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January 29, 2017

Latest Etisalat 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing Using Via GMC Psiphon

Etisalat 0.0k unlimited free browsing has been blazing since months now, going to to a year using the Nxtfwd Proxy Sever and had blazed via many vpn apps. It blazed via Tweakware, Psiphon, Xp Psiphon, Stark, Syphon shield and lots more. Unfortunately, ever since this 0.0k free browsing was introduced, it was said to be capped 60MB which many Tweakers can't bypass even with the use of some familiar apps like Id Changer, Terminal Emulator, Connection Booster & more.

Glo 0.0k unlimited free browsing is still the best. It is an unlimited free browsing cheat which has no error but might stop if there is no strong 3G like that of etisalat.

I am glad to introduce to you the new Psiphon VPN called GMC Psiphon and
browse Unlimited, No data cap and works with Etisalat Social me Bundle.

Gmc Psiphon Download Link 

Download Gmc Psiphon Here for Etisalat 0.0k free browsing

Gmc Psiphon Settings For Etisalat 0.0k Free Browsing 

bypaass them with a new trick
: Dual real host:
: for your country
Select inject
: Real proxy:
: Port 8080
: No speed or Data capping
: Set dns as google dns
: Or
: if you have 1 sim phone you want one emei
And change etisalat apn to
And proxy text box....keep it emty
And set as default(APN)

Global Settings
GMC Psiphon [Freenet galing
kay sir DZEBB]
*Di na kailangan ng CDC, with
built in pinger
Link: https://
-For Globe and TM only
-Fast connect
-No capping
-Unli download/surf and
-Working kahit walang load at
-Pwede palitan ang proxy
Default apn lang

That's all. 
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January 10, 2017

Latest MTN 0.00k Unlimited Free Browsing Using Psiphon, Xp Psiphon, Netify, QueenCee Vpn | Datareset#

Hi folks, it been a while at least since last year August since we enjoyed MTN free browsing cheat. This even has made many of we tweakers switch our sims to glo to enjoy more of free browsing and downloading and also recent airtel 0.0k which was blocked after a week enjoyment. Reading this post, many will be anxious because they know MTN cheat works fast but get blocked easily, that is why we call nowadays free browsing cheat "Enjoy While It Lasts" but not in GLO's Side.

I am glad to notify you guys that MTNdatareset# 0.00k unlimited Free browsing cheat has been reloaded, back and better. It now works fine now. The tweak worked very well when it was first unveiled last year around early new year. But after huge usage by many tweakers, MTN discovered their loophole(s) by blocking the blazing 0.0k free browsing. Therefore the only free browsing i enjoy on MTN is Musicplus Unlimited MB + Psiphon settings and also GamePlus 300MB + Psiphon Settings though i gat two MTN sims so i received 600MB.

MTN 0.00k unlimited free browsing works just like the recent airtel 0.00k unlimited free browsing. That's, it works via Psiphon108handlerUIXp PsiphonProNETPsiphon A+ ProQueenCee Vpn and Syphon Shield.

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To Browse Unlimitedly with your airtel, you need to download any vpn app. Vpn app like Psiphon108handlerUIXp PsiphonProNETPsiphon A+ ProQueenCee Vpn and Syphon Shield. There you can download them from the given links. Also set your APN as default or click here to know all network Apn Settings. Launch any of above vpn, then apply below settings;

Go to your APN settings and reset to default or use below airtel apn :

Name : MTN NG
    Apn Name :
      Apn Type : default/Supl
        Proxy : [Blank]
        • Port : [Blank]
        • Username : [Blank]
        • Password : [Blank]
        • Sever : [Blank]
        • MMSC : [Blank]
        • Mms Proxy : [Blank]
        • Mms Port 
        • MCC : 621
        • MNC : 30 
        • Authentication Type 
        • Apn. Protocol : IPv4
        • Apn Roaming Protocol : IPv4
        • Bearer : Unspecified 

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        Save the Apn and then create another apn again name it MTN MMS or MTN NG MMS then choose MMS in yhe Apn Type. After that, tick the MTN NG and then start browsing. 

        Then launch your psiphon VPN and configure it like this below.

        • Mark or Unmark Remove port
        • Proxy type - Real host
        • Proxy server -
        • Real proxy type - Default
        • Real proxy port - 80

        Tap Save button and click on “tunnel whole device”. Click on the option taband select United States or Best Performance as your region. Then Navigate to More Options

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        Check “Connect through an HTTP Pro” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as :
        • Host address -
        • Port - 8080

        Now, go back to the home screen and click Start button to connect.

        Features Of MTN Datareset# 0.00k Free Browsing 

        • It connects in few seconds 
        • It can change your Ip Address Automatically 
        • Browse and surf internet speed 
        • Download large files(Movies) 
        • Make you appear anonymous online in aspect of changing ip address randomly. 
        Psiphon not stable, disconnecting because of poor MTN Network in your location or area, fix it here and here

        Drop yout comments below 
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        January 07, 2017

        Stop Using 60MB Daily, Start Using 2.1GB | Latest Etisalat Nxtfwd 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat Using Tweakware

        Etisalat Nxtfwrd 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat is one of the top free browsing cheats working since August 2016 when it was first launched to be working via Psiphon and Netify. The free was also blazing with 3 more proxy sever and was also discovered to be capped 60MB. We al tried all means to to make sure it passes 60MB but no avail.

