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January 21, 2017

Stanbic IBTC Bank Is Recruiting | Apply Now

Stanbic IBTC Bank is a leading African banking group focused on emerging markets globally. It has been a mainstay of South Africa’s financial system for 150 years, and now spans 16 countries across the African continent.

Standard Bank is a firm believer in technical innovation, to help us guarantee exceptional client service and leading edge financial solutions. Our growing global success reflects our commitment to the latest solutions, the best people, and a uniquely flexible and
vibrant working culture. To help us drive our success into the future, we are looking for resourceful individuals to join our dedicated team at our offices.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Private Banker (Nationwide)
Job ID: 20770
Location: Lagos Island

Job Purpose
  • To develop and maintain a portfolio of important revenue generating client relationships within the defined affluent market segment. 

  • Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
    Sales – 4 NTB accounts/week/RM, which translates to 16 NTB accounts per month and 192 per year. 

    • Accountable for developing and implementing an integrated customer marketing plan, which addresses wealth creation, wealth preservation, wealth enhancement and lifestyle enhancement ; this is achieved through an in-depth analysis of the clients balance sheet so as to identify opportunities and match these opportunities to products/ solutions provided by the group.
    • Monitor the delivery of different groups (Wealth, Lending, and Transactional) as well as other specialist product and service providers against customer plan. Grow portfolio profitability through the utilisation of available multi-channel delivery strategies, such as actively managing customer migration onto electronic banking channels. 
    Preferred Qualification and Experience
    • A first Degree or equivalent in any discipline and relevant professional certification in Banking, Business and Finance such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Associate of Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB) from the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN)
    • A Master’s degree in Business/Finance or its equivalent would be an advantage Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise. 

    Relationship Management
    • Liaises with other banking units to process and handle client transactions to ensure that the most appropriate financial solutions for the customer are proffered Support Relationship Manager in maintaining close contact with clients to establish an intimate knowledge of their needs
    • Familiarity with Bank branch operations Application Closing Date 8th February, 2017.
    How to Apply
    • Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply online. 
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    October 06, 2016

    Recalled Review(s) Of the Introduced amazing GTBank *737# experience.

    You, reviewing this article will know I have made this article before which talked about how to Send, Recieve, Transfer money to any bank in Nigeria from Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) using a simple shotcode framed to enable GTBank customer to use their mobile phone to do transactions such as Money transfer, check account balance, buy article credit and many more.


    In Accordance with GTBank,(*737*) Transfer is a mobile channel which enables GTBank customers or users conveniently and secretly perform third party transfers to both GTBank and other bank account holders in Nigeria, via the mobile phones, by simply dialing the USSD short code *737# with details of the amount and account number (NUBAN) of the beneficiary.



    » Opening a GTBank account just got a lot easier.


    Simply dial *737*0# and follow the onscreen prompts. An account number will be created automatically and sent to you via SMS. Account opening forms are NOT required for the signup process. Once you sign up, look out for your ten-digit account number (NUBAN). You can also use your phone number as your account number at GTBank branches, GTExpress outlets.

    » One time visit for authentication and BVN linking.
    » Open an account without completing any form.
    » Save on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at a yearly interest rate of 3.9%.
    » Deposit and withdraw money at GTBank branches, GTExpress locations.

    » Maximum deposit per transaction is N20,000
    » Maximum account balance is N200,000
    » No airtime or data needed to open an account.


    Transfer money anywhere in Nigeria with Simple USSD Code »  *737#.


    » Transfer to GTBank account
    Dial Ussd code *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g. *737*1*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number you registered with GTBank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

    » Transfer to other banks
    Dial Ussd code *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g.
    *737*2*1000*1234567890#) from your phone, then authenticate the transfer with the last four digits of your GTBank debit card.

    » It’s a convenient way to send money
    » *737*transfer is available 24/7.
    » The entire transaction process takes about 10 seconds
    » With *737*transfer, you can transfer to other Nigerian banks.

    » Daily transaction limit of N200,000.
    » Works with phone numbers registered with GTBank Subject to phone network signal
    » Money is deducted directly from your GTBank account.
    » Transaction requires the last four digit of your Naira MasterCard (Debit card).


