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May 28, 2017

How To Make Money on Instagram or With Your Instagram Page

The initial step to profiting with Instagram is inspiring individuals to tail you. Unless you have — at the exceptionally least — a couple of thousand devotees, it will be hard to persuade any brands to support your posts.Hashtags are something other than a chance to be cunning; truth be told, they're an imperative showcasing instrument. Adding pertinent hashtags to your photographs enables you to be found by clients keen on the sort of substance you post.

This must be the subtlest and the noblest approach to gain cash from Instagram. Instagram is established on the possibility that individuals who has a handheld camera has something fascinating inside them, and sharing them to a group of a similar intrigue would bring better and even beneficial outcomes.

In the event that you adore photography (not exclusively doing 'selfies'), then attempt Instagram. Bring your aptitudes of arrangement, presentation, and modifying to the surface. A large portion of all, let the general population know you got the ability—an expertise wherein impacts wind up being "mischances." If you can catch incredible shots, individuals will get in touch with you to take great shots of their items, all utilizing Instagram.

Ways to make money from Instagram

1. License Sell your Instagram photos with foap : 
One selling point is quite famous photo foap. You can register yourself for free, create a portfolio to build buyer confidence, and look at the "Missions" to find potential buyers. This technique is probably the easiest way to do, because you do not need a lot of followers to sell your instagram photos. All photos will be priced around $10, but 50% of sales will be taken by foap.

2. Can the Commission to Sell Other Products : 
Selling other people's products is one quick and easy way to earn money from Instagram. One application that allows this is Peerfly. You need to start with a sales promotion is to copy its URL and put it at the bio Instagram. When other users click the URL, you will get a commission if they buy something.

3. Use Multi-Level Marketing to build a network marketing :
Many online sellers who start a business via Instagram only. Selling products with this MLM scheme will help develop a business, so the more you buy, the more extensive retailer network. Disadvantages of this method is that most MLM requires you to invest some money to buy "initial package". Advantages of this way is that you will continue to be assisted superiors to build its own network.

4. Use your instagram account as advertising Publisher :
If you are one of those people who have tens of thousands of followers and can get like easily, maybe you can try to obtain sponsorship from a company that will pay you to promote their products. You can contact the marketing division of the company in question.

If you try to monetize your instagram accounts with Affiliate programs then you need to see new service from

Posting clickable links on comments are not enabled on Instagram. Also you can put only one link in your Instagram profile. So, when you publish new post with new link to product in profile, the previous post loses its link. That means that your visitors can buy only the last item in your affiliate program.
With one link to Befuy storefront they can see and buy previous products too.

Storefront for Instagram account @horlartechgist. You can add products into one storefront from different affiliate programs.

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January 09, 2017

Top Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Products

Recently i wrote an article on how to make or earn cool money with affiliate marketing popularly known as affiliate program. In that same article i also explained the meaning of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to make money online in
which you promote other company's products or services so that they can be sold out, and you get a commission. This kind of sales network is also called as referral network.

Top Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Products are :

1. Affiliate Banners

Putting up or implementing affiliate banners is a nice way of promoting the products or services. Most of the Merchants (Affliate Staffs) offer creative banners, you just need to get the ad code and put on your blog or site. You might some find some banners not so attention grabbing, then you may design a good banner of your own, and then put wherever you want on your blog or site; then add the affiliate link to the banner-Understood?

Tip: You should work day & night to build authority in your niche so that when you recommend something, audience take that seriously.

2. Writing Reviews

Writing reviews of a particular affiliate product and services is getting popularity as it works like a charm for most of the affiliate marketers. This works in most cases because when you write a product review, you write everything about the product like an intro, features, pros, cons, and even pricing, Audiences or Blog readers get to know all the details, and if they feel satisfied, they would click the link (you must add product's affiliate Link
somewhere in the review copy) to buy the product.

Check this post published on Shoutmeloud in which SEMRush
tool has been reviewed in a great way. There you will find an affiliate link as well which is added there to direct people to the signup page, and if they buy a plan, the commission gets earned.
Mostly good affiliate marketers add the link at the end of the review to use it as CTA (Call To Action).

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3. Creating a post with a list of Products

Sometimes you may write a post with a list of products with their short descriptions, and give buy now links there for every product. One more tip to convert more readers is to provide good in-depth details about the products you list. This way the reader will be convinced whether to buy or not. If you are writing smaller list posts, link each product to a review of the product you have covered previously. This will help the readers and ultimately you.

To give you some idea posts can be like:

1. 10 keyword research tools
2. 10 gadgets for your office
3. 8 best micro SD cards for your smart phone.
4. Top 5 laptops under N35,000

Then make the content of those posts contain your affiliate product's link rather Ad Link.

In such kind of posts, try to list products with smaller prices. To be more specific, I would say you should analyze your traffic sources and the audience type at first. Then you should write about products they usually use and need. This way you can convert the visitors more.

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4. Send Newsletters mentioning the affiliate products

Many a time, when there are great deals & discounts are being offered by the merchant, you may make use of your
email list by sending them emails which talk about those offers. You should add your affiliate links to the mentioned products in the email. This works well!