        This same etisalat Nxtfwrd free browsing cheat worked using Syphon Shield, Xp Psiphon, Uc Mini Handler    and QueenCee Vpn but all were capped at 60MB daily. 

        Today i found a way which i can use uo to 2.1GB using etisalat Nxtfwrd free browsing cheat. Here, we aren't using Psiphon or Uc handler, we are making use of Tweakware. Tweakware offers 2.1GB per day. 

        Latest Tweakware 4.7 has been embedded with etisalat free browsing bundle settings where you can enjoy it via Tweakware. Therefore, tweakware offers 350.1MB per free sever where there are 6 Free Severs Available in Tweakware. 

        Now to enjoy this free browsing trick, you have to download Latest Tweakware 4.7, then follow below settings. 

        ==> Tap "Settings" at top of the App Home Page 
        ==> Click "Bundled Settings" 
        ==> Tick or enable "Use Bundled Setting"
        ==> Tap Choose "Select Bundled Setting"
        ==> Choose (NG ETISALAT) 0.0k. 

        ==> Then go back to home and select "Free Sever1". 
        ==> Click "CONNECT" Button 

        Normally Etisalat is a network provider with 100% Active Service be it 3G or Edge. See your Tweakware connects and grt connected in few seconds. 

        Note : Free sever 1 gives you just 350.1MB. After exhausting free 350.1MB, you will be given more 5 free severs where you can enjoy more 350.1MB on each severs. All together making 2.1GB daily. Isn't that cool? 

        Enjoy and drop your comments below 
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        January 06, 2017

        Glo 0.0k Free Browsing is Still Working via Tweakware but Daily Bandwidth is now 350.1MB Per Free Sever

        Glo Cheat has been blazing since the middle of last year 2016. It is blazing via many vpn and handler apps. Popularly is it meant to be blazing via Tweakware and Psiphon. However, Old Tweakware offers 250MB per free sever on glo 0.0k. Free sever was 5 before making 1.2GB for all free sever per day.

        Recently Tweakware has shown it real colour by launching a new Tweakware app version just like the hacked one. This new Tweakware has 6 Free sever with 350.1MB each as explained here. Therefore, This new Tweakware offers free 2.1GB daily. To. Enjoy the free browsing, you need :
        ==> Glo Sim with 0.00k Balance
        ==> Stable 3G Connection
        ==> Latest Tweakware 4.7 - Download Here.

        Launch the Tweakware 

        Click Settings >> Bundled Settings

        Enable Use Bundled Setting  and click Choose select bundle setting 

        Choose (NG GLO) 0.0# 

        Go bac to the home page and hit connect button.

        Connecting : 350.1MB Proof 


        Now if you have a good 3G network, your Tweakware will connect immediately and if you don't have a good network you can switch off your mobile data connection then switch it on again to get a good 3G service for 30seconds. Within this 30Seconds, connect your tweakware and see.

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        January 03, 2017

        Latest Airtel 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Offers Free 2.1GB Daily - See How & FAQs

        Ever since airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing via Psiphon and other like VPN was unveiled, i haven't enjoyed the browsing until the recent Tweakware 4.7 was launched officially and embedded with airtel bundle setting to enjoy the airtel free browsing via Tweakware. Tweakware has been the best app for recent airtel 0.0k unlimited  free browsing even till now, i am still blazing it. Using Tweakware to blaze airtel 0.0k free browsing gives you free 2100.6MB daily approximately 2.1GB

        Must Read : Everything You Need To Know About Latest Tweakware 4.7 - Hacked or Not ›


        Tweakware 4.7 is a hacked one which has 6 free severs. These Free severs offers 350.1MB each unlike the Old hacked one that offer free 250.0MB. Then if you multiply 350.1MB by 6, it gives you 2100.6MB which is daily. Tweakware is best. 

        Therefore, If you are interested in enjoying your airtel free browsing cheat via Tweakware, then you have to click Here. 

        Recommended : Free Sever 3 

        Do I Need a Premium Account? 

        You don't need a tweakware premium Account to enjoy your airtel 0.0kb unlimited free browsing cheat. Things you need are : 
        ==> Good and stable 3G Network 
        ==> Accurate settings 

        When you have above, you can enjoy your airtel unlimited free browsing via Tweakware enjoying the 6 free severs with 350.1MB daily. Although i cannot use 350MB daily because i am not the type that do download large file. My highest daily data usage is 230MB. 

        How Do i enjoy Airtel Free Browsing via Tweakware?   