    » Use *737# to load airtime and/or data on your phone.

    HOW TO:

    Self top-up airtime 
    Simply dial *737*amount# on your phone (e.g. *737*1000#)
    to buy airtime.

    Buying for a friend
    To send airtime to a third party or to a friend, simply dial
    *737*Amount*Recipient’s number# (e.g.

    Self top-up data 
    Simply dial *737*4# on your phone and follow the on-
    screen prompt.

    » The phone number where the purchase is made from MUST be a number registered with GTBank.
    » The service is available to Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat
    » The money is deducted directly from your GTBank account
    » Daily recharge limit is N10,000

    » It’s quick and simple to use
    » Airtime can be bought 24/7
    » The entire process takes about 10 seconds
    » Airtime is loaded as soon as the process is completed.




    You can now generate an OTP using *737*7# to make a quick transaction on-the-go without your banking token.

    » To receive a one time token for transactions on internet banking only
    » Can validate transactions of up to N200,000
    » Valid for 60 seconds
    » Requires the last six (6) digits of your Naira MasterCard

    » No need for hardware token
    » Generate anywhere, anytime

    » Easy to use


    Pay your StarTimes cable subscriptions with ease.


    You can easily pay your subscriptions from anywhere you are by simply dialiing the *737*37*Amount*Decoder Number# e.g.
    *737*37*2500*00123456789#. More billers (merchants) to be
    added soon!

    » The phone number to be recharged MUST be a number
    registered with GTBank
    » The money is deducted directly from your GTBank account

    » It’s quick and simple to use
    » The entire process takes about 10 seconds.


    Simply dial *737*6# to make enquiries on the following:

    Account balances (*737*6*1# )
    Loan balances (*737*6*2# )
    Card status (*737*6*3# )
    Cheque book status ( *737*6*4# )
    Internet banking login details (*737*6*5# ) 


    You can now retrieve your mobile and/or internet banking details
    without having to come to the banking hall.

    HOW TO:
    Simply dial *737*6*5# and follow the on-screen prompt.

    » No need to fill any forms
    » No need to enter the banking hall
    » Go to or download the app to login

    Start using internet and/or mobile banking immediately

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    How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer To Your Local Bank Accounts

    Just a few minutes ago i wrote an article about how to How To Open a US Bank Account for FREE & Withdraw Cash in Nigeria Using Payoneer, now I am have posted an article on How To Withdraw Monry From Payoneer To Your Local Bank Accounts. Most of us have been using Payoneer for a long time now and some just got to know it. You will agree with me that 80% of those using Payoneer hasn't gotten there own MasterCard due to your location or one reason or the other.

    Due to that most people will decide not using the account any longer and leave it dormant, but I think there is no reason for that because with the tutorial am about showing to you guys will help you withdraw your cash to your Local Bank Accounts without any

    Payoneer’s Local Bank Withdrawal service has been available in over 150 countries and currencies, you can withdraw money from your Payoneer account directly to your bank account or preferred eWallet, in local currency.

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    Recalled Review(s) Of the Introduced amazing GTBank *737# experience.


    To make a withdrawal to your Local Bank Account all you have to do is follow these simple steps below:

    ◾ First of all you have to Log in to your
    Payoneer account.
    ◾ From the main menu, select Withdraw and then To Bank Account. For those who have never used this service before, you’ll need to add a bank account in order to begin withdrawing funds.
    ◾ To do so, click + Add New beneath the bank account field and fill in the required details.
    ◾ Once submitted, your bank account details will be reviewed and verified – this process generally takes a few business days.
    ◾ Once your bank account has been verified, you will receive an email confirmation and can then begin withdrawing funds.
    ◾ In the From drop-down box, select the currency balance or card from which you would like to withdraw funds.
    ◾ In the To drop-down box, select the destination bank account – the bank account into which the funds will be deposited.
    ◾ In the Withdrawal Amount field, enter the amount which you would like to withdraw. Before entering the amount, note the minimum and maximum amounts and your available balance as displayed beneath this field.
    ◾ In the Description field, enter a short description of the withdrawal. This is a mandatory field.
    ◾ Then Click Next.

    ◾ Fill in the details in the Security Confirmation page and click Finish.

