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October 11, 2016

Things To Do Before Promoting Ads On Winthrillsnetworks - Someone Asked

This is a very simple and straight forward question which I can answer. After publishing my last two articles before this on how to earn more money by promoting ads on winthrills with both Text Ads and Banner AdS, someone asked that what are the things to do before promoting the ads ?

Answer To The Question :Things To Do Before Promoting Ads On Winthrills.

Before Promoting Ads On Winthrills, you need to fill in your profile details in the winthrills website for you to earn more. Profileso like :

  • Name (First and Last)
  • Email (e.g
  • Tel No (e.g 070 0000 00001)
  • Birthday 
  • Gender 
  • Address 
  • City 
  • Postal Code 
  • Code 
  • Language 
  • Twitter Page URL (e.g
  • Lindekin Page URL 
  • Google + Page URL 
  • Facebook Profile URL 
  • Website (e.g and 
  • Blog (e.g

Above are all you need to do before promoting ads in winthrills be it text wdays or banner ads So to update your profile, Log on to your winthrills account and if you have none Get Started Here Now. And follow below steps to update your profile.

Log in to your winthrillsnetworks account. Click "Account" > Then navigate to "Profile"

A privacy page will open consisting of where you will fill in your profile details. Therefore, fill in the details just like below.

Then after doing so, you are now ready promote your ads be it text or banner. Click this article to lean how to promote ads be it Banner Ads or Text Ads.
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How To Earn More Cool Cash From winthrillsnetworks By Promoting Ads [Banner Ads]

Like I said in the Last Article about WINThrills, you can earn nothing less than 500# a day by promoting their ads. Last I talked about text ads and today am going to teach you about banner ads.

Banner ads are only for blogger / webmaster that is why winthrills has made it easy for non blogger to earn through text ads by sharing link. But there is a tip a non blogger can use to earn with banner ads. But I will explain that in another article.

How To Promote Winthrills Banner Ads 

Go to and click log in. Fill in your details and the correct captca code. Then it will navigate you to your earnings dashboard.

Now, Click Promote Center > PPP Banners Ads like snapshot below.

The click promote ads then here you will see the available banner ads. Now to publish or get the html code for banner ads, click the orange icon.

Click Ok When asked to publish a particular ads.

Now a white background with html code will pop up. Now copy the html code.

On your blogger dashboard2, go to Layout > Add Gadgets > html/javascript. Now paste and save it.

Then preview your blog or web page.

For non blogger, you can also promote banner ads. All you is just copy the http URL when the banner ads java script code pops up.

Now with this you can Maximize your session earnings. Be it daily Monthly or annually.
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How To Make Cool Cash From Winthrillsnetworks Ad Networking [Text Ads]

WINThrillsNetworks is no doubt but one of the best in providing online job opportunities out there. But some people still find it hard to maximize opportunities the WIN company is offering. So Ill just give some tips and also explain what the WIN network is actually about and the uncut truth of how winthrillsnetwork. com make money from their advertising services.

But How Can I Make Money From Winthrillsnetworks  Via Ads Promoting?

You can earn money from winthrills via ads promoting only if you have an account with winthrillsnetworks. And if you don't have an account, please use my referral link for easy sign up. And also to earn more it depends on how many ads are available and how many people cick your ads.

NoteAds per click is #10. So if someone click your ads ten times, then you earn more.(calculate it your self) 

Never click your ads because your winthrills account might get banned by winthrills staffs.

Are Promoting Winthrills Ads only for webmaster / blogger only? 

No! Every one can promote winthrills ads as long as you have an acount with winthrillsnetworks

So, How Do I start

To start earning with winthrills by promoting ads follow below steps. I will be talking about text ads only here. 

1. Firstly, Click HERE to log on to winthrillsnetworks website via my referral link. Then click Register now as shown in snapshot below.

Note: if you have an account you can click log in and wait till I reach how to log on to proceed. 

2. Now fill in your details and put in the right Captca code. (Wrong code gives you error in signing up) 

  • Fill your email address also where required and click register
  • In few minutes you will recieve a confirmation message via your filled in mail like snapshot below.
  • Then Now Click THIS LINK to log in your account. When the page loads click Log In. Then fill in your details and input the correct captca code. 

  • Now you will be redirected to your earnings dashboard. Don't be nervous when you see balance : #0.

Now let move to the real earning steps and procedures via Ads Promoting. 

How To Earn More Than #500 Daily Via Ads Promoting. 

(Users that have account already should start from here)  Now, on your earnings
dashboard scroll to the left side click promotion center. A scroll down bar will pop up then click any ads you want to promote. 
  • PPC/PPP Text ads 
  • PPC Banner Ads. 

But before promoting any ads, just scroll around the web page if you will see or find any available ads (be it text or banner).  If you did not see any ads, don't bother going to promotion center.  But if you see anyone available like image below, it was text ads that was available.

Therefore go to promotion center  » ppc/ppp text ads.

Then you will see the number of available ads. Then click promote ads. Here, you will see new ads created by winthrills users. ( Don't worry I will teach you guys How to earn large via creating own ads). 

After clicking promote ads, scroll down to publish the ads youwant. 

To publish ads, click the orange like icon under Publish Ads Roll.  Now your ads will br pubish and then a pop up note will pop up containing your ads url.

Now you can share your ads url only to 
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter, and 
  • Google Plus. 
Do not share to other social network unless your ads will get blocked and your winthrills account might get banned. 

For webmaster/bloggers, they can fix the URL to their blog pages or inside their blog posts(any where as far people click).  So as for banner ads it is only reliable for website owners and this is because they can place the banner to thier blog home page, inside posts or anywhere they like.

With this article I am sure you will make more than #500 a day only if AdS are available and people are pleased to click it. 

Note : as for blogger or website owners, you will be only paid by AdS click and not page click. 
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