        To enjoy airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing using tweakware, you need a stable 3G network like i said ealier. Now download 4.7 Here. Apply below settings : 

        ==> Launch tweakware and click "Settings" 
        ==> Tap "Bundled Settings" 
        ==> Enable or Tick "Use Bundled Setting"
        ==> Tap "choose bundled setting" 
        Choose (NG Airtel) 0.0# 
        ==> Now go back home and hit connect button. 

        Your Tweakware will not connect immediately. Just keep tapping connect till it connects. Once Tweakware is connected, it takes long before disconnecting. It will only disconnect when you leave it idle or your 3G Status was unavailable for at least 60seconds. 

        I am seeing just one free sever. How Do i view the remaining? 

        Yes when you first download and launch your Tweakware, you are prone to enjoy just one free sever because you haven't attain the level to use more 5 free sever. To enjoy more 5 free severs of Tweakware, you must have used up to 50MB and above from the first free sever which is offering just 350.1MB. Then after that, whenwhen your Tweakware disconnects, your remaining 5 free severs will be available and each consists of 350.1MB as explained HERE
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        January 02, 2017

        MTN Is Dashing Out Free 4GB of Data

        MTN is celebrating 2017 as a new year by dashing out free 4GB of data to all her 4G Subscribers.

        This is a good welcome development from MTN but i am still wondering why they excluded the Non-4G compatible users or subscibers. They are also MTN customers. But anyway, they tried. I know they are trying to use these small awoof to bring more subscribers to their 4G Service and MTN at large.

        How Can I Get My Free 4GB Data From MTN? 

        As said earlier, the free 4GB of data is only available to those using MTN 4G sim and smartphone. Once your SIM and phone is 4G LTE ready, MTN should send you your free data and you should get notified via SMS like below ;

        To celebrate the new year, you have beencredited with 4GB Free Data Valid for 7days to be enjoyed only on 4G enableddevices. 

        Some MTN 4G enabled users are complaining of not getting an SMS notification. Don't panic because you can still check if you have been given but didn't get an sms for the free data.

        How To Check MTN 4GB Free Data 

        Just dial *559*444# to check your free 4GB data. That's it. Have you gotten yours? How do you see this awoof
        offer?lol Let's see your comments.
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        Latest Airtel, Etisalat, Glo & MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2017

        Happy New Year Guys, we will uncover most recent free perusing cheats 2017 on MTN , Airtel , Glo and Etisalat organizes and the settings and VPN applications to use in tweaking each and everybody of them.

        Review a year ago we did comparative thing by disclosing all the most recent working free perusing changes on all the significant systems primarily in Nigeria and I believe it's entitlement to proceed with that thought for this present year.

        By and by, i invite all of you to the year 2017 as we trust it will be effective year drained of disillusionments, destructions or any  other negative effect.

        Having said that, we right now make them work free perusing undermines a portion of the prominent systems, for example, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. A year ago began splendidly as far as accessibility of changes however towards the very end of the year, the vast majority of the changes quit working which made a few people restrict their Web exercises in other to spare information.

        Strangely, today I have uplifting news for you as there are still approaches to peruse free with your Android gadgets, PC and even iOS gadgets. So will take it in a steady progression, one arrange at once.

        NOTE : This article is for instructive purposes and to caution ISPs of the escape clauses on their systems in order to settle it on the off chance that they wish.

        And in addition, the beneath changes are all filling in as at the season of distributing this post.


        Airtel Cheat 2017 (0.00KB Cheat)

        The Airtel 0.00kb Cheat is a recently rebranded cheat that reigned in June a year ago however reemerged at the very end of a year ago as we were planning to traverse to 2017. This cheat gave numerous youngsters enough information to get to the Internet amid the yuletide season. Such a variety of downloaded a few gigabytes of documents as their memory cards can contain yet something happened along the line - the download speed backed off (perhaps on account of blockage). In spite of the fact that, the issue of consistent separation was settled, few individuals still gripe it's currently moderate with Psiphon however  on Tweakware v4.7 it blazing hot! 

        ==> An Airtel SIM with 0.00kb balance
        ==> Your Android phone or tablet
        ==> A stable 3g network connection
        ==> Your VPN app

        Psiphon Settings For Airtel Live 0.00KB Cheat
        Download Psiphon
        ==> Tick Remove Port
        ==> Proxy Type: No proxy
        ==> Proxy Server:
        ==> Real Proxy Type: Default
        ==> Real Proxy Server: Leave Empty
        ==> Real Proxy Port: 80

        Tap on Save and select United State as your region and finally go to More Options with this below configuration set up.

        Tick connect through an HTTP proxy
        Then tick use the following settings and apply below variables appropriately.
        ==> Host address :
        ==> Port : 8080

        Lastly, go back to VPN home and tap on Start. In few seconds it will connect, then start browsing for free. You can read more about it here

        Tweakware V4.7 Settings For Airtel Live 0.00KB Cheat

        Tweakware has released a new version that now accommodate this latest airtel cheat and it is more stable and faster than Psiphon for now.