Bonus Ways To Promote Affiliate Products are :

1. Sharing To Social Media Platforms :

You can also promote affiliate products on (your) social media platforms. This is the best way non-bloggers can promote affiliate products making use of their social media platforms.

To do this, you have to get the affiliate banner ad link, then download the preview of the affiliate banner ad. Now just go to your social media (anyone) then upload the image and put the Ad Link below(Facebook & twitter aspect).

For whatsapp, just share the banner ad preview image, then add the ad link as caption below the image. You can also write some details about the product on the affiliate banner or link.

2. Advertising Your Affiliate Products : 
Another bonus way to promote affiliate products is by advertising the product Online or Face to Face. In the sense that, you tell people to info or alert or meet you if they want to buy products online.

You can do this my saying "Mr/Mrs Sososo, Please if you want to buy products at cheaper price online, info me. You can tell them about Home Appliances & Gadgets(Understood).

No doubt, Affiliate marketing is one of the finest and the most lucrative ideas to make money online, but you must opt for the right approach. One important thing I would like to recommend you that don't promote affiliate products in every post you publish on the blog rather do it on regular intervals. Suppose if you publish 5 posts within 10 days then you should promote affiliate products
in one of those articles or after those 5. Means write a post to promote affiliate products after every 5 general posts. [Not necessarily, you can publish such posts whenever you want.] I am sure; this blog post helped you know some of the important steps to take to make money with affiliate marketing.

Share your ideas via comments.
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January 08, 2017

How To Make Cool Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the approaches to profit online in which you advance other organization's items or administrations with the goal that they can be sold out, and you get a commission. This kind of offers system is additionally called as referral system. I have been profiting with partner showcasing for a considerable length of time utilizing my distinctive activities, and according to my experience I cansay that it is one of the best adaptation ways bloggers must not miss. I have taken in a great deal of things working for a considerable length of time with this great advertising method.

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There are numerous blogger companions of mine who ask me which offshoot program they ought to join to profit, Let me let you know that it's not the associate program that profits consequently but rather your aptitudes do. Those projects are quite recently the stages; you need to utilize your promoting and duplicate written work abilities to offer items on your blog.

Below are few sure fire ways to make money with affiliate marketing : 

1. Generate Traffic and Engagement on your Blog : 

When you like to be an affiliate of some brand, you need to apply for that with your blog. They mainly review your blog's stats content, and popularity to decide either to approve or disapprove. Thus, the very first step you need to take is to generate traffic and engagement on your blog. Organic traffic has been the winner for me because most of the purchases happen with this traffic source only. So, you have to generate huge organic traffic from your targeted keywords.

Engagement is the second thing you should work on because when you work on this part, you actually make friends with bloggers and readers who read and comment on your blog most frequently. There are many sure shot ways to build engagement like : 

1. Build email list, so send regular mailers to subscribers.
2. Run contests once in a while.
3. Use short surveys to ask readers about their feedback on blog content quality.
4. Have your picture on the blog – this helps in association of visitors with the man behind the show.
5. External high quality relevant links where ever applicable does a great job in building relevance for the reader and
leads to engagement.
6. Embed videos at suitable spots – This can be about the product details or demonstration or may be un-boxing if it's about a device. 

As the relationship grows, trust stats building up too. So when you recommend something to buy they are likely to buy or further share your recommendation. It really works! Though Organic traffic is the most important source, you must work on other traffic sources as well. Never put all of your eggs in one basket! Spreading your income sources is
required to be on the safer side.

One most important thing is, work hard to get targeted visitors because targeted visitors are most likely to buy products. Non-targeted users mostly come and bounce back thus no monetary benefits you get. 

2. Apply for different Affiliate Programs

Though the number of sales you make is not program specific, I would still like to list out the best affiliate programs. Number of sales mostly depends on the number of targeted traffic, your compelling content, and your authority in your niche.

You should join Commission Junction, Shareasale, Amazon and Clickbank to start with, there are many more but it makes lot of sense to work with few and get the most out of them. Make sure to build a good blog, and generate some good amount of traffic before applying to any affiliate program. 

3. Choosing the Right Product

Most of the affiliate marketers do mistake by choosing every kind of products to promote. You must choose the right products to promote which are relevant for your blog content. Affiliate marketing success heavily depends on this factor because if you don’t promote the right product to the right audience then don’t expect the sales.

If you want to promote a product, make sure you have a Range of articles related to your product. Suppose I have this blog in technology niche. If I want to convert more sales, I should be focusing on 4-5 articles on related subjects to draw user's attention, rather than one single post with affiliate links.
It's important to show up as a authority in a niche. The reason for above is that a single unrelated product will not pull much organic traffic while a related product can get organic traffic and can be interlinked to get maximum exposure. 

4. Promotion

Now this one is the final and the most crucial part of affiliate marketing. Right kind of promotion can get your more sales. There are many ways you can promote the products to maximize the sales.

