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January 03, 2017

How To Download Android Apk App From Google Playstore On Your Computer

PlayStore is a platform by Google to store all available Android apps and games for download. Google Playstore was formerly known as the Android Market. It popularly known that Google playstore apps cannot be downloaded on pc because it is not Android.

Getting apps from the Store enables you to use them on your device. When you
get music, movies, books and other digital content from the Store, other Google Play apps let you play, listen, watch, or read.

A situation whereby you want to download playstore apps on your pc, it won't download because it hasn't detect an android phone.

Here, i will teach you how to download android apk app from google playstore on your computer.

Step 1 : First you need to visit Google Play Store to search for applications
and games you want to download.

Step 2 : Now copy link address of the application just like the google drive above.

Step 3 : Then or, then carefully paste the link on the site

Step 4 : Now click on Generate Download Link.

Step 5 : Lastly click the green download button to download your application

 Application downloading, downloaded then you can noe enjoy your app.
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December 30, 2016

5 Ways to Change Your IP Address and Browse Securely & Anonymously

Before you can enjoy the internet and browse safely, internet security is the very first thing you must think of. Securely surfing the internet gives you total freedom as you want but unknown to many, each time you connect your computer to the internet, every bit of your information is exposed and may be compromised Starting with your IP then to your browsing location, browser, devices, page you visited, your personal data can be accessed even without you knowing it.

Besides, browsing securely give you access to many restricted websites. Maybe your local IP has been restricted
or your country is being restricted and you don’t have access to certain sites, securely and anonymous browsing
gives you access to such restricted websites.

And to my fellow bloggers and webmasters, secure browsing ensures your data and your information are well secured, encrypted and not accessible to intruders. It will protect your personal data, your login details. This reduces the chance of your site getting hacked to a great extent.

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5 Ways to Change Your IP Address and Browse Securely & Anonymously

1. Virtual Private Network

Abbreviated as VPN, Virtual Private Networks are are premium tools that change your IP address automatically as
soon as you set it up on your computer. Not all these VPN programs are free, to use  most of them you must subscribe
to the service with a little amount. For better performance with a VPN provider, a paid service is worth it. I have been using VPN for more than 2 years now and it has been helping a lot Here are the list of VPN you might consider using: PDProxy, HMAProxy, YourFreedom, Sandwich, etc.

2. Manually Change your IP

To be able to browse securely and anonymously, like I suggested you must get your real IP address changed. To
search for IP addresses for a specific location go to or click here to get our ip address updates. There are lots of sites where you can look for proxies but I always use hidemyass. Now I will briefly show you how to change your IP address manually. On Firefox, click on Tools > Options > click on Network tab >
Settings > click on manual Proxy Configuration > enter your Proxy and Port in the space provided and click OK.

3. Web Proxy

There are many sites online  in which changing of IP to an anonymous location is their main service or among their services. You can use this free proxy to surf anonymously online, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, protect your online identity and more importantly, hide your IP address. I’m not giving  100% assurance in using online proxy sites to access restricted site and to change IP as sometimes those free web proxy are usually messed up and don’t give desired results. Here are short list of web proxies I have used so far: ,

Still Trending :- Top US, UK, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan & Nigeria IP Address - Free

4. Free Proxy Software

Just like VPN programs, there are also free proxy software you can use to browse securely and anonymously and to hide your identity online. After you have successfully installed one on your computer,connect normally to internet, and connect your free proxy software to change your ip and browse anonymously and securely. You may need to manually change your browser settings before you can get these programs to work though. Here are the lists of Free Proxy I can recommend: Vidalia Tor , Hotspot Shield, Ultrasurf, and lots more.

5. Browser Addons or Extensions
Internet usage is getting a lot easier and better! Browsers add-ons and extension can also be used to change your IP
address. There are lots of Mozilla and Google Chrome Add-ons & extension to change your  IP address, this is a very
easy task to do, you just need to install the add-ons or extension on your browser to get your IP address changed.
Examples are Anonymox for Mozilla and Hidemyass for Chrome.

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December 29, 2016

How To Restore/Recover Deleted/Formatted Files On PC Using Recuva

Rucuva is a PC Software or Tool that can help you recover or restore deleted or formatted files on your PC unknowingly. This Tool i will say is the best file recovery software for pc. Recuva as a PC Software has a free version and a pro version which involves money on o download except the free one. The paid one should have more functions than the free one since there is a price placed on it which is not expensive.