        Tweakware has exceeded the free user data limit to 350.1MB per each sever on the latest version. Which means, you will be limited to use  350.1 x 6 MB on free account (Free Server). All as explained Here 

        ==> Download the latest tweakware vpn v4.7
        ==> Then launch the app and configure it as below;
        ==> Go to Settings => Bundle Settings => Tick Use Bundle Settings => Select Bundle Settings and tap on NG Airtel 0.0k.
        ==> Go back to the homepage and select Free Server if you don't have a premium account with Tweakware.
        ==>  After that, tap on Connect, it will connect within 5secs. Now, launch your browser and start browsing.

        How to use Airtel 0.00kb on PC? Click HERE

        Etisalat Cheat 2017 (0.00KB Cheat)

        Etisalat 0.00kb nxtfwd cheat is yet another free browsing tweak that has been available for some time now. The only drawback to this tweak is that you are only eligible to use free 60mb per
        day unlike other networks that are unlimited. See trick to bypass 60MB limit


        Psiphon Settings
        ==> Proxy type: Real host
        ==> Url/Host:
        ==> Real proxy type: HTTP or any others from the list
        ==> Real proxy port: 80

        After that, tap on Options and select United State as your region, then go to your More Options , and just untick
        Connect through an HTTP Proxy
        Finally, click the Start or Connect button
        See more about it here

        To use it with XP Psiphon, click here and to use on syphon shield click here.

        Glo Cheat 2017 (0.00KB Cheat)

        Glo Free browsing is very scarces before but ever sinc the glo 0.00kb ( cheat on Glo was discovered, it has remained strong and not only works via Psiphon but UC Mini Handler as well. Below are the settings for the tweak.

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        APN Settings
        Use glo default APN Or click Here

        Psiphon Settings For Glo 0.00 Unlimited Free Browsing cheat 2016

        ==> Launch Your Psiphon Or Netify VPN
        ==> Untick Remove Port
        ==> Proxy type: Real Host
        ==> Proxy server:
        ==> Real proxy type: Default
        ==> Real proxy server: leave it blank
        ==> Real proxy port: 80
        ==> Now tap on Save.

        Go to More Options and untick connect through a host proxy. Now go back and connect. Start browsing. See more about it here

        However, you can also alternately use below settings:

        Name: glo 00
        APN: gloflat
        APN Type: Tick only Default
        Port: 8080
        Username : [empty]
        Password : [empty]

        Now open your Psiphon Pro Lite Handler and configure it as below:

        ==> FrontQuery:
        ==> Tick Remove Port
        ==> Proxy type: Real Host
        ==> Proxy server:
        ==> Real proxy type: HTTP
        ==> Real proxy server:
        ==> Real proxy port: 8080

        Now tap on Save. Finally, hit the "connect" button and watch the speed being high then start browsing free. Click Here to use on Xp Psiphon.

        To Use Glo 0.00KB On Uc Mini Handler ?

        First of all, Download UC Mini Handler
        APN Settings
        ==>  APN: gloflat
        ==> APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
        ==> Proxy: leave it blank
        ==> Port: leave it blank

        Now open the UC mini handler app on your phone and configure it with below settings:
        ==> Device user agent: click and choose Android
        ==> Web user Agent: click and choose Opera or Safari
        ==> Handler download limit: 9999999991
        ==> Tick remove port
        ==> Proxy Type: Real Host
        ==> Proxy Server:
        ==> Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
        ==> Real Proxy Port: 80. See more here

        Save and open any website. To download large files with it or to know more about this tweak, click here.

        →→YOU MIGHT LIKE... 2016 Free Browsing Cheats.

        Sypon Shield Settings For Glo 0.00KB Cheat

        Glo 0.0kb free browsing can also work via syponshield vpn. So follow below configurations

        APN Settings
        ==> Name: HorlarTechGist
        ==> APN:  glosecure or gloflat
        ==>APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
        ==> Proxy: leave it blank
        ==> Port: leave it blank

        Syphon Shield Settings
        Launch Sypon Shield, in the handler menu, set it up as below
        ==> Filter: @
        ==> Add Port or non-Port URL: 9201
        ==> Tick Remove Port
        ==> Proxy Type: Real Host
        ==> Proxy Server:
        ==> Real Proxy Server Type: Inject or Socks
        ==> Real Proxy Server:
        ==> Port: 8080

        Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”.
        ==> Click on the option tab
        ==> Region: select, United States or any other server
        ==> Don’t tick connect through HTTP Proxy
        Then wait for few seconds for it to Connect.

        MTN CHEATS 2017 

        Unfortunately MTN has no 0.0k free browsing ever since the bblited cheat was gone in June/july and also we can't say that MTN has a cheap data plan. 
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        January 01, 2017

        Everything You Need To Know About Latest Tweakware 4.7 - Hacked or Not

        Tweakware VPN is a tunneling software that can securely anonymize your internet activity by encrypting all your internet traffic. It can let you access websites and or contents/services that are restricted or blocked by your ISP. e.g Youtube, Hulu , Facebook, Twitter etc...

