resemblance to Kik, you can certainly install Skype. Skype has
desktop app, web-based app, and a mobile app as well. So, there are many ways use you can use Skype. This app is now owned by Microsoft so you can integrate it with your Microsoft account as well. Download Skype here


WeChat is another app that bears close resemblance to Kik Messenger. However, if truth be told, WeChat isn’t very popular. Therefore, you will not be able to communicate with a lot of people if you are using only WeChat. Install this app along with other popular messaging apps so that you can stay in touch with more people. Download wechat here.

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December 02, 2016

Download Latest Apk Editor Pro v1.7.4 For Your Android Phone (Paid but free)

APK Editor is a powerful app that helps edit and hack apk files to do lots of things for fun. APK Editor can help us to do things like string localization, background image replacement, layout re-architecting, and even ad eliminating, permission removing, etc. What it can do depends on how you use it. However, to use it well, we need a little bit professional skills. Don't be afraid, some examples are given in the help page.

Here, i am dropping the pro version, compared to free version, here are some extra features:

  • Support smali code editing
  • Support app data editing
  • Support the patch feature
  • AD free 

Snapshots from the app 

The main differences between Apk Editor and Apk Editor Pro are : 
  • Apk Editor is free while the Apk Editor Pro is a paid one which i have already downloaded via PayPal and decided to upload. 
  • Apk Editor can't edit ththe package name of an app but Apk Editor pro can
  • Apk Editor doesn't change icon instantly but t Apk Editor does. 

Download Link

Download Apk Editor Pro For Free 
Link 1 | Link 2. Enjoy 
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November 29, 2016

Download UC Mini Browser V11.1 - Enable To Opens 20 Tabs

Uc Mini popularly known as Uc Browser is no doubt one of the top 5 fastes browser. Uc mini has a good grade  to the extent that the great Dzebb made an handler for Uc mini which android users are using to enjoy or surf free browsing.

This latest Uc mini is now embedded with the feature of opening 20 tabs which it had not before, but now has been featured in the lastest version 11.1 and it available to download for android phones. This Latest Uc Mini comes with beautiful user interface and other bug fixes as well as improved text formating not only change in tabs openings.

Download the latest version of uc mini here and checkout some of the other features of uc mini below.

Other Features Of Uc Web Browser

  • Online videos without waiting. Movies and TV shows in Speed mode.
  • Fast and stable downloads,thanks to our powerful servers.
  • Expanding AdBlock,adapted to main websites and blocks most ads.

Main Features

  • Fast and stable navigation
  • Fast mode
  • ADBlock
  • Facebook mode
  • Smart downloads
  • Video for all tastes
  • Control Videos with Gestures
  • Night Mode
  • Fast and stable navigation : No more freezes. Enjoy the smoothest surfing.
  • Fast Mode : UC Browser compresses data, speeds up navigation and saves precious MBs of your internet package.
  • ADBlock : With helps from our users, UC Browser adBlock will block out most annoying Ads on Main sites.
  • Facebook Mode : This unique feature speeds up Facebook. No matter the speed of your internet, UC Browser finds a way to increase the speed.
  • Smart Downloading

Soured from google play store  
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November 22, 2016

Download Latest Lucky Patcher 6.3.8 For Your Android Phone

Hello guys, i have never posted an or any article on lucky patcher app, therefore i will start today. Lucky Patcher is a very good android app is is used to  let remove ads from Android apps and games, bypass license
verification of premium apps, modify permissions of different apps, backup downloaded apps and games etc.

Lucky Patcher Features :

1. Remove ads from apps and games : The app can Identify the apps with advertisement on your device. It can easily remove the ads.

2. Remove license verification of pro apps. So you don’t need to buy anything from play store. Lucky patcher is able to remove in app purchase verification.

3  Modify app permission. The app can be used to remove any app permissions.
Take a backup of your apps and games downloaded from play store. Or you can also backup after modifying any apps.

4. Different useful tools are available. Lucky Patcher also app supports different colors to identify the state of the apps. Root access needed for all the features.


Additional App Information :

Current Lucky Patcher Version : 6.3.8

Whats New :

  • Fix Android patches on some ARM64.
  • Translations updated
  • Bugs fixed

File Size : 6.2 MB.
Average Rating : 5

Requirement : Android 2.0 and up.
License : Free .