The First thing you should keep in the mind is that you have to get the affiliate link of products to link while promoting. You may get these from the affiliate dashboard of the program. 

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How To Get and Add Konga Affiliate Banner Ad Code To Blog or Website

(Konga) Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to make money online in which you promote other company's products or services so that they can be sold out, and you get a commission. This kind
of sales network is also called as referral network. Konga is a top one and Jumia also is another one. After fully joining Konga Affiliate Program, you have to start promoting products so that you can start earning your commissions.

Here, i will teach you how to promote konga affiliate product's ad. These ads can be promoted on a blog or website by adding the banner code to your site. If you don't have a website or blog, you can make use of your social media platforms.

How To Get Konga Affiliate Link or Ad Code

Step 1 : Log in to your Konga affiliate dashboard

Step 2 : Click on “Banner and Links”.

Step 3 : Click on campaign filter and choose any Konga product you want to promote and advertise, select “Channel”.

Step 4 : Now create a new channel for every link placement you want. In banners you can choose to get the link version with channel appended.

Step 5 : The channel parameter will be transferrer also to the tracked commission, so you will know exactly what link led to the commission.

Step 6 : Now select a product category
and click on “Apply” to show the banners and links for that particular category of product you choose.

Step 7 : Scroll down to see various banner sizes and designs, Select the banner size design you want and
click on “Show banner code”, copy the code and create a widget for it on your blog/website.

To add the banner ad code to your blogger blog, click here and for your wordpress blog click here.

Recommended : 

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How To Join Konga Affiliate Program and Start Making Money in Nigeria

I'm certain this is not something new to most web dependent, particularly the individuals who have an energy for profiting through the web, however the post is for the advantage of the individuals who are not yet mindful of it. I can see that loads of individuals now know the advantage of purchasing merchandise online as it's spares you from the worry of going to various stores. Greater part of online stores offers costs that are much lower than what you will discover at a physical store. Shopping on the web permits you to discover numerous items that you wouldn't have the capacity to discover in a physical store and some more. is one of the best and put stock in site to shop online in Nigeria.

Much the same as Jumia Affiliate Program, Konga Affiliate Program is a subsidiary program in Nigeria that permits you to profit online by offering items through advanced pennants for a commission. Konga Affiliate Program is a genuine approach to profit on the web, you don't have to stress yourself, you should essentially agree to the Konga subsidiary program, hold up to be affirmed, once endorsed, begin advancing and publicizing their items on different stages, for instance on a site, via web-based networking media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, BBM and other online networking stage. Just take a seat and unwind while your diligent work profits for you and grinning to the bank each second Friday of the month.

The possibility of Konga offshoot program is very basic, All you have to do is to send guests to by means of a unique connection (called 'member interface') which is installed inside your Konga Affiliate Link using promotiononce anybody purchases anything from through your Affiliate Link, you will get your bonus. Your bonus will be paid to the financial balance gave amid enrollment to the subsidiary program.

Step 1 : Go to Konga Affiliate Page Here, scroll down to the to see the Registration Form.

Step 2 : Carefully fill the form by providing the accurate information where required. Provide your website/
blog URL, but if you do not own a website/blog, you can simply use one of your social media account url, like Facebook or Twitter and remember to specify your website/blog type.

Step 3 : When filling the payout method, make sure your bank details are correct. Your commissions will be paid to you via “Bank Wire”, so ensure to correctly enter your payout information and accept the “Terms and Conditions” and click the “Signup” button to complete your sign up.

Step 4 : Usually you will receive an email from Konga congratulating you for joining the Konga Affiliate Program. Konga will manually review your application and approve or reject your application.

They often approve registrations if you have a website/blog or a good social media influence if you are using your
social media profile as your site.

Step 5 : On approval another email will be sent to you with your affiliate login details and login URL from your affiliate manager.

Now you can login to your Konga affiliate dashboard and editing your Profile and your personal information. You can change the default password to
something you can easily remember.

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Enjoyed it? Drop your comments below
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January 07, 2017

How To Join Jumia Affiliate Program and Start Making Money

Jumia Affiliate is a program for bloggers and non bloggers whereby publishers will be promoting jumia products on their website or blog or social media platforms using banner ad and individuals can promote using ad links. Then jumia pays you whenever a product is been purchased via your link or banner. 13% of what is bought via your ad is what jumia will offer you for. For example if someone or you yourself buy a product of N100,000 via your ad promotion, jumia will offer you 18% of 100k which is N18,000. Isn't this cool. Why don't you join Jumia Affiliate Today!

Step 1 : Go to, click "Become An Affiliate"  or click the drop down tap and click "Register"

Step 2 : In the sign up page, fill in your details. Account type, choose individual or company according to your details. Fill other details also and at the end input your website or blog URL.

Step 3 : Click "Start Earning"

Step 4 : Now confirm your email and log in to your jumia affiliate dashboard.

Note : If you don't have a website, you can input yout social media url. Be ut facebook, twitter, BBM.