        Tweakware VPN is an Android app that allows you to hide your real IP, gain access to restricted contents, multiple
        server location and unlimited bandwidth on all servers. You can gain free internet access by using built in proxy tweaks like reverse proxy, injection query, custom headers to bypass domain/ip based restrictions or billing.

        Note : Tweakware can't change your ip address (sad).

        Read Also : 5 Ways to Change Your IP Address and Browse Securely & Anonymously

        The Latest Airtel 0.0k free browsing gave birth to latest Tweakware 4.7 which is uploaded to tweakware official site which helped users including me browse and download unlimitedly with their airtel sim.

        Latest Tweakware 4.7 is Hacked "Good News". I was browsing with my Tweakware this evening and it got to 200MB after downloading much apps. Then launching my Tweakware, i found out that there were 5 More free severs which loaded to the latest weakware 4.7 which has 350.1MB each in it unlike the old hacked Tweakware with 6 free sever with 250.0MB each.

        See below snapshot : check the note written on the black background 

        Read Also : These Solutions Fixes Recent Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Disconnecting Issue | 24Comments

        Proof for the 6 Free severs

        Latest Tweakware is really working for Airtel 0.0k free browsing. I decided to switch my sim today and tried it, viola it was blazing. But tweakware is funny. At first, when you connect it, it will disconnect to up to 10times; after 1 minutes, you are good to go. Your tweakware is connected. Start browsing free unlimitedly.

        Want to enjoy airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing and downloading via tweakware, follow this link.
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        December 31, 2016

        Enjoy Airtel 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing and Downloading Via Tweakware 4.7 - Download & Stream

        Tweakware has officially launched a new version of tweak version 4.7 which has been embedded with airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing bundled settings. Tweakware 4.7 has just one free sever compared with the hacked and cracked tweakware.

        Read Also :- Airtel 0.00K Free Browsing Works & Never Disconnect Using Tweakware v2.0 by IrWin

        Tweakware is already know as a vpn that doesn't have much problem while setting configuration but known to be too stressful in the disconnecting aspect. Therefore, Download Tweakware 4.7 and set up settings below.

        Tweakware is offering you just 350.0MB of data when using the airtel 0.0k. Also be aware that there is only just one free sever available in Tweakware 4.7 that is why it differs from the Hacked and Cracked Tweakware. Therefore the one sever available in the Tweakware 4.7 gives you 350.MB of data daily.

        Must Read : Solutions That Fixes Recent Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Disconnecting Issue

        ==> Launch Tweakware 4.7

        ==> Click "Settings"

        ==> Go to "Bundled Settings"

        ==> Tick or Enable "Use Bundled Setting"

        ==> Tap "Choose Bundle Setting"

        ==> Choose "(NG AIRTEL) 0.0k

        Note : It might not connect or disconnect. Just keep tapping "Connect" and it will connect. Once it connects, it won't disconnect again only if your 3G failed for at least 1minute 30seconds (01:30). Enjoy it while it lasts.

        RecommendedLatest Airtel Unlimited 0.0KB Free Browsing Via Psiphon, ProNET, QueenCee and Syphon Shield 

        Don't forget to drop your comments below.
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        December 30, 2016

        How To Make Android Vpn Connection Stable Using Connection Stabilizer Booster - Download

        Connection Stabilizer Booster is the best mobile data connection stabilizer, reconnector and booster for 2G GPRS, EDGE, 3G and 4G LTE wireless networks.

        Vpn are Android apps which are used to enjoy freebies on a particular network popularly known as free browsing tweaks. When browsing in a free mode using vpn apps on your android, you are prone to face disconnection issues. But with the help of some functioning Android apps, you can make your vpn stable and enjoy more of it. One of the popular app which is used to make Vpn connection stable is Terminal Emulator.

        Must Read :- (Updated) - How To Make Vpn Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator.

        But there is another app which has a lot of features more than terminal emulator and can also make vpn connection more stable than terminal emulator (i will say). The App Is Called Connection Stabilizer Booster. This app has many functions which i couldn't observe totally but i knew it could make vpn connection stable. Therefore, Download Connection Stabilizer Booster.


        If you are having issues with your cellular data connection, this is the app for you. Loaded with lots of powerful features, this app delivers a stable
        mobile internet connectivity. 

        • Active Keep Live 
        Does your wireless carrier disconnects your 2G, 3G or 4G data connection after a certain period of inactivity? Or is there no data  transfer even when connection is live?

        Active Keep Alive along with Reset on Failure keeps your connection alive in such cases and also helps in keeping the traffic flowing between your phone and your ISP's servers. It also optimizes TCP/IP parameters if required, to give you the best possible internet experience. The network assigns a higher priority to your device and this results in significant improvement in network performance, especially if resources on the network are under

        • Active Reconnect
        Does your device often lose data signal and is unable to reconnect even though network is available? Do you miss out important chats, IMs and emails until you turn data connection on and off, maybe multiple times to get reconnected? That is a known issue that
        affects many people. It can be caused by handset or carrier issues.

