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February 15, 2017

How To Get Free MTN 500MB and 1GB On Your Android, Java & iOS Smartphone

Helle viewers, i think our network providers are up to something. They are now using cheap cheap awoof to motivate us. Recently Etisalat released a free data offer of 1GB and today, i think you are going to enjoy free 500MB or 1GB of data from MTN when you dial the code am going to reveal here. But unfortunately, this awoof MB is not available for all MTN subscribers. In fact, to some aubscribers, MTN sent the message via sms straight to the beneficiaries to dial the code to activate it embedding the code in the sms.

If you havent gotten yours (sms) , that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy, afterall you can get a message from mtn saying ;

"Congratulations! You have been gifted FREE 1GB data, valid for 7 days, to surf the internet."

Then to activate it, you just have to dial *449*2# to activate your offer and after dialing the code, you will get a message like this..

"Congratulations! You have successfully activated FREE 1GB valid for 7 days. Please dial *559*4# to check balance." 

 To Get

  • Free mtn 1GB, dial *449*2#
  • For mtn 500MB, dial *449*1# 

Lol! I have gottn mine. Therefore, pray your sim is eligible. The free data valid for 7 days and it can be used on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, java phones, dongles, modern and PC. 

Note : After activating your free data, be notified that your tarrif pla will move from your current one to MTN DealZone which i dont know if you can migrate back to the former. 

This case looks like when MTN wants all customers to move from their current tarrif plan to MTN Pulse by offering free invisible 100MB when you dial the code (not knowing it's a migration code). 

I am not suprised of this. All i know is that they want aubscribers to migrate to new MTN DealZone tarrif plan by offering awoofs. They also did this while trying to make all customers move to 4G LTe by offering free 5GB of data which many of us did. 

Well activate the free mb code to get yours. If it doesnt work for you, you can try later pr wait for your sms to arrive. U
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February 10, 2017

How To Get Free 1GB Data On Etisalat Via Imei Tweaking

It been a long since tweakers tweak imei to get free data. Itbhas been long just after the airtel imei tweak that offers free 5GB(and was discovered to be 30GB via accumulation). Tweaking imei to get free data on etisalat has been long. I could remember the one pf the 150MB Free every month for one year. Lol mine is finished already.

This new tweak from etisalat is the same as the old & etisalat free 1gb data when you buy a new sim or smartphone(then you recharge #100 Airtime). Now i think you dont have to waste funds getting a new sim or new smartphone and recharging to get 1GB free data from etisalat, you can now get the free 1gb via imei tweaking.

To get free 1gb data from Etisalat, you have to tweak below imei


Tip : Learn How To Tweak Imei 

From above imeis, generate the remaining using GL Imei Generator Apk app( the app completes imei randomly). Now tweak the generated imei given by Gl Imei Generator using Mtk Engineering Mode.

Tip : Learn how to use gl imei generator to generate imeis

Immediately after tweaking, dont reboot your device, better still, switch on airplane and switch it off again. Successfully, your imei has being changed dial *#06# to confirm.

After that, go to your phone's dialer and dial *8186 *092840413028038# (for at least 15 times), then you will get your free 1gb of data from etisalat via a successful message saying ;

Congratulations your free smartphone 1GB has been successfully activated, data is valid till 08/03/2017. Get free social me pak

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January 02, 2017

MTN Is Dashing Out Free 4GB of Data

MTN is celebrating 2017 as a new year by dashing out free 4GB of data to all her 4G Subscribers.

This is a good welcome development from MTN but i am still wondering why they excluded the Non-4G compatible users or subscibers. They are also MTN customers. But anyway, they tried. I know they are trying to use these small awoof to bring more subscribers to their 4G Service and MTN at large.

How Can I Get My Free 4GB Data From MTN? 

As said earlier, the free 4GB of data is only available to those using MTN 4G sim and smartphone. Once your SIM and phone is 4G LTE ready, MTN should send you your free data and you should get notified via SMS like below ;

To celebrate the new year, you have beencredited with 4GB Free Data Valid for 7days to be enjoyed only on 4G enableddevices. 

Some MTN 4G enabled users are complaining of not getting an SMS notification. Don't panic because you can still check if you have been given but didn't get an sms for the free data.

How To Check MTN 4GB Free Data 

Just dial *559*444# to check your free 4GB data. That's it. Have you gotten yours? How do you see this awoof
offer?lol Let's see your comments.
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November 08, 2016

How To Recieve Free Data From MTN Dialy After Downloading MyMTNApp

Recently, MyMTNApp is now available for download in both PlayStore for Android and AppStore for IOS 
which has a lot of features which i explained here. Also recently, MTN launched a new service called MCN. A service that gives you notification of missed calls viavia sms. 

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Now MyMTNApp has doubled it service which means you will now get free data dialy from mtn after you download MyMTN App. Be it for Android or IOS. At least 10MB of data will be rewarded to you daily. Isn't this cool. At least half bread is better than none. Even Etisalat is not doing this kind of thing after downloading their own MyEtisalatApp.

MyMTN App contains ads; not Google Admob ads but MTN Ad Platform which you can find on most blog like

To Recieve Free Data From MTN Dialy After Downloading MyMTNApp? 

To recieve free data from MTN daily, Sms MYMTN to 5018. Then you recieve an sms saying :
Hi, Checkout MYMTN on your phone. Download it today from

Now click the link in the sms which will direct you to PlayStore then download the MyMTNApp and you start recieving free data daily from MTN via the App.

