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December 15, 2016

Top 6 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Blogging, i will say is an informational or discussion website , published on the world wide web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts"). There are several ways you could make money with your blog. 

Today I am going to share several other ways to make money with a blog other than PPC and CPM advertising. You can decide which monetizing model will best work for you or you can combine
your existing advertising method with and earn extra money from your blog.

After creating a fully launched blog, the next thing is for a blogger to monetize his or her blog to make cool cash from. Therefore, my question is Are you a blogger looking for a cool way to make cool money from blogging? , don't mind anymore there are many ways of earning cool cash from blogging even apart from using top ad network like Google AdSense. There are many ways of making money but i will just mention the top 6 because i think will be useful. 

1. PPC Advertising (Pay per click) :

You can earn money from PPC ad by implementing live ads on your blog and when a been clicked, the ad network pay you per click. Example of a PPC ad network that pays Google adsense,, Propellerads, infolinks etc. 

In this type of advertisement, your earning is based on the price the advertiser agrees to pay per click which is referred to as CPC (cost per click).

Let’s say the CPC for the campaign is $0.10 and you get 100 clicks per day, your earnings will be 100 x $0.10 = $10.
This type of advertisement is suitable for sites with good traffic as there is higher tendency of more people clicking on your ads when there are so many visitors to the site. Other PPC ad networks other than Google Adsense Include; 

2. CPM advertising (Cost per 1000 impressions) :

CPM advertisement is a type of advertisement where you earn money from your blog impressions. In this type of advertisement, you earn a certain amount of agree fee per 1000 impressions.

If the CPM of the campaign is $3 and you get 5k impressions daily, then your earning will be $3 x 5 = $15 daily. This type of advertisement is best for sites with huge traffic and page impressions. The best part is that your ads don’t have to be clicked on for you to earn money unlike PPC Ads. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is yet another way to earn money with your blog. Here you simply earn commission for products you sell through your site. There are tons of merchants out there that are willing to pay you commission for sponsoring sales.

You can join affiliate programs directly or indirectly through popular networks such as Commission Junction and Clickbank .  When you join such programs, you are provided with tools such as banners and text links that you add to your site. When a visitor follows the link or banner to buy the product, you are paid a commission.
Affiliate are : 

4. Direct Banner Advertising:

Direct Bannr Advertising is also another way to earn with your blog. This works by selling banner spaces. You can decide to sell banner spaces on your blog for a certain amount of money.

Usually, banners are placed on sidebars, so you can offer to sell a
certain banner space for money. It could be 300 x 250, 300 x 600, 160 x 600,etc..

This is best for sites with huge impressions as advertisers are always interested in sites with large audience.
You can approach potential advertisers with offer to buy banner spaces on your blog for a period of time, providing them with traffic and ranking stats. 

5. Sponsored Product Reviews :

Publishing sponsored product reviews is yet another way to make money with your blog. There are some awesome sponsored review marketplaces out there that can provide you with the opportunity to get sponsored product review offers.

You simply write sponsored posts about a specific product, publish it on your site and get paid for it. This is one of the methods i have been using to make money with my blog. You can directly approach advertisers for a paid review or join some of the sponsored post networks.

Sponsored review network you can join are :

6. Text Link Ads

Text link ads is another popular way you can make money with your blog, but you must adhere to Google webmaster guidelines else your site may be penalized for passing link juice to external sites. 

There are so many webmasters out there that have been earning money with this method without problems. Ensure to attach “nofollow” attribute tags to the text link ads.

Text link ad you can join are 


With these 6 ways of making money from your blog, i think later in the day your blog will be rolling in money. Also nite that most of these ways of making money must need your site to comply wuth their policy mist especially the PPC Ads. Enjoy reading drop your comments below.  
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December 11, 2016

How To Monetize Your Blog With Top Nigeria Advertising Network Adquet

Are you a blogger or a website owner who wants a best ad network for your monetizing a blog or site apart from Google AdSense, i will say Adquet is the best chosen one. Adquet is a top Nigeria Advertising Network Site that pays bloggers or website owners. Making money from Adquet with your blog/site is very easy all you just need to do are :

  • Join Adquet 
  • Submit your url for approval
  • Place Ads 
  • Start earning by Ad clicks and 
  • Get Payouts 

Above are all you need to do to start earning with adquet. When you put above into consideration, just watch your money grow as your traffic grow. You can also place your own advert on adquet, but here you have to sign up ads advertiser and follow tge required steps. Therefore read through to earn money with your blog from Adquet. 

How To start monetization ?

==> To begin, go to  Sign up as publisher by clicking the top menu tab by the left. Then select "Publisher" or click here direct. Now sign up as a publisher. Fill the required boxes and confirm your mail to get a password. 

==> Few steps to start earning, Log in to your account, click the menu tab, click site and in the drop down option click Add Site. input your website or blog url and do other requirements. Adding a logo isn't compulsory. 

==> Now you have to wait till your website gets approved for at least 24hours only if your blog or website has traffic. If no traffic, wait for 3days and you get approval. You can use any domain to add a site. You can also use free domains like (.tk, .ml, .ga  & .cf) as long as it has enough traffic then you get approved. See proof below : 

==> Keep checking your Adquet account to know if approved because they won't message you. After been approved, you are just one step to start earning. Now click the menu tab, click Ad Code and in the drop down option click create ad code.  