As a Pc User, you may delete files by mistake. Then when you go to your Pc Recycle Bin, you also delete it which means you can't get it again. It a pity that things may change and you need that particular file which you have already formatted from your PC. If you have experienced this and you still need those files, Luckily there are free file
recovery tools available called Recuva. It’s a pretty useful and feature-rich tool which can recover the files you deleted unintentional. It is free to download and easy to use.

Apart from Windows computers, it also supports removable media like Smartmedia, Secure digital cards, Memory stick, digital cameras, Sony memory sticks, Compact flash cards
and many more.
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Note : According to Recuva developers, it can recover data from a formatted drive too. It can also recover deleted mail from your mail client. It supports Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Windows Live Mail. We haven’t tested these features though.

Therefore to use Recuva to recover deleted files, read below steps carefully to get it done. Download Recuva App Here For Free. The Paid version is also available in the link.

Step 1 : Download, install and run the program on your computer. A
welcome screen will appear. Click “Next” to proceed.

Step 2 : It will ask you which kind of files you are trying to retrieve? Check any one of the given options. For example i chose pictures.

Step 3 : Select the location where you want to retrieve the files from. Now the second option “On my media card or iPod” can come in handy if you want to retrieve deleted files from removable media such as phone’s memory card, iPod or digital cameras.

If you want to look into any specific location on your computer, then click on “Browse” button.

Note : If you are not sure of the location of the deleted or formatted file, you can use "I'm not sure"(Search everywhere on this computer).

Step 4 : Browse for the folder. Here I selected C drive. because I want to retrieve images on my desktop which were accidently deleted by me few days ago.

Step 5 : In the next screen, click “Start” button. Don’t select deep scan option until you fail on your first attempt to recover the file. Note that “Deep scan” could take over an hour depending upon the size of your hard disk.

Step 6 : The process will start. I was amazed to see the speed of scan. It is really very fast. It scanned 38 GB of data within 5 seconds. Very effective. Now its time to see the result.

Step 7 : It will show all the deleted files (Recuva doesn’t disappoint me. It shows more than 122 deleted files including
the file I was looking for). To retrieve the file, check the box next to file name and click on “Recover” button.

Step 8 : Select the folder where you want to recover your file.

You should select a drive or a folder different from the scanned drive (I scanned C drive to search all the deleted
files so I selected D drive to recover those files). After selecting the appropriate location, click OK button.

Step 9 : Now check the folder. You will get your file back. Now suppose you want to scan for deleted music. You don’t need to go back and start the process again. Just click on “Switch to advance mode” button in the opened Recuva Window.

In the advanced mode you can select any drive and media types from the drop down. There is “option” button available where you could select various options like language, view
mode, secure overwriting and other scan options.

This are the simple steps to take to recover or restore deleted or formatted files from your PC.
You have passed by (read this article). Don't forget to say hi (Comment).

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Download Free Recuva Software For Pc - Recover Deleted/Formatted Files On PC

The moment when you delete or format essential file from your PC and you think they are all gone, Though, it not new that any file or folder you delete on your hard drive goes to 'Recycle Bin' But when you now delete the file or folder from 'Recycle Bin', you have totally deleted from the pc but you will still have it on your hard drive (which make deleted files or folders recoverable but only that your operating system will mark such file or folder as 'unviewable/unreadable' by user except special computer program like ' Recuva' software. Therefore, Recuva is a PC Software that helps you restore or get back important deleted or formatted files in your PC.

RECUVA - it recovers files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player!


Superior file recovery - Recuva can recover pictures, music, documents, videos, emails or any other file type you’ve lost. And it can recover from any rewriteable media you have: memory cards, external hard drives, USB sticks and more!

Recovery from damaged disks - Unlike most file recovery tools, Recuva can recover files from damaged or newly formatted drives. Greater flexibility means greater chance of recovery.
Deep scan for buried files - For those hard to find files, Recuva has an advanced deep scan mode that scours your drives to find any traces of files you have deleted.

Securely delete files - Sometimes you want a file gone for good. Recuva’s secure overwrite feature uses industry- and military-standard deletion techniques to make sure your files stay

Download Recova.exe for free HERE or HERE 

Which Recuva version is right for you?