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January 03, 2017

How To Make Money Online With YouTube Channel - #1

Hi folks, all! In this post, This is the primary instructional exercise on the best way to profit online arrangement, I will upgrade however much as could be expected the various ways you can profit on the web, whether you are a Nigerian, Indian, Kenyan, American, Ghanaian and other nations, I guarantee you, in the event that you are a general part, you will most likely discover a technique to profit appropriate for you. I know you may have seen a ton of instructional exercises online in-mission to make cash on the web, yet not all are sufficient, but rather in my arrangement, you will discover no less than 3 which will serve as an on the web salary implies for you.

I will teach you how you can make cool money online with a YouTube channel. Starting a YouTube channel is the simplest way of making money online and needs no investment. Youtube gets almost 5 billion video views per day which proves its power on the internet.

Felix Kjellberg, CEO of PewDiePie (a YouTube channel), has earned 12 million dollars in 2015 by running a single YouTube channel. Therefore, you too can see such success if you capitalize on the opportunity that YouTube provides us currently.

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Suitable For:
People or individuals who love to create videos, like to talk in front of a camera, shoot documentaries or short films. Even comedy skits are allowed.

Skills Required:
Ability to create a video using software tools or record a video using your mobile phone or camcorder.

Time Required For Starting A YouTube Channel:
Virtually you can start within minutes. You'll have to visit, create a channel and upload videos. Learn how to create YouTube channel and monetize here. But you must enable monetization before earning 

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Tips/How To 

  • Make a YouTube channel around a particular specialty, for example, Silliness, Tutorial, Recipe, War, Cartoon, History, Live Fight, Live scene occasion, Parties, Funny Moment, Football m highlights and so forth. Don't simply go out make any irregular disconnected recordings channel. For e.g. On the off chance that you adore contraptions, you can make a contraption audits channel where you can post audit recordings of the most recent contraptions and individuals to choose whether it's a correct decision for them. 
  • Select a specialty in which you're truly intrigued by. Dissect different recordings identified with your point, perceive what number of perspectives those recordings get. It will help you to get an outline of how many individuals are keen on Generally more the perspectives more gainful the topic is. As more individuals are scanning for it. 
  • Look at if there's any missing idea in the presently existing recordings identified with your specialty. You can cover those ideas in your recordings to bring more perspectives. 
  • Give your best to connect with your group of onlookers. Examine remarks individuals leave on your recordings, take in the covered up desires that your group of onlookers has from you. 
  • Attempt to discover what they like about your recordings and what they don't. Think about which recordings get the most astounding maintenance rate and discover the explanations for them. 
  • Keep an eye on your rivals and attempt to demonstrate the things that are working for them. However, never attempt to duplicate them, generally keep up your uniqueness. 
  • Continuously attempt to ad lib each new video from the last one. 
  • So when you take a gander at your first recordings following couple of years, you ought to think aww how terrible I was before. That is a decent sign; it demonstrates that you've moved forward. 
  • Examination, investigation, and analysis. Never dread to attempt something new and perceive how it functions. Investigations are the just way where you can discover new and energizing stuff which can launch you path in front of your rivals. 
  • At long last, attempt to work together with other YouTuber's who are doing comparative work. Take in their procedures and outlook. 
  • Cooperating can do ponders for your channel. Have fun. Do the things that you cherish and make the most of your life.
How To Monetize: 
You can monetize your YouTube video by placing AdSense ads on it. And when you get more views in your video, you earnings increases. 

But you need to have enable monetization on your YouTube channel so you can be able to sign up for YouTube Google AdSense then you can place adSense ad on your video. 
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December 21, 2016

How To Place or Turn on Ads For YouTube Videos You've Already Uploaded

Before earning cool money online with your YouTube videos, firstly you must have created a YouTube Channel and also enabled monetization on it before you can now star earning.

Even after enabling monetization, you have to sign up for YouTube AdSense to monetize your YouTube videos using Google AdSense ads by placing those ads on your video. Therefore, if you have already created a YouTube channel and have already enabled monetization, and also sign up for AdSense and gotten approval, you are just one step to startstart earning.

One step to start earning which is by placing AdSense ads on your YouTube videos.

How To Place Ads On YouTube Videos 

Step 1 : Go to your Video Manager.
Note : Make sure you have enabled monetization on your YouTube.

Step 2 : Next to the video you want to enable ads for, click Edit or the monetization icon.

Step 3 : Select the Monetization tab.

Step 4 : Select "Monetize my video"

Step 5 : Select what ad formats you want to turn on for the video. Each type of ad format notes what devices it will appear on and includes an illustration of the ad placement.

Step 6 : Click Save changes.

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December 15, 2016

Top 6 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Blogging, i will say is an informational or discussion website , published on the world wide web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts"). There are several ways you could make money with your blog. 

Today I am going to share several other ways to make money with a blog other than PPC and CPM advertising. You can decide which monetizing model will best work for you or you can combine
your existing advertising method with and earn extra money from your blog.