        Active Reconnect automatically reconnects your 2G GPRS, 3G or 4G LTE internet connection as soon as it gets disconnected and thus keeps the data connection active at all times.

        When activated, this feature actively monitors and immediately re-establishes dropped connections, using muscle if required. This is particularly useful if android's built in system fails to connect you to the network. The monitoring process does not cause any load on your device's resources as it is intelligently invoked only when required. Reconnection needs root access (only) on Lollipop due to new
        access restrictions imposed by Google.

        • Fast Connect 
        Uses tricks and tweaks to establish internet connection and attains
        connectivity even on congested networks.
        • Highly customizable design.
        • This app can fix 2G, 3G and 4G internet connection problems on T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Telkomsel, Tata DoCoMo, BSNL 3G, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance or any other troublesome carrier!
        • This ad supported app is available completely free of charge unlike other ineffective low quality paid apps. 

        Usage Instructions:

        → If you are experiencing difficulty in establishing connection to the
        internet over the mobile network, just press the Force Connect button on the dashboard to try forcing the connection for once.

        → If you are facing automatic disconnection problem then activate
        the Active Reconnect module. It will automatically detect connection drops and actively reconnect the connection, using force connect if required.

        → If your carrier disconnects you from the network following a particular period of inactivity, activate the Active Keep Alive module. You can adjust the ping interval from the Active Keep Alive settings to be just lower than your network's inactivity timeout period.

        → If you are facing any other problem with you connection, like no data being transmitted even when connected, you can just activate the Active Keep Alive with default settings. Its pinging action is known to work wonders and solve or reduce the intensity of many congestion related network issues. It can also detect and reset frozen connections. 

        NOTE : When Active Reconnect is enabled, you cannot turn off the mobile data connection directly from your device. To disconnect, press the data setting ON OFF button on the app's dashboard or deactivate Active Reconnect before turning off mobile data from android settings. 

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        Airtel 0.00K Free Browsing Works & Never Disconnect Using Tweakware v2.0 by IrWin

        Recently we introduced an airtel 0.00K unlimited free browsing. Since then i my self have never tried it on my own personal phone. Trying it today using Psiphon, it disconnects and later worked well. But the most surprising thing is working on a Tweakware+ Psiphon app. This vpn is called Tweakware but has already been embedded with psiphon features. Lo and Behold, i tried airtel free browsing via this Tweakware, and it worked without disconnecting at all even all others are disconnecting anyhow, this is exempted. Airtel Free Browsing is also working on pc

        Must read :- These Solutions Fixes Airtel 0.0k free browsing not working

        To browse unlimitedly with your airtel sim via tweakware, Download Tweakware Here and follow below settings.

        Set your APN as default or click here to know all network Apn Settings. Launch any of above vpn, then apply below settings;

        • Tick Remove Port
        • Proxy Type: No proxy or Reverse Proxy
        • Proxy Server:
        • Real Proxy Type: Default
        • Real Proxy Server: Leave Empty
        • Real Proxy Port: 80 

        Tap on Save. It will take you to a dashboard exactly like Tweakware. Click Settings at the top of the page then tap More Options with this below configuration set up. 

        • Host address :
        • Port : 8080 

        Now go back to home and tap on Connect. In few seconds it will connect, then start browsing for free. 

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        More Proxy Servers To Blaze Airtel 0.00Kb Unlimited Free Browsing

        In the recent airtel 0.0k free browsing, only one proxy sever is involved which thousands of people are using which has made it congested and weak. Now i have tested some proxy sever that works with airtel 0.0k and they are all working fine because i think no one are on the proxy except if i am dropping it here.

        I also heard some people are changing ip addresses to enjoy more of airtel free browsing tweak lol Smh, even your connected vpn app is changing your ip if you don't know. Vpn apps are part of way you can change your ip address on your phone. So if you are using any way or the other to change ip address to enjoy this free browsing, i will tell you to stop and read through.

        Must Check :- Latest Airtel Free Browsing Via Psiphon, Queencee... 

        New Active Proxy Servers For Airtel 0.0KB

        Download Psiphon108Handler, QueenCee

        • Tick Remove Port
        • Proxy type: Reverse Proxy or No Proxy
        • Proxy server :
        • Real Proxy type: Default or No proxy
        • Real Proxy port: 3128 or 80 
        In the more options settings 
        • Host Address :
        • Port : 8080 
        • Click Here to get more host address -

        More Proxy Severs 

        • http://airtellive.dns 

        Something about Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing 

        In this airtel free browsing tweak, you can leave the Proxy Server sections empty, therefore it will still connect but make sure your Proxy Type is set at
        Reverse Proxy. And also In the more options settings  set Host Address : and Port : 8080 

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        December 28, 2016

        These Solutions Fixes Recent Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Disconnecting Issue

        Recently yesterday, we posted a free browsing tweak on airtel. This tweak is really blazing but i don't know why some people say it disconnecting because i received many complains in whatsapp group and even on this blog. There i have provided some tips you need to practice to make this free browsing stable and not disconnecting when it not GLO. There are many reasons why it not working for some people, read through to fix disconnecting issue.