Defraggler logo


  • Advanced file recovery
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December 12, 2016

How to Prevent Mozilla Firefox Browser From Closing After Closing Last Tab (Pc Only)

Mozilla Firefox is one of the top browser for both pc and Android devices. Mozilla Browser is quite alright but the aspect i dislike this browser is where it quits after closing the last tab. But fortunately, i have find the solution to the problem today and that what i am about you share just read through.

My question is, have you ever been in a situation where you want to close a tab on Mozilla browser unknowingly that it is the last tab? If you have, then you must have noticed that the browser
automatically closes immediately you close that last tab. Lol this is frustrating especially when you are surfing an important thing on the net. Therefore, to stop this today read below ;

==> Launch your Mozilla browser, at the address bar, type in about:config and hit enter on the keyboard.

==> On the next page that will opens, click on I accept the risk! Copy the line of text below and paste into the search bar

==> Copy the line of text below and paste into the search bar

==> Once you have located that line of text above, double click on it to change its value from true to false. 

==> Finally restart the browser by closing and re-opening it.

That's all. Once you consider, apply and practice all these, you Mozilla Firefox Browser won't quit it self after closing the last tab.

Image Credits to
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December 09, 2016

Top 6 Available Softwares to Help you Hide Your IP Address

An ip address unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies
each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a
network. An IP address is a fascinating product of modern computer technology designed to allow one computer (or other digital device)
to communicate with another via the Internet. ... "IP " stands for Internet Protocol, so an IP address is an Internet Protocol address.

How to Hide My IP Address?

Do you want to hide your ip address for you to browse web in anonymity mode ? here are 6 popular methods to hide your IP address.  They are proxy software, http proxy, socks proxy, web proxy, VPN and private proxy. They have different features. Here we will choose the best one to fit your purpose. Please select your most valued features. Also note that not every http proxy supports the https websites such as facebook and craigslist.

My IP Hide

  • Encrypted Private Proxy ✅
  • Fast and Stable ✅
  • Dozens IP Addresses ✅
  • Less IP than Others ❎

Http Proxy List

  • Free Proxy Switcher ✅ 
  • Thousands IP Addresses ✅❎
  • Updated Every Hour ✅❎
  • Unstable Uptime ❎

Socks Proxy List

  • Free Proxy Checker ✅
  • Hundreds IP Addresses ✅
  • Versatile Proxy ✅
  • Unstable Uptime ❎

Web Proxy

  • Support All Systems ✅
  • Easy to Use ✅
  • Free of Charge ✅
  • Not support every site ❎

VPN Tunnel

  • Support All Programs✅ 
  • Thousands IP Addresses ✅
  • Strong Encryption ✅
  • Slower than Proxies ❎

Private Proxy List

  • Dedicated IP Address ✅
  • Stable Uptime Choose
  •  Http or Socks ✅
  • Expensive than Others ❎


My IP Hide
My ip hide is a proxy software recommended to hide your IP address. It uses encrypted private proxy technology. It's safe, fast, stable and easy to use. The cons is that it only has about 20 IP addresses.

  • Advantage: It's safe, fast, stable and easy to use. It supports both Win and Mac.
  • Shortcoming: It has only about 20 IP addresses, less than other methods.
  • Audience: Best for the users who focus on the speed and stability instead of the number of IP addresses.
Download My Proxy Hide software here. You can also sign up here

Http Proxy
We recommend Elite Proxy Switcher if you need thousands of IP addresses. It uses public http proxy so it has thousands of IP addresses..
  • Advantage: It has thousands of IP addresses which are updated every hour.
  • Shortcoming: Public proxies are unstable, need being updated frequently.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need many IP addresses but only use them for a while.
Get software here 

Socks Proxy
Socks proxy is versatile proxy for all your Internet usage while the http proxy can only be used for surfing. You can use socks proxy to send emails, transfer files, chat online, play games as well as surf websites.
  • Advantage: Socks proxy supports https and high anonymity naturally. It has hundreds of IP addresses.
  • Shortcoming: Public proxies are unstable, need being updated frequently.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need many IP addresses but only use them for a while.
You can get socks proxy from their website here.  