After creating a fully launched blog, the next thing is for a blogger to monetize his or her blog to make cool cash from. Therefore, my question is Are you a blogger looking for a cool way to make cool money from blogging? , don't mind anymore there are many ways of earning cool cash from blogging even apart from using top ad network like Google AdSense. There are many ways of making money but i will just mention the top 6 because i think will be useful. 

1. PPC Advertising (Pay per click) :

You can earn money from PPC ad by implementing live ads on your blog and when a been clicked, the ad network pay you per click. Example of a PPC ad network that pays Google adsense,, Propellerads, infolinks etc. 

In this type of advertisement, your earning is based on the price the advertiser agrees to pay per click which is referred to as CPC (cost per click).

Let’s say the CPC for the campaign is $0.10 and you get 100 clicks per day, your earnings will be 100 x $0.10 = $10.
This type of advertisement is suitable for sites with good traffic as there is higher tendency of more people clicking on your ads when there are so many visitors to the site. Other PPC ad networks other than Google Adsense Include; 

2. CPM advertising (Cost per 1000 impressions) :

CPM advertisement is a type of advertisement where you earn money from your blog impressions. In this type of advertisement, you earn a certain amount of agree fee per 1000 impressions.

If the CPM of the campaign is $3 and you get 5k impressions daily, then your earning will be $3 x 5 = $15 daily. This type of advertisement is best for sites with huge traffic and page impressions. The best part is that your ads don’t have to be clicked on for you to earn money unlike PPC Ads. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is yet another way to earn money with your blog. Here you simply earn commission for products you sell through your site. There are tons of merchants out there that are willing to pay you commission for sponsoring sales.

You can join affiliate programs directly or indirectly through popular networks such as Commission Junction and Clickbank .  When you join such programs, you are provided with tools such as banners and text links that you add to your site. When a visitor follows the link or banner to buy the product, you are paid a commission.
Affiliate are : 

4. Direct Banner Advertising:

Direct Bannr Advertising is also another way to earn with your blog. This works by selling banner spaces. You can decide to sell banner spaces on your blog for a certain amount of money.

Usually, banners are placed on sidebars, so you can offer to sell a
certain banner space for money. It could be 300 x 250, 300 x 600, 160 x 600,etc..

This is best for sites with huge impressions as advertisers are always interested in sites with large audience.
You can approach potential advertisers with offer to buy banner spaces on your blog for a period of time, providing them with traffic and ranking stats. 

5. Sponsored Product Reviews :

Publishing sponsored product reviews is yet another way to make money with your blog. There are some awesome sponsored review marketplaces out there that can provide you with the opportunity to get sponsored product review offers.

You simply write sponsored posts about a specific product, publish it on your site and get paid for it. This is one of the methods i have been using to make money with my blog. You can directly approach advertisers for a paid review or join some of the sponsored post networks.

Sponsored review network you can join are :

6. Text Link Ads

Text link ads is another popular way you can make money with your blog, but you must adhere to Google webmaster guidelines else your site may be penalized for passing link juice to external sites. 

There are so many webmasters out there that have been earning money with this method without problems. Ensure to attach “nofollow” attribute tags to the text link ads.

Text link ad you can join are 


With these 6 ways of making money from your blog, i think later in the day your blog will be rolling in money. Also nite that most of these ways of making money must need your site to comply wuth their policy mist especially the PPC Ads. Enjoy reading drop your comments below.  
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December 03, 2016

Top 10 Url Shortener Sites You Can Earn Money From - Maximize Your Profit Today

Technology brought internet which has makes our lives easier. In this world, there are many ways of making money in this life which even bloggers cannot talk about again. Like i said there are many ways to make money and "via Internet" is one of them. In this article, i will discuss on how to start earning cool money with URL been shortened; and here, you don't need any experience to start earning with URL Shorteners.

What Are Url Shortners ?

Url Shortner are sites which helps you shorten your any long url. It can be your blog/site url. There are many url sites. Some of these sites are making money url shortener sites and just few are not. For example and does not monetize shortened link. Most of these sites pay you just because you bring traffic to their sites. 

How do You Make Money withURL Shorteners ?

To make money with url shorteners sites, you have to log on to any of below url shortener sites mentioned below then create an account and start shortening your url. At that spot, you start earning money once anyone clicks it. Some pays $5 to $6 if 1000 or more visitors to click the URL links. 

Top 10 Url Shortner Websites to Make Cool Money From ?

1. ADF.LY : is the No. 1 URL shortening
site worldwide that pays cash for shortening links and promoting them. pay you around $8 for over 1000 views or clicks been detected on a url been shortened by them. threshold payment is just $5. They can pay you your earnings on both daily and monthly basis through PayPal(Only). Therefore Join Signup Today 


LinkShrink is another URL shortening website. LinkShrink payment depends on the country you base. Fir example someone living in tmUnited States gets $4 for 1000 views and so on. LinkShrink threshold income is also $5 and payment is recieved via PayPal. LinkShrink pays you on 1 and 16 of every month.