        1. Use Correct APN Settings : Wrong APN settings makes this tweak not to work at all or work and keeps disconnecting. Therefore check your APN Settings very well, it may be disconnecting due to wrong apn like i just said. We have an article here that talks about all apn settings for all network.

        2. Type of Vpn : The type of vpn you are use for this tweak determinnes the connecting. I used Psiphon108handlerUI which worked well which is the reason i mentioned it first in the last article. So you can Download Psiphon108HandlerUI Here.

        3. Fast 3G Service : If you have a bad 3G service you can't enjoy this airtel tweak. That the fact. Therfore if you notice your connection icon isn't showing 3G or H+, i will advice you to switch to 2G or 2G/3G. I think that will solve it.

        4. Use Terminal Emulator : You can also. make use of terminal emulator if the disconnecting issue still persists. Learn how to use terminal emulator here.

        5. New Settings : There is a new settings for this tweak. Download Psiphon108Handler or syphon shield
        • Choose No proxy Or Reverse Proxy
        • Proxy Server Empty
        • Proxy type Default
        • Use proxy port 3128
        • In the more settings, input 
        • Host Address :
        • Put Host Port : 8080 
        If the issue still persist, you can drop your comments about the issue below 
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        December 27, 2016

        South Africa CellC Unlimited Free Browsing Settings Using XP Psiphon v5

        First time in history i am going to post a free browsing for foreign countries and from this i begin, i will write more. CellC is a network provider in South Africa and with your CellC SIM, you can now have access to unlimited free browsing using your Android device or PC via thanks XP Psiphon V5 which is the latest version different from other version 6.0.0.

        However, in the old xp psiphon 6.0.0, it was working for etisalat and glo free browsing. It worked well and was later transferred to QueenCee Vpn V8 Infinity which is the latest version of QueenCee Vpn.

        Meanwhile, the most interesting aspect of this new tweak(free browsing)is that it works on both Android and PC. It can be used to download large files (no limit to what you can download) it is also easy to use as it uses already configured files. Powers all apps also. Read through to get it done.


        • An Android device or PC
        • Ofcourse CellC simcard ready with no or zero data and airtime 
        • XP Psiphon v 5 apk - Download Here
        • Stable 3 G Network. 

        XP Psiphon V5 Settings For CellC South Africa Free Internet Browsing

        • Launch your Psiphon V5 in your android phone via the link above.
        • Download any of the configurations files below (Its recommended to download all the configurations so as to have options )
        • Link1 Configuration download
        • Link2 Configuration download
        • Link3 Configuration download 
        • Then, launch the XP Pisphon vpn you installed,
        • Now click on the left top icon to see a list of selection, scroll down and click on clear settings
        • Once you have cleared the settings , go back and click “import configuration”
        • Now you need to import any of the configuration files you downloaded
        • Go to your download folder, search for the configuration you downloaded and then select 1 to upload.
        • However , the configuration would request for a password.
        • Type and click on connect to start enjoying free unlimited internet on your CellC network.

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        Latest Airtel Unlimited 0.0KB Free Browsing Via Psiphon, ProNET, QueenCee and Syphon Shield

        Hello, i am pretty much sure that you guys are still enjoying the latest etisalat and glo 0.0K free browsing via QueenCee vpn and also Xp Psiphon (Glo"d & Etisalat). Airtel 0.0K free browsing has not been unveiled for the past 5 months. Lol even their free 5GB they collected back. Well i am glad it has happened(Free unlimited browsing).

        This free browsing by airtel was introduced yesterday night but i didn't post it because some people are nagging that it wasn't working. Also, i couldn't test the tweak because i am having different sim currently available on my sim. But just recently i tested it after switching sim and it worked fine and fast. This browsing is very superb.

        To Browse Unlimitedly with your airtel, you need to download any vpn app. Vpn app like Psiphon108handlerUI, Xp Psiphon, ProNET, Psiphon A+ ProQueenCee Vpn and Syphon Shield. There you can download them from the given links. Also set your APN as default or click here to know all network Apn Settings. Launch any of above vpn, then apply below settings;

        • Tick Remove Port
        • Proxy Type: No proxy
        • Proxy Server:
        • Real Proxy Type: Default
        • Real Proxy Server: Leave Empty
        • Real Proxy Port: 80

        Tap on Save and choose United State as your region and finally go to More Options with this below configuration set up.

        • Host address :
        • Port : 8080

        Now go back to home and tap on Start. In few seconds it will connect, then start browsing for free.