Web Proxy
Web proxy such as My-Proxy is the easiest way to hide IP. Web proxy is a website with a address bar. Just input the URL of blocked site into that bar and click the Surf button. Web proxy will
fetch the web page for you showing on its own site. It's easy to use. The cons is that it doesn't support all websites and only has 5 IP addresses.
  • Advantage: It's easy to use and supports all systems such as Win, Mac and Linux.
  • Shortcoming: It has only about 5 IP addresses and doesn't support all websites.
  • Audience: Best for the users who don't want to install any program. Get it here 

VPN Tunnel
VPN Tunnel such as Hide My Ass is a common way to hide IP. It uses strong encryption to ensure that only authorized users can access the network and that the data cannot be intercepted. It's usually used to securely connect the branch offices of an organization to its head office network through the public Internet. Now many VPN vendors open this service to public. You can use it to hide IP.
  • Advantage: It supports all systems and all programs besides browsers.
  • Shortcoming: Because of the strong encryption, VPN is slower than proxy.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need to use proxy in other programs besides browsers. 

Private Proxy
We recommend Your Private Proxy if you need dedicated IP addresses. Their proxies are private http or socks proxy . You are the only user of the proxies you bought.
  • Advantage: The proxies are exclusive to a single user.
  • Shortcoming: It's expensive if you need many IP addresses.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need dedicated IPaddressess.

These are the 6 softwares available for hiding yournip address. Some other day i will write on how to use these softwares. 

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 free proxy list
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December 07, 2016

How To Clear Browsing Data On Google Chrome Browser (Android & Pc)

Chrome is one of the top fastest browser made by Google. Google chrome browser is also a browser that drain too much internet data. Chrome also is the mostly used browser worldwide. Due to the high usage of chrome and the high data drainage, chrome is said to record too much data. When too much data is already on your chrome browser, it will start misbehaving at a point in time.

That is, your chrome browser will be loading Pages slowly, killing pages, smd other things that won't make you enjoy your browser. The only solution to this is to clear your chrome browsing data. When you clear your chrome browser data, it will look like a new one and you will start enjoying it again. Here i will teach you how to clear data on your chrome browser for both Android and Pc device.

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How To Clear Browsing Data On Google Chrome Browser For Pc 

To clear your browsing data om chrome for pc, launch your pc, then open chrome browser.

Tap the the vertical dots, tap "More tools" >> click "Clear browsing data".

Then a pop up page will open. Leave the ticked option or if you want to clear password tick "password". At the "obliterate the following item" from section, choose whatsoever you like. I recommend you to choose "From the beginning of time".

That's all for clearing browsing data on chrome for Pc.

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How To Clear Browsing Data On Google Chrome Browser For Android  

To clear browsing data on chrome for pc, launch your chrome, click the three vertical dots, then click "Settings".

Scroll down to click "Privacy", scroll down and click "Clear browsing data".

Now you can now enjoy your browser like you just launched it - all by clearing data. Clearing data also helps you reduce space on both devices. Read also >>
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December 02, 2016

Download Instagram Bot - How To Increase Your Instagram Followers & Likes

Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Another app mostly related to this Snapchat.

Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Instagram deals with followers and likes. That's who to follow and who tge like your pictures and images. Follow me on instagram.

My question is have you been looking for how to grow your Instagram account with lots of followers and like..? You are at the right place. We have used this bot to build my followers on various accounts successfully. Checkout the features of instagram bot  below :

Features of Instagram Bot v1.2.3:

  • Increase Followers : This bot will help you boost your instagram followers to any amount of yours in just few clicks 
  • Recieve more Likes and Comment : Instagram bot helps you gain more likes and comments on each image or clip you upload. 
  • Unfollow in bulk.
  • Follow users within specific keywords.
  • Batch comment on posts.
  • Never get banned.
  • Automatic unfollow your non-followers.

LICENSE KEY: 7c4645885b1113a1665cb6bb433ee7f6
Credits to LevPasha , A Russian Developer/Programmer. 
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December 01, 2016

How To Take ScreenShots On Toshiba Pc Without Using ThirdParty Apps

Toshiba is a company that produces good and long lasting PCs. Toshiba pc is a kind of pc that takes snapshots anyhow without the use of ThirdParty apps like screenhunter. We all love to take screenshots on our device (Android, IOS, Desktop) but only android possesses the best way to take screenshots on any of it phone while other device (IOS and Desktop/Pc) are very complex to take screenshot. Are you using an IOS device, read how to take screenshot on IOS. IOS is still even easy but Pc is the only device whose screenshot taking is very complex even with the use of ThirdParty apps (Screenhunter).

How To Take Screenshot OnOn Toshiba Pc? 