Ask any questions using the comment box and also drop you comment if this article helps.
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October 23, 2016

How To Get Free 1GB of Data From Etisalat Nigeria

This is very hot as etisalat is giving us free 1gig of data when we purchase a new sim card. If yiu could remember i wrote an article on Activating your New Smartphone and get 1GB free From Etisalat. I am sure this contradictory to it. While is this cool just recently airtel start giving 5gb of data and was all discovered and removed from all airtel sim today.

This one is no cheat my fans ut is an offer. So follow below step to get your own free 1gb with a news etisalat sim card.

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How To Get Free 10MB Data And N50 Airtime From MTN VTU

How To Get Free 1GB of Data From Etisalat Nigeria 

  • Firstly, purchase a new etisalat sim  from seller. 
  • Switch to Etisalat Easy Cliq.
  • Now recharge your account with airtime of either #100 or #200. 
  • Then wait for 24hours and you will Be given your 1gb by recieving message saying : 
Congratulations! Your free smartphone 1GB data has been successfully activated, data is valid till 17/11/2016. Get free social me pak when you buy a minimum of 1K data plan monthly for 11 months.

This is boring isn't it? Nothing free comes easily. Let just say you subscribe for ut but it cheap sha.
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How To Get Free 10MB Data And N50 Airtime From MTN VTU

Just last week i posted an article on mtn vtu. This is a special service from MTN that offers free airtime to it customers for free of charge. And also recently MTN launched a new offer called MTN Awuf4U. As i was saying recently mtn is dashing 500# airtime via vtu but it has ended and i will update yiu guys when it back. But i am still getting my N500 free airtime from MTN.NB: Not Bonus it is a normal airtime.Like when you recharge

Now MTN VTU is at it they are dashing 50# free and 10MB free also for jusjust a token which is you will answer their questions.

How To Get Free 10MB And N50 From MTN Via VTU 

To Get Free 10MB And N50 From MTN Via VTU, Text START TO 38143.  Then you will be redirected to a call. recieving an sms first saying : Thank you for responding. Please expect a call shortly. Pick the call and answer thier simple question. E.g
  • How old are you
  • Married or single 
  • No children or one child 
  • Male or female 
  • State etc. 
Then after call you get this  : Thanks for your responses. Look out for your N50 airtime reward within the next 48 hours. 

Then later you will receive a message from MTN N saying : You have received 10.00MB data bonus, valid for 3 days. Dial *559*11# to view bonus. Top Up =N500 & Get 50MB, Top Up >=N1000 & Get 100MB.

And A Message from VTU Saying :
Ref: 791186678  22/10 21:13:17      
Bonus Acc: Dial *559*4#         
Amt: N50.00       
From: MTN VTU      
Buy your BB,Data,XtraValue,Social Bundles from VTU

That all about getting Free 10MB And N50 From MTN. Which is different feom the new MTN Awuf4U.
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September 22, 2016

Special Offer From Fidelity Bank : Get Free 50MB Of Free Data When You Recharge N100 And More Directly From Your Bank Account

It no more news on the competition for prominence, Fidelity Bank has now joined other banks using new Awooofs to get more customers. Well this is just a means of advertising their business worldwide. This offer is Same to tge first bank aspect too. That is when first was giving free 50mb of data to any of thier customer who recharge via first bank account.

This article is informing us that Fidelity Bank is now dashing free 50mb free pf data any of their customers who purchase airtime directly from His/ Her
Accounts. Its simple , I have enjoyed GTBank Mobile Recharge system by
simply dialing *737* Amount# and First Bank by dialing *904*amount#.

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This article made me recollect the old 

Free Wi-Fi Browsing from Zenith Bank In LUTH & Other Branches. All these token offer are meant to all and drag tge attention of non-customers to their business. This token has also served as a means of advertising products and business like I said ealier.

No long stories , they will always suprise you Now to enjoy this free 50MB ,just take and consider the act of purchasing airtime from your  directly from Fidelity Bank account Instead of using cash to do so and buying from retail sales. you are 100% safe when you buy airtime directly from your bank account. 

How To Recharge Directly From Your Bank Account With Fidelity Bank

To Recharge Directly From Your Bank Account With Fidelity Bank Simply dial *904*amount#. Then ext help to 2442 for to 2442 for DND options. Just like below snapshot where I got the sms from Fidelity Bank 

Special offer! Get 50MB of free data when you recharge N100 or more directly from your bank account: dial *904*amount#. Text help to 2442 for to 2442 for DND options. 

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September 13, 2016

Free Airtel 100mb And 200mb Codes For Browsing September

Airtel has arrived with their awoof strategy to lure people to buy their sim card saying they are giving salah mb for free but the just that this airtel mb giveaway has been on for a while I think last year using the code but it doesn't work for all sims it selects.

i tried it on three sims before i luckily got my own 200mb valid for 14days but i know its going to finish within a day..


Simply dial *141*13*100# for 100mb and *141*13*200# for 200mb on your Airtel line and if you lucky You will get a Good reply from airtel claiming your free 100mb or 200mb like the Screenshot Below.

Note: Am still Saying it again, it doesn't work on all sims it selects sims to just try your luck and give feedback through
the comment box.. Thanks
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