        Features of Latest Airtel Free Browsing 

        • It connects fast 
        • Download large file of up to 0.99GB
        • Helps you change your ip address randomly 
        • It powers all app. All Messenger apps also. 
        Let me expecting MTN 0.0K free browsing since Glo, Etisalat and Airtel has theirs.
        How to make vpn free browsing stable

        Notice: Do Not Report This Free Browsing Tweak Or Publish It Out To Any Airtel Staff Or Representative In Order To Avoid Been Blocked. Lol i could remember the guy who made airtel removed the free 5GB and 30GB
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        December 25, 2016

        Updated : How To Make VPN Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator

        Are you having or experiencing disconnecting issues while using VPN app on your android devices, this article is going to help you today. This article isn't new because i have made an article on it before. Terminal Emulator is an android app for you to prevent your vpn apps from disconnecting or not being stable. This app is the only solution to the problem especially when you are enjoying free browsings via your vpn.
        Read Also >> Glo 0.0k Free Browsing Is Still Blazing via Tweakware - 1.5GB Daily

        Terminal Emulator is an android app developed by Jack Palevich help you access your Android's built-in Linux command line shell. So with Terminal Emulator you can be able to send
        command that will make your network stable without disconnecting and reconnecting, this is very simple and you don't need any rooting, it works on root and unroot devices.
        Read Also >> Enjoy Glo And Etisalat 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing via Latest QueenCee V8 VPN

        Download Terminal Emulator below
        DOWNLOAD. Terminal Emulator is also available on Google PlayStore.

        How To Make VPN Connection Stable Using Terminal Emulator

        ==> Now Install terminal emulator > Open the terminal emulator

        ==> In front of $ symbol type ping
        Note: Any time you want to use it you must type the above command.

        ==> Then press Enter to send the command.That is all, and you can now minimize your terminal emulator and enjoy your internet browsing.

        Picture of Terminal emulator when sending command.

        Enjoy uninterrupted VPN connection. With this you can now enjoy the free browsing we have updated on this blog.  
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        December 22, 2016

        Latest MTN 24hrs Unlimited Browsing For N20

        It has been a long since we enjoyed MTN free browsing after the MTN bblited free browsing which lasted for just two weeks and also MTN GamePlus came which offer us 300MB and was used via Psiphon but not renewable. Today  i will be dropping a new MTN tweak which offers you free browsing for 24hrs and cost just N20 only. These Unlimited free browsing was known via a new MTN Plan called Zomobie plan that would last you daily.

        This MTN tweak was known by me via a whatsapp group. I was just scrolling reading group messages and i saw this free browsing tweak. Though it not working for some people, i don't know why but worked for 85% of those who tried it in the group.

        This is a plan that when you subscribe to, you won't bebe able to browse with it just like that but with tge use of vpn apps like Psiphon, ProNET, Syphon Shield, Psiphon A+ Pro etc. For now i will recommend Syphon shield because that is what most people who found the tweak are making use of.

        To Subcribe To Zomobie Plan

        Simply Dail *327*2# and you’ll get a success message saying; “

        Your subscription to ZOMOBIE has been successfully and 20.00 deducted from your account. Your service will be renewed on 2016-12-21. To cancel, text Stop GZO to 55326. Thank you!

        Zomobie plan can renewed manually by texting Stop GZO to 55326. Then subscribe again by dailing *327*2#. 

        How To Use Zomobie Plan To Browse For Free 

        Zomobie plan can't be used to browse ordinarily, but with the use of VPN Apps like Psiphon, ProNET, Syphon Shield and others like i said earlier. The best App to Power this Zomobie data is Syphon Shield. Therefore, Download Syphon Shield and apply below settings to it :

        ==> Reverse Proxy box
        ==> Proxy type: Real Host
        ==> Custom Header: X-Online-Host
        ==> Proxy Server:
        ==> Real Proxy Type: Inject

        Within seconds, it will connect then starr browsing and surfing the internet freely and download as large files as you like.
        Note : This unlimited browsing is valid for 24hrs. After 24hrs.
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        December 17, 2016

        Glo 0.0k Free Browsing Is Still Blazing via Tweakware - 1.5GB Daily

        Glo 0.0k is still blazing via hacked and cracked Tweakware. In my former post about glo free browsing via Tweakware, i mentioned that there are 5 free severs which carries 250.0MB each making 1.2GB. Now the sever has been increased to 6 which will give you 1.5GB of data daily for free.

        You can only enjoy thks free browsing if you a Good 3G (H+) or 4G connection. You need this because if the app detect no 3G network available, it will stop immediately. Therefore below are your requirements :

        • Hacked and Cracked Tweakware - Download Here 
        • Good and fast 3G network 
        • A Good browser like Google Chrome or Opera mini. 

        Launch the Tweakware 

        Click Settings >> Bundled Settings

        Enable Use Bundled Setting  and click Choose select bundle setting 

        Choose (NG GLO) 0.0# 

        Go bac to the home page and hit connect button. Now if you have a good 3G network, your Tweakware will connect immediately and if you don't have a good network you can switch off your mobile data connection then switch it on again to get a good 3G service for 30seconds. Within this 30Seconds, connect your tweakware and see. 
        Drop your comments below

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