To take screenshots on toshiba pc without using any third party app, you need to have installed Paint on your pc which is very important to Pc. Download Paint from Google or might be on your pc. Don't use Microsoft paint, use the normal one then follow below guide with detailed images to learn how screen shot on pc.

  • Refresh your pc and fo to the place where you want to screenshot on your pc. See what i want to screenshot below

  • Then click FN + END  button on your screenshot toshiba pc just as we use Power button + Reduce Volume button to tske snapshots on android. Immediately your screenshot has been taken silently, you will not know but if you are doing that for the first time, a small notification will pop up on your pc screem at the right buttons of the pc screen 

  • Now, launch your Paint app and paste the image into paint by Clicking CTRL + V button on your pc keyboard. Immediately your screenshotted  image will be pasted in paint. 

  • Next is to save the image. To save your snapshot as image, Click File >> Save As >> Choose your suitable Image format 

  • Choose any suitable nane for your image and click Save

  • Now your snapshot has been saved as an image with a preferred name by you. 

Now you have taken screenshot on your pc, why those who are using ThirdParty apps to take screenshot on their toshiba pc should use this wowful method. 
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November 29, 2016

How To Convert Rar File To Zip File On Pc Using RarToZipConverter

Most times, we come across pc apps on net or while surfing the net and we are interested to download them. And when we download them, we noticed they are in Rar file extension which most of us will expect to be in exe file extension. Both file extension are good but rar is the best and this is in the sense that it aids in smooth app installation and running, easiest way to have an app on pc. Rar file are mostly are mostly made with pc apps because nowadays when you install a file with an exe  extension, there is probability that the apps will develop DLL problem which is one of the problem pc users face when after installing an app with exe file extension.

Sorry to say, Rar file(s) are useless untill you extract them into zip files or it normal folder to enable one see it real content. Therefore, i am here to provide a simple exe pc app for you which will enable you to convert your Pc Rar file to Zip file in 3Minutes. But firstly i will like to explain the meaning of Rar file(s) and Zip file(s).

What are Rar Files ?

RAR is referred to the native format of WinRAR archiver. Like other archives, RAR file(s) are data containers, they keep one or more files in the compressed form. After you have downloaded RAR file ffroma web, you need to unpack or extract its contents in order to make use it just like i said ealier.

What are Zip Files ?

Zip files are single files that contain one or more compressed files. Zip files are also regarded as "archives",  Zip files make it easy to keep related files together and make transporting, e-mailing, downloading and storing data and software faster and more efficient.

Now that you have known the difference between or meaning of Zip and Rar files, read below to learn how to convert Rar files to Zip files on Pc using a small simple tool called RarToZipConverter which is in exe file format, don't be scared it very easy to install.

How To Convert Rar File To Zip File On Pc Using RarToZipConverter ?

Step 1 ==> Download RarToZipConverter Here for your pc. Install and open it. 

Step 2 ==> Under RAR File, Click "Browse" button to choose or select the Rar file you want to convert to Zip. Note ; you can only select one Rar file per conversion. Then choose "Normal compression level (default)" for your Compression Level and Tab "Convert"

Step 3 ==> Wait for 5 seconds while your Rar convert into Zip. The program status bar will be filled with green then it shows your rar has been converted. 

Step 4 ==> Immediately you get a message saying "Finished, converted to C:\Users\Olaimde\Desktop\... Depending on the folder the Rar file itself was. Then tap OK. 

Step 5 ==> Now Click "Close" to close the pc app carefully to avoid later error.

You have now converted your Rar file into zip. You can also use WinRar (Pc App) for this tutorial also but that takes a little stress in the aspect or searching for the file you want to work on, because there are some Alphabet plus symbols that decode a particular word (e.g (D:) means Dvd RW Drive). Not to talk much, RarToZipConverter is the best tool as it name indicates. 
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October 14, 2016

Windows 10 Official Instagram App Is Now Available : Download Now

Wow Windows 10 Official Instagram App Is Now Available after wasting our time using thirdparty apps before we can use instagram on our computer or PC. Meaning, manipulating things to get a tangible something (that was how instagram was used on PC before) but now, the official app is ready for everyone on PC.

Normally just like before instagram, with this new app, you can easily upload pictures to Instagram profile from images in your own pc. You can also as well as get notifications. You can also chat with it on PC. To crown it all it just like your android instagram. All you can do on Android instagram will be done in your instagram for PC with this new instagram app.

