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October 07, 2016

Etisalat Nxtfwrd 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing Is Now Blazing Via Uc Handler

It has being a long time since we enjoyed free browsing Cheat from etisalat. But now, i'm Glad to inform you guys that the old etisalat 0.0k unlimited free browsing is now blazing via Uc mini handler. I met this online in facebook wall of the top African Cheat master Gurusnizkid. Even though you guys didn't enjoy it because it is capped and when later it came back. This same etisalat 0.0k free browsing via psiphon blazed at Max speed via psiphon108handlerUI which i posted here which people get to know. Less i forget, you can still get your etisalat 400MB for 50#.

How To Flex With Etisalat Nxtfwrd 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing Via Uc Mini Handler 

To flex withHow To Flex With Etisalat Nxtfwrd 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing Via Uc Mini Handler, first of all download uc mini handler - Download it here. And then launch Ane configure it like below.

Click OK Button and start flexing. To download large files with it, Check out the way it is done in the formal Glo 0.0k free browsing via uc mini handler

Lol ask me  how i get to know about latest working cheats and will tell you. 
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July 02, 2016

Etisalat Bblited unlimited cheat now works on Tweak ware

More glad news as the lost hope is gradually coming back with our lovely BBLITE rweak now being the latest tweak to be included on tweakware vpn app .apk. if you have an updated tweakware vpn app, you will see ETISALAT BB10 and list of available tweaks as you can see the screenshot below.

This means you can use it on tweakware to power all android apps. When tested , it waa working with the free severs l. So fot now you dont need to be  a premium user on tweakware before rocking tgis cheat but i know as times goes on , a lot of people will now come fore it and that would lrad to congestion.

So for now,
• Download Latest tweakware vpn app - HERE

Then configure as below

•  Click Settings


• select bundle settings :

• Choose ETISALAT BB10

Then connect

One advantage that Tweakware has over other vpn apps is that it is already pre-configured for each tweak available so you don't have to configure anything by yourself. Just select the tweak you need
and wait for successful handshake..

You might be limited to using only 200mb per day because you are not a premium user but there is always a way out. I will advice you to go through the Tutorial below on how to bypass tweakware daily
200mb or 150mb limit👇
✌Once you have made sure your device is rooted, follow me along with below steps to bypass Tweakware daily 150mb allocation.

Step1: Download Device ID changer app from Google play store.

Step2: Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and it will request for permission, just grant it root permission (you see why you must root your phone)

Step3: Now, start browsing and immediately you reach the tweakware daily limit using the free server, just disconnect the tweakware app and return back to
the device id changer application you downloaded on step 1 above⬆

Step4: I will advice you to backup your origianal android id (this is necessary in case your phone is still on warranty and you want to return it for any reason).

Step5: After backing up or noting down your android phone original ID, Now, itstime to generate a random ID you will use for tweakware. Just tap to random ID
from the application.

Step6: Now that the random IP has been generated, you can now connect your tweakware vpn and enjoy the free servers again.

Note 📝
Anytime you use up the 150MB daily limit, what you will do is to just follow the above steps and the limit
would be by passed. Continue repeating the simple steps to enjoy the free servers unlimitedly.
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June 30, 2016

New Blazing Setting For Etisalat BB10 Data Plan Unlimited Surfing

Don't say bye bye yet to etisalat BB10 unlimited surfing and never mind about that busybody guy, let him keep reporting, the loopholes can't be blocked for ever.

Just follow the instruction below to keep flexing with your Etisalat BB10 unlimted surfing.
Change your Etisalat APN Settings to;
» Name: put anything
» APN:
» Proxy:
» Port: 8080

» Choose 1p4/p6

Then Launch Sypon Shield or Psiphon Handler, in the handler menu:
» Change only the Proxy Server to:

Force close your Sypon Shield or Psiphon Handler and restart again.  

Instead of activating the data plan with etisalat Bb10 Lite, use Etisalat Bb10 Mid subscription code rather.
Etisalat BB10 MID is also part of Etisalat BB10 data plan, currently working like Etisalat BB10 Lite on Android devices which can also be tethering to PC. It is working flawlessly with the above APN setting and the afformention Proxy Server. 
» For daily plan, SMS DMid to 399,  cost N100
» For Weekly plan, SMS WMid to 399, cost N550
» For Monthly plan, SMS MMid to 399, cost  N1500

Start surfing and enjoy your usual unlimited downloading!

Start surfing and enjoy your usual unlimited downloading!

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June 29, 2016

Enjoy New Etisalat 3Hrs Unlimited Browsing For Just N15

Most of us enjoyed Etisalat unlimited downloading we posted HERE but quite unfortunate Etisalat stopped the unlimited downloading yesterday, here we are again with another method you can browse unlimited with your Etisalat Sim

How To Subscribe For Etisalat 3 Hours Unlimited Browsing
  • Dial *200#, then reply 2 follow by 1 to Migrate to easy starter.
  • Migrate again to easy life by dialing *620*1#
  • To opt in for 3hours unlimited browsing with 15 Naira, dial *229* 3*7#
NOTE: Make sure you transfer your remaining
credit to some where to avoid deduction
when browsing.

You can opt out after 3hours to conserve your money by dialing *227* 0# And the more you opt out and opt in the more 3hours that will be added to your internet plan and 15naira is deduct from your etisalat balance.
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