    That’s it! You will receive an email confirmation after completing the withdrawal and the funds will reach your account within 3-5 business days.
    Incase you encounter any problem while doing it you can ask for our help Published by Horlar.
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    How To Open a US Bank Account for FREE & Withdraw Cash in Nigeria Using Payoneer

    At last, all Thanks to Payoneer, an e-commerce company based in the US, you can now open a US bank account in Nigeria, Australia, Ghana, India or anywhere else around the world and withdraw cash worldwide using your Payoneer Debit Mastercard. You can also send Cash to foreign accounts using Payoneer. This is done by providing Payoneer customers a U.S Checking and Collection Account that can be used to receive payments from US companies directly to your Payoneer account.

    Payoneer ONLY receives money from companies in the US and Europe and NOT from individuals. This service is really of great help to Nigerians who operate business in foreign countries such as US and Europe. The best part of this is everythings is absolutely FREE.

    All information needed for the transaction such as;

    ◾Bank Name
    ◾Routing (ABA)
    ◾Account Number
    ◾Account Type
    ◾Beneficiary Name

    These will be all provided. After the transaction is completed, payoneer customers can now withdraw their money from their payoneer accounts using their Debit Mastercard. This service has proven to be very helpful over the years.

    How to Open a Payoneer Account and get a Debit Mastercard in Nigeria

    Payoneer offers its customer a Debit Mastercard for FREE. This card is sent from America to the customers mailing address here in Nigeria. This Debit card enables customers to receive ACH / Direct Deposit transfers from cooperate organizations such as Google Adsense, Elance, Infolinks, Amazon, Paypal etc.

    The Debit Mastercard can also be used to perform various online transactions like purchasing items or paying for service. To get a Payoneer Mastercard click HERE  to go to their website and Register for a Free Account. Below are some of the details required to open a payoneer account in Nigeria;

    ◾You'll need to submit your Details; Name, address, Valid ID, etc
    ◾Set your password and security question
    ◾Fill in your shipping address (address where your card will be sent)
    ◾Click ORDER button to continue
    ◾Your application will then be reviewed and a confirmation message will be sent to your email if approval is successful.

    When you login, You’ll will then be notified on the delivery date of your Debit MasterCard from your Payoneer account dashboard.

    How to activate Payoneer Debit Card

    When you card arrives at your delivery address, logon to your payoneer account and click “Activate” from your dashboard. It’s quite easy and convenient. And this is How To Open a US Bank Account for FREE & Withdraw Cash in Nigeria Using Payoneer
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    September 22, 2016

    Special Offer From Fidelity Bank : Get Free 50MB Of Free Data When You Recharge N100 And More Directly From Your Bank Account

    It no more news on the competition for prominence, Fidelity Bank has now joined other banks using new Awooofs to get more customers. Well this is just a means of advertising their business worldwide. This offer is Same to tge first bank aspect too. That is when first was giving free 50mb of data to any of thier customer who recharge via first bank account.

    This article is informing us that Fidelity Bank is now dashing free 50mb free pf data any of their customers who purchase airtime directly from His/ Her
    Accounts. Its simple , I have enjoyed GTBank Mobile Recharge system by
    simply dialing *737* Amount# and First Bank by dialing *904*amount#.

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    This article made me recollect the old 

    Free Wi-Fi Browsing from Zenith Bank In LUTH & Other Branches. All these token offer are meant to all and drag tge attention of non-customers to their business. This token has also served as a means of advertising products and business like I said ealier.

    No long stories , they will always suprise you Now to enjoy this free 50MB ,just take and consider the act of purchasing airtime from your  directly from Fidelity Bank account Instead of using cash to do so and buying from retail sales. you are 100% safe when you buy airtime directly from your bank account. 

    How To Recharge Directly From Your Bank Account With Fidelity Bank

    To Recharge Directly From Your Bank Account With Fidelity Bank Simply dial *904*amount#. Then ext help to 2442 for to 2442 for DND options. Just like below snapshot where I got the sms from Fidelity Bank 

    Special offer! Get 50MB of free data when you recharge N100 or more directly from your bank account: dial *904*amount#. Text help to 2442 for to 2442 for DND options. 

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