Though, the major recent problem in this new instagram app for PC is that it always crash whenever you attempt to add a Story, especially if you’re using a PC without a backward-facing cam. But I am sure this issue will be fixed and I will update you guys ASAP.

Download Instagram For Windows 10 Here
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October 13, 2016

Download IMEK Shoki For PC That Can Generate You Thousands Of Imeis

Hey guys, I have found the app that can generate up to one million imei in just one click. This app was modded for the top naija forum This app is also on android but I have not been able to be downloaded by any one. But we all can try the PC own. This app has being out for PC since months but most of us dont know how to download it but today we have being given out the priviledge

What is imei shoki?

Imei shoki is a pc help you to generate more than one million IMEIs im just one click and bring the Imei result in a pop up text file

Why should i download imei shoki?

You have to download this app because it save stress of clicking once and one imei will be out.

Proves that this app is realy working 

Our proves that this app really work are detailed below. I generated this IMEIs with my Imei Shoki for PC and it brought up to thousands of imei which I was unable to copy but few I could.

len : 15 imei : 863619013237014
len : 14 imei : 86361901248814
len : 15 imei : 863619011543835
len : 15 imei : 863619012902014
len : 15 imei : 863619011989319
len : 15 imei : 863619012177443
len : 14 imei : 86361901141822
len : 15 imei : 863619011535047
len : 15 imei : 863619011496141
len : 15 imei : 863619011169565
len : 15 imei : 863619012710961
len : 15 imei : 863619012318542
len : 15 imei : 863619011327866
len : 14 imei : 86361901281681
len : 14 imei : 86361901169695
len : 15 imei : 863619013237774
len : 14 imei : 86361901316667
len : 14 imei : 86361901240359
len : 15 imei : 863619011908236
len : 15 imei : 863619011551424
len : 15 imei : 863619011267526
len : 15 imei : 863619011987263
len : 15 imei : 863619012014166
len : 15 imei : 863619011472571
len : 15 imei : 863619011664128
len : 15 imei : 863619012976737
len : 15 imei : 863619012837517
len : 15 imei : 863619011387456
len : 15 imei : 863619011945279
len : 15 imei : 863619012276625
len : 15 imei : 863619011894469
len : 15 imei : 863619011451971
len : 15 imei : 863619013091122
len : 15 imei : 863619012414341
len : 15 imei : 863619011052373
len : 15 imei : 863619012723667
len : 15 imei : 863619012230952
len : 15 imei : 863619011855619
len : 15 imei : 863619012782523
len : 15 imei : 863619011357764
len : 14 imei : 86361901227285
len : 15 imei : 863619011697839
len : 15 imei : 863619011857359
len : 14 imei : 86361901216443
len : 15 imei : 863619012176841
len : 15 imei : 863619011880443
len : 15 imei : 863619011964031
len : 15 imei : 863619011253179
len : 14 imei : 86361901130334
len : 15 imei : 863619012022714
len : 15 imei : 863619012531672
len : 15 imei : 863619013116374
len : 15 imei : 863619012715713
len : 15 imei : 863619011971937
len : 15 imei : 863619012640713
len : 15 imei : 863619011356626
len : 15 imei : 863619012505221
len : 15 imei : 863619013106755
len : 15 imei : 863619011089110
len : 15 imei : 863619011859157
len : 15 imei : 863619012032564
len : 15 imei : 863619013026946
len : 15 imei : 863619013011823
len : 15 imei : 863619012746957
len : 14 imei : 86361901326817
len : 15 imei : 863619011224014
len : 15 imei : 863619011231233
len : 15 imei : 863619011323964
len : 15 imei : 863619011418418
len : 15 imei : 863619012786979
len : 15 imei : 863619012306315
len : 14 imei : 86361901218293
len : 15 imei : 863619011524264
len : 15 imei : 863619012103852
len : 14 imei : 86361901317620
len : 15 imei : 863619012928415
len : 15 imei : 863619011494369
len : 15 imei : 863619011532135
len : 15 imei : 863619012127943
len : 15 imei : 863619013195949
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len : 15 imei : 863619011750141

Where To Download Imei Shoki? 