You can also make money vis their affiliate program or marketing. Once you have signed for LinkShrinkz join bmbecoming an affiliate and you will receive 15%(commission rate) for each person you refer. Therefore, join linkshare today and start earning 


Another URL shortener site is works like LinkShrink in sense that it payments depends on based country. Fir example, pay out around $8.60 for people in US. However , pays only $.58 for people living in India.

There are difference in the minimum payouts rate of For example, you can only withdraw $5 via PayPal, $20 via Payoneer and $5 via Web Money. You can also earn money with their referral program which pays you 20% per referral. Therefore, join Here. 

4. BC.VC

BC.VC a bold link shorter website that
pays you for two categories which are interstitials CPM (1000) and Top banner CPM. For example in US for interstitials for unique you get $5 and for Raw you get $2.25. For top banner it does not pay you anything.

Moreover the commission rate for referrals it is 20% and minimum payout is $10.00. Join now.

5. ADFOC.US cmaffords to pay you up to $8.70 for 1000 views however in India you get only $.60. In te aspect of threshold  income for the payouts for every month is $10.00. They offer 20% per referrals. pay you monthly through PayPal and Bitcoin. Signup Here.  


The above 5 websites are really popular but there are others which are lesser known but still you can make money with. URLcash is one of them with a low
profile. This is really good for bloggers and website owners. URLCash can pay you up to 90% of its income. You can make 35% for referrals and also 13% more on what your referrals make and so on. You get paid through PayPal, Payza, Paxum etc.

Bonus Sites 

7. P.PW - Signup P.PW Here
8. ITY.IM -  Sign for here 
9. CASHFLY - Sign for cashfly here 
10. OUO.IO - sign up here 

These are the top 5+ website you can earn money from when youyou shorten your link. You can visit each website to learn about them. 
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November 19, 2016

How To Setup Google Admob And Other Ad Networks Ad Units (Banner And Interstitial) In Your App Via Developer Monetize Or Ad Section

Hi guys i am back again will my monetization and making money tips. Here i will be discussing how to set up your Admob ad unit in your app via app dev(r "Ads" or "Monetize" section. App Developer is referred to as the website where you created an android app with or without monetization. My question is that have you created an android app but you haven't monetize them because you don't know how to?

Alright let me start again, do you want to create an app for monetization rrad below.

  • How To Create Your App (Android/IOS)

To create your own android app, read here ==> Top 5+ app building platforms and create your own app for a blog or other events carefully using any sites mentioned in the article. I will recommend you to use Androidcreator or Appsgeyer, better still use Andromo. For your ios you wan use Androidcreator.

Now that you have created your android app, read below to monetize your app for free. You can also publish your app to PlayStore.

  • How To Monetize Your App Using Google Admob 

Now that you have created your app own app, why don't you monetize it using admob. Admob is a top ad network developed by Google for monetizing apps for free. Admob is very easy to monetize app but they pay very low but have too much advertiser which will increase your earnings. 

To monetize your app using admob, create your Admob account here and also how to create ad units (Banner and interstitial). 

  • How To Setup Google Admob Ad Units (Banner and interstitial) Into Your App

Now that you have created your app  using any platform and also created an admob account and it ad units (banner and interstitial) for monetization, here is how to put those ad units in to your app you want to monetize. 

To put the created admob ad units (banner and interstitial), 
==> Log on the o the site where you created your app. Then log in your account. 
==> Now Navigate to the "Monetize" or "Ads" section of your app platform or developer's site or web Url. 
Note : Some app building site call ut Monetize and some Use "Ads"(Section) any of the two is where to set up your Admob ads. 

==> Then you choose "Google Admob" for the ad network you want to use to monetize your app.
Note : In most app building website you may not choose ad network but rather be given direct box to fill with your Admob ad. Like below e.g androidcreator. 

==> Then two box will be provided. First one for "Admob banner ad unit id" and the second for "Admob interstitial ad unit id". Fill those boxes carefully with their required ad units then tap "Save" and re-download your app and see Admob ads displaying on it. 

  • Conclusion 

Now i have made app creating and monetization easy, you can now read other post related to monetization and ad network. Also you will start to earn more money with your app without restrictions. You can also use other Adnetworks to monetize your app (Facebook Audience Network is very good also).

FreeTimeShow : Time to talk - tell me the kind of app you illustrating using the name  and tell you the platform used to create it. That all guys 
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November 17, 2016

Top 5+ Ad Networks In Nigeria That Pays Blogger/Site Owners - 2016

Are you Nigerian or West African blogger or site owner and you want to monetize your blog but you don't want to use Adsense because you are 80% sure you will get disapproved, worry no more because they are ads networks in Nigeria that pays cool cash to blogger and site owners. You can use these ad networks if you just created a new blog or a blog that is 4days old but has not been ranked at all. You can use these ad networks to monetize your blog so that you will start earning immediately you create a new blog and get new domain (Be it free or paid).

These ad networks are not only for Nigerians but west Africa at large. Even bloggers in usa, uk china, indian and ither countries can use these ad networks as far as they have Banks in Nigeria or any west African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and serria leone).  