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November 20, 2016

Download Xp Psiphon For Your Android (4.0+) Phone

Xp Psiphon as it indicates is an app like Psiphon which people are familiar using it for free browsing. Xp Psiphon has many features but i won't mention all you can download the app to view more features. Main Features of Xp Vpn are :
  • Encrypt your internet connection 
  • Stop your ISP from throttling your connection speed and Performing deep-packet inspection 
  • Helps you bypass firewalls and content restrictions and appear local to any of xp psiphon developer's location 
  • Protects your privacy and prevent ISP from monitoring your online communication and browsing activities 

  • Other Features Of Xp Psiphon :

1. Tether : You can tether your Xp Psiphon to other devices via Usb tethering or hospot tethering for sharing browsing experience with friends and family. 

2. Import and expect Cong Files : With Xp Psiphon, you can import and exprt cong files. What are cong files? Cong files are files saved with important configuration settings for future replacement. 

3. Clear Data/Settings : Xp Psiphon can also clear data to enjoy more of free unlimited browsing plus experience. It can also all fixed settings at once in incase you want to replace with another settings. 

4. IP Hunter & Host Checker : Ip hunter is a feature in xp psiphon that helps you  search local ip address. While the host checker helps you check host header informations. 

5. Tunnel Whole Device
Tunnel whole device isba feature in Xp Psiphon that confirms that you are about to tunnel the app for connection. 

  • Download Link :

Download Xp Psiphon Here and start enjoying free browsings. I swear doen this app is embedded with so many features; eat your cake and have it back.  
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November 18, 2016

Download GTA Vice City [Apk + Obb data File] v1.07 For Android : Learn How To Install

GTA is my best game but i have never played it on android. I used to play it on pc but i already left/abandon it since i completed all missions in Gta Sanadreas IV. Gta Vice city is also interesting but i hate it due to some tangible reasonable reasons. GTA Vice City is an Arcade RPG (Role Playing Game) with HD graphics by Rockstar Game to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Details Of GTA Vice City

Game Genre: RPG
Game offered by: Rockstar Games
Game Mode: Offline
Game size: 1.5gb
System requirements: ( Android 2.3.3+)
Current Version: v1.07
Updated on: 31/12/2015
Googleplay link: com.rockstargames.gtavc

Game Download Links 

Download App Apk File Here
Download Data Obb File Here

Note : 

  • Make sure you have al least 2GB space in your Sd card 
  • If you have the old version of the game with Obb file, don't bother downloading the obb file when is here. Just download the apk only.

How To Install GTA Vice City v1.07 [full Apk + DATA file]?

Step 1 ==> Download both ( APK + DATA FILE ) files.

Step 2 ==> Then Unzip and Put The Obb Data folder in SDCard >> Android >> Obb 2. Then Install the APK and Play Gta live!
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Download Free : Newly Launched Firefox Focus Browser For IOS by Mozilla

Mozilla just launched a new browser named Firefox Focus Browser which is a free content blocking app for Safari on iOS phones. Firefox foucs also may reduce the data utilization of your IOS and also keeps privacy.

According Firefox, Firefox focus helps you browse incognito mode, blockag od ads and other spamming web tracker.

Attributes Of Firefox Focus 

  • Firefox focus browser enables you use just one tab to browse. 
  • Features like bookmarks and history ate not embedded. 
  • When multitasking, Firefox focus browser helps hides the contents of the browser by being invisible.
  • Firefox Focus is also embedded with a button at the bottom. You can always press the button whenever you want to choose to open any new page in Safari app.

Other Attributes 
  • Ad blocker
  • Data saver 
  • Analytics blocker
  • And lots more when you download the app for your IOS. 
Download Firefox Focus for your IOS device here from AppStore for free. It is free for now as it is newly launched. 
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Download Top Nigerian Artiste Celebrity App - Wizkid Starboi And Olamide Baddo

Wizkid and Olamide are both top Nigerian artiste celebrating toping the Nigerian music industry. They are not the only top star though. These app are amazing in sense that it gives all you need about the musicians; their album list and featured songs are in the app. These app also consists video of all song. This app was developed for easy access of materials. These


Olamide is one of the greatest Afro-pop artist in Nigeria. He had been on stage for half a decade and has shown the world what it takes to be a great artist.

The team behind this app had come together to gather all of his great works together for easy access of his online materials. This app steams his materials & contains great features like:

  • Biography
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Songs Lyric
  • All albums
  • Social handles

Download Olamide App Here From google playstore.

Wizkid is one of the greatest Afro-pop artist in Nigeria. That had been on stage for over half a decade and has shown the world what it takes to be a great artist.

Team HyP3R had come together to gather some of his great works for easy access. This app streams his materials & contains great features like:

- History
- Videos
- Music
- Songs Lyric
- 2 albums
- New Singles
- Social handles

Download and enjoy the app. Update will be available as time passes by.

Source : Google Playstore
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