You can Download imei shoki for pc Here and start flexing thousands of imei generated on your pc.
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September 21, 2016

Method To Fix "DLL" [Dynamic Link Libraries] File Missing Error In Windows When Installing Particular Programs

The full meaning of "DLL" means Dynamic Link Libraries. DLL is a Filw extension just like ".ZIP", .".EXE", files. But cant be executed like as .exe files. DDL Files  are file which may include resources of Windows OS. Windows
load these files automatically whenever it needs them. As Windows has different .DLL files for different tasks.

Most time whenever we pc users install an application on Windows OS. An
application that may be a game, software, or any other .exe file. Problem does not begin when we run the setup of that application. Mostly it will arise even after when setup says that the installation is  successfully complete or complete successfully.

This error occurs when launching the apps or games you just installd saying saying ********.dll file is missing, try to reinstall the

Therefore we have to find and fix dll file missing error in windows product by adding missing .dll. It is very rare that the barrier is solved after reinstalling the application from the same offline source but what to do now if this problem has not solved yet. We know this situation is very frustrating and we all are feel like : I'm tired of this sh*t.

Method To Fix "DLL" [Dynamic Link Libraries] File Missing Error In Windows When Installing Particular Programs?

The only Method To Fix "DLL" [Dynamic Link Libraries] File Missing Error In Windows When Installing Particular Programs is Using DLL File Fixer:

Log on to , User can directly search for missing .dll file on the website or download their or the demo/full version application, .dll file fixer application has a very user friendly interface. Like the website application too has a search bar where user can search for missing .dll file. DLL file fixer will search for that .dll file via its database and mostly gives the desired file to fix dll file missing error.

DLL file fixer has a community or hub where anyone can upload a .dll file into its database. When we search for a missing DLL file, it searches from its database and shows the desired dll file.

  1. In the web link given above, Just type in the name of missing .dll file in the SEARCH SESSION then click on search button.
  2. Then select that dll file and click on "FIX" button.
  3. Now DOWNLOAD the file.
  4. Then move to this path C:\Windows\System32
  5. Now try to open that FILE again which earlier showed the error of missing .dll file. It will run without any problem.

This is best possible way to fix dll file missing error in windows, software, games. isn't it? So let see your comments below please 
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August 29, 2016

Method To Fix PC Not Detecting Android Phone Through USB connection

Each time you connect an or your Android phone to a or your PC (both Internal and SD card) are meant to be detected together. But there are some particular cases where you connect Android phone to PC and you hear a USB connection sound and yet nothing is detected or displayed on the screen, this also happen to me when i connect
Android phone to a PC for the first time even when the Android phone has been connected to the PC before, yet I still get this issue.

Checking under Device Manager and noticed that MTP had a warning icon (yellow triangle) on it meaning it had somehow malfunctioned. On right-clicking and selecting properties, I saw

This device is not configured correctly.
(Code 1)
A service installation section in this INF is invalid.
To find a driver for this device, click Update Drive.

So I decided to find a lasting solution. Today I will show you how to fix MTP USB Device Driver not configured correctly.

Method To Fix MTP USB Device Driver (USB Device not configured correctly)

To fix MTP USB device driver ( USB Device Not Configured Correctly), You simply need to install the Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit Download MTP and
Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of:
for Windows 7 here,
Windows 8 ,
Windows 8.1 or
Windows 10 here

It depends on which your PC is running on. Also, ensure to download the 32 or 64 bit version depending on which your PC is running on.

How To Know If A PC Is A 32 or 64 Bit PC?

To check If A PC Is A 32 or 64 Bit PC, right-click "My Computer" (or This PC) and "select Properties". You'll find it in front of "System Type".

All Credita Goes To Team Damtops 
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July 02, 2016

How to set up your blog social media icon link or Url

Most people find it difficult to set in their social media url to the social media icon. And this is a better tutorial to make you imput your social media url.


You need a PERSONAL COMPUTER for clean editing


• If you use phone, you might have template error after saving not knowing you have deleted an alphabeth or a symbol unknowingly.
• Your phone will be hanging or seizing atvthat moment tobthe extent thar it wont even load the EDIT HTML page completely.


>> Firtsly go to your blogger dashboard 2 click TEMPLATE.

>> Click Edit Template.

Then a page open then you see your template HTML numbered.

Scroll to number 1200 and start scrolling down, you will surely see the icon Html like below.

Now you look for "#" in the HTML.

Delete the #  and put your social media url there e.g
Facebook  :


After you are done, click SAVE TEMPLATE

NOW, open your web and click the social media icons one by one.  It will become clickable directing you to the link you put while editing it.

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