Top 5 Ad Networks In Nigeria That Pays Blogger/Site Owners 


Adquet (Publishers Home) is a Nigerian Top Ad Networks that pays blogger. Adquet operates with "PPC", "CPC" snd Intestia. At least they pay #7 per click and highest click might be #100 depends on type of ads. Adquet is the Nigeria ad network that has the highest advertisers and pubishers using them. 

More About Adquet 

Immediately you sign up for Adquet, you can acess your dashboard. Therefore to startstart earning, you need to add your website url. Adquet accepts any url be it an hosted domain like your site or free and paid domain. When you add your website to adquet, it takes 24hrs to get approved and once approved you will be able to create ad units and paste on your site. To know if Adquet has approved yoir website, a just check your status, if it writing pending you will wait and if active you are approved and to know if your website or blog is disapproved, your site will be deleted by Adquet from the add site page. 

Adquet pays minimum of N3000 directly into your Nigerian bank account. But one problem about Adquet is that they behave like google Adsense. Once you click your ads, you Adquet is gone forever. So you can join Adquet at snd sign up as "Pubisher" or "Advertisers and Publishers"


NG advert (Pay per click & Contextual Ad Network) as it indicates is also a (NG) Nigeria ad network that pays blogger / site owners. NG advert works just like Adquet. They pay like Adquet but they don't have much publishers.
They pay per click and usinf CPCs which make your eanrins increase. 

NG advert is the only Nigeria ad network that offer free cash just to become an advertiser for you to advertise any product and once yoir free advertisers cash exhausts, you will start to pay for adverts. 

More About NG Adverts 

Immediately you sign up for NG advert  wow you start earning cool cash. You don't have to add your website or blog all you do is just sign up, then create ad units and place them on your blog and start earning. Ng adverts also disable you account if they notice any spam click on any live ad or AdS. 

Ng adverts pays minimum of 3000 naira also to publishers directly to their nigeriabank account. So you can join NG Adverts at snd sign up as publisher. 

3. DOCHASE :  

Dochase is also a Nigeria ad network that pays blogger and site owners but they pay low to bloggers but they have many advertisers also. Dochase is far different from Adquet and Ng advert in design aspect and ads aspect. Actually i once used Dochase but i quit when i saw the way adquet and ng advert works and pays. 

I don't have much to say about Dochase because they delay in showing earnings after ads in been clicked. Dochase is also strict in handling ads they deactivate your account once notice any spam click on your live ads. They pay high on Cpc only which are unnecessary to bloggers or site owners.  Therefore you can start your life with Dochase at


Nairapp ( Nigerian online & mobile advertising network) is a top ad network i love so much. They tell everything about how they pay once you join their publisher's service. Nairapp app pays higher per click but don't have enough advertisers even as they collect as low as N500 daily per ads. 

Nairapp makes you earn more money when you referral users to their service using your referal links. Meaning you will earn 85% of money paid or spent by advertisers yourm refer, and 13% of money earned by publisher you refer. 

They way nairapp pays is very funny. The type of banner ad determine they amount they pay per click. Checkout below snapshot. 

In above snapshot you can see that the highest paid ad units are the banner ads 468x60 and the Mobile Text ad. Lol very funny and can only redraw minimum of N3000 from nairapp. Therefore join nairapp using my referal link ==>


Alternativeadvert (Online Advertisement In Nigeria) as it name indicates is an alternative ad network that pays just like nairapp. They work just like nairapp just as Adquet works same way with ng adverts. The only difference between alternative adverts and is the amount they pay when you refer. That's, you will earn 3% of money paid or spent by advertisers yourm refer, and 5% of money earned by publisher you refer.

 Isn't this bad read more below. 

Note : Out of all the top 5 ad network, only Adquet requires our website or blog url. Other are just sign in an make your money. 

Other Adnetworks in Nigeria Includes


In conclusion i will advise you to start using these sd networks of you know tgat google Adsense is not yet making sense on your blog for now. You will notice i use the top 2 ad networks to monetize my blog because they pay me nearly to google Adsense. I also have accounts and cool cash on other ad network but i love the top two which pays me. So join now and be glad later. 
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September 19, 2016

How To Advertise Your Products Or Website On NAIRAPP Using Their advertising COUPON

Advertising your product should be the first thing that comes your mind when ever you set up a new project such as websites , physical products, digital products etc and to make this advertising easy that's why there are numerous advertising platforms to advertise your websites and products online either for free or premium.

Advertising your products online will enable you reach a targeted audience and also create a better brand for your products or websites. Apart from this you will also have increase in sale especially when your website include affiliate or monetised by other methods.

I would have go on listing the numerous ad networks were to advertise your school, church programs seminars and any type of project or set up you can ever think of but I don't need to go to that lent since we already have one that can serve you better (Nairapp).

Nairapp is a fast growing Nigerian advertising
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Nairabox : Join Nairabox And Earn Money Or Get Free Airtime On All Networks

Hey guys, you cannot afford miss this offer. Another means of getting free airtime is now out. This is Infact different from chamcash, my lucky zone, slide airtime and MyAds.

Download nairabox app from datafilehost or PlayStore  or Apkmonk  and from iTunes. Then earn instant #100 airtime of any Nigeria networks e.g mtn, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat Use NAIB028 as your invite code to earn your free airtime...

Use NAIB028 and get 1000# free. Something particular about that invitation code (NAIB028) is that it belongs to an official in nairabox. So when u use it you earn free 1000# instantly. Note that if you don't use any invitation code, they won't grant you any credit nor bonus

Things You Can Do While With Nairabox

You can:

  • Buy airtime for yourself and any contact on your phone
  • Buy digital tickets to the cinema and live events
  • Transfer digital tickets to your friends
  • Make bill payments for utility and Internet services
  • Send money to other nairabox users and phone contacts
  • Make donations to charities to support their cause
  • Make in-store payments at participating retail stores and save

Nairabox is for your absolute convenience and security.

  • Use Airtime Auto-Recharge to automatically buy airtime for yourself or any of your contacts
  • Express Pay allows you make automated bill payments for recurring charges, like DSTV and Internet Services Subscriptions
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September 17, 2016

Top 5 Nigeria Advertising Networks That Pays Bloggers / Webmasters

This article, I will be discussing about the top 5 Nigeria ad networks that can pay bloggers / webmasters and all of them will be listed below. And all these ad networks are best alternative to google AdSense. You could also remember the article I made about winthrillsnetworks and now there are better ones than the winthrillsnetworks.

Top 10 Nigeria Advertising Networks That Pays Bloggers / Webmasters.

1. Adquet
Initially, Adquet was giving every publisher quick approval to join their network but that has changed in recent times. I know of blogs that were totally denied approval and some that applied like 5 times before becoming the precious Adquet publisher. They have a very limited number of Nigeria based banner ads (not more than 3 major campaigns per time) and the available banners are just one or two designs. Adquet also boost of some text Ads but they pay just like 3 to 7 Naira per click to publishers and also per impressions.

Adquet payment threshold is 2,500 Naira and they pay via Paypal, Check or Bank but Bank payment is the only available option when you try to process you payment online. Adquet Ads are clean without virus which is a great plus for the company. Adquet is just one of the Ads Networks that work with Adsense smoothly.

Their customer service isn’t bad but response time can be quite long. I still rate them the best ad network in Nigeria but they need to pick up more advertisers to have a more robust platform. Click HERE to sign up as either publisher or advertiser

2. Nairapp
Nairapp as the number 2 naija ad network pays blogger and webmasters good. They Pay Per Click is 10# and also they pay per impressions. Click here to sign up and after signing up use a PC to create ad unit and get code and paste on your blog or site.

Nairapp  payment threshold is 3000 Naira and they pay via Paypal, Check or Bank but Bank payment is the only available option when you try to process you payment online.

The difference between nairapp and Adquet is that Adquet requires a website and while nairapp does not need any website.

3. Dochase
Dochase Ads Network recently rebranded itself and launches a new
advert platform for their subscribers. The Nigeria based network runs a CPM and CPC based model. At the moment, publishers are truly getting quick approval into the network.

With a payout threshold of just 2,000 naira, Dochase Ads will pay  you faster than most other available networks in Nigeria. The network also boost of a large variety of both local and international Ads. The only problem is that some of the Ads cause auto redirect
on smart phones and this is not too good for publishers. Their rates are slight lower than that of adquet too.

4. Alternativeadvert
Alternativeadvert is also another Nigerian ad network that plays same role with nairapp and Dochase especially. Their payment statistics are slow. But they pay nice and cool cash at door steps.

Here, all you need is just sign up. Then create ad unit using your browser desktop view and get ad code and place it on your website or blog.

Alternateadvert pays 10# per ad click from different IP addresses. That is both banner and text.

Twinpine is a Nigerian owned mobile
advertising network that helps
advertisers reach mobile audiences
by enabling them display targeted ads
on quality mobile sites and mobile apps. The publishers on whose websites and apps these ads are displayed earn a fraction of the advertising cost.

Twinpine currently serves advertising
on top Nigerian mobile publishers in
the categories of news, sports, business, entertainment, sport and social networking. Twinpine has delivered value to brands such as MTN, Pepsi, Autodesk, Jobberman and leading advertising agencies helping them achieve their marketing goals with impressive results to show for it.
The immense value derived by
businesses and brands advertising on
the Twinpine mobile advertising
network has resulted in an explosive
growth for the network. The company
reported 254 million impressions served on its platform in Nigeria alone in its first 3 months of operations.

To join the Twinpine mobile
advertising network, interested
mobile publishers and advertisers
should sign up on the Twinpine website at You can also find more information about Twinpine Mobile Advertising Network at their FAQ page.

These five are definitely the best Ads Network in Nigeria and they are also some of the best Adsense Alternatives around. What is your experience with either Adquet, Nairapp or Dochase Ads Network? Please share them using the the comment box below.
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