==> When the page opens, fill the given form in the creating ad code page. Choose your approved website as the targeting site . Thereafter, click Create Ad Code. 

 A page will open now here copy the ad code given and go and paste it in your website. 

==> That's all, once the best ads is been clicked, you earn your money. Adquet at least pays 50# per click. 

Note : If you click your ads, you account get disabled for life. Therefore, don't click your ads because they use ip to track clicks and once noticed, they will make your adquet account inactive.

How To Receive Payment? 

To receive payment from Adquet, you must have reach the threshold of N2500
. Then click the menu tab >> Payouts. Firstly configure your payments details by clicking the "Configure" under payouts. After configuration, go back and click the "Request" section to request for your earnings.

ALSO NOTE that other countries can make use of adquet to monetize their blog or website content. All you just need to do is just choose Your location while requesting for payment that all.  
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November 21, 2016

How To Create Android App (For Your Blog) Using Androidcreator - How To Monetize

As a blogger, having an android app for your blog is very essential. Android app for a blog is a very fast way for blog users to visit a blog easily with the app notifications. If you are a blogger and you have an android app, visitors will prefer app because app is faster than browser, also apps will also give notifications for your latest updates and fast and quick navigation through your website or blog. Apps also can also visit website using the same app browser

Androidcreator is one of the top 5+ site where you can create android app for your blog and also monetize them using Apnext and Admob Ad network only which are top ad network for app monetization. Therefore to your own android app for your blog follow below steps.

  • How To Create Android App For Your Blog 

Step 1 ==> Go to, sign up or create an account then log in after account activation to your dashboard where you will create your android app for your blog.

Step 2 ==> Click "CREATE APP" and Do The remaining requirements below

  • Create App - General Info : In this page you will have to write the name of the app, title of the app and choose an icon of 96x96 for your app and click "Next" when done with general info. 

  • Create App - Style : Here you will chooee the colour of style that you need for your app from the given styles.

  • Create App - Kind of app : In this page you have to choose the kind of app you want to create. Click "Blog App

  • Create App - Blog type section : Here, input your blog title and input the url of your blog and click "Next". 

Step 3 ==> Congrats, your app has been create then go to your app dashboard by clicking "Go to app manager". Here you can configure your apps again. 

You can rebuild your app by clicking the "General Info" and select any of drop down options you want to edit or change somethings. 

To download your app, click the Download App Image link immediately if you don't want to monetize the app. If you want to monetize it, don't download yet because if you download before monetizing, ads won't show. Therefore read below to learn how to monetize your app. 

  • How To Monetize Your App 

To monetize your app, you need to make use of the top 2 Adnetworks for app monetization which are Appnext and Admob. You can display both ads on your app but in some app developing site you need to choose one of the top 5 ad network for app monetization.

To monetize your app on, in your Androidcreator blog app manager, click the "Ads" section then fill in the required boxes with each ad network as unit id. For Admob you can create an account and create your ad units (Banner & Interstitial) here and click Here to put ads in the "Ads" section For App Next, sign up in and confirm your registration via your email. Log on to your appnext control panel you have to go to Apps section select Add app button and follow the reminder steps till you get your appnext ad units id. Then put that as unit id in the both appnext box in the "Ads" section then save it. Also configure the position of where your ads should stay be it buttom or top and also the size of your ads. You can also set up they time or moments your ads should display. 

Now you can now download your app and see if your ads arr displaying. 

  • Conclusion 

Congrats you have created an android app for your blog then spread the app worldwide and make your admob amd appnext earnings increase. It very compulsory for blogger to have an android app for better site navigation by users and also visit your website easily without using any browser. 
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November 19, 2016

How To Setup Google Admob And Other Ad Networks Ad Units (Banner And Interstitial) In Your App Via Developer Monetize Or Ad Section

Hi guys i am back again will my monetization and making money tips. Here i will be discussing how to set up your Admob ad unit in your app via app dev(r "Ads" or "Monetize" section. App Developer is referred to as the website where you created an android app with or without monetization. My question is that have you created an android app but you haven't monetize them because you don't know how to?

Alright let me start again, do you want to create an app for monetization rrad below.

  • How To Create Your App (Android/IOS)

To create your own android app, read here ==> Top 5+ app building platforms and create your own app for a blog or other events carefully using any sites mentioned in the article. I will recommend you to use Androidcreator or Appsgeyer, better still use Andromo. For your ios you wan use Androidcreator.

Now that you have created your android app, read below to monetize your app for free. You can also publish your app to PlayStore.

  • How To Monetize Your App Using Google Admob 

Now that you have created your app own app, why don't you monetize it using admob. Admob is a top ad network developed by Google for monetizing apps for free. Admob is very easy to monetize app but they pay very low but have too much advertiser which will increase your earnings. 

To monetize your app using admob, create your Admob account here and also how to create ad units (Banner and interstitial). 

  • How To Setup Google Admob Ad Units (Banner and interstitial) Into Your App

Now that you have created your app  using any platform and also created an admob account and it ad units (banner and interstitial) for monetization, here is how to put those ad units in to your app you want to monetize. 

To put the created admob ad units (banner and interstitial), 
==> Log on the o the site where you created your app. Then log in your account. 
==> Now Navigate to the "Monetize" or "Ads" section of your app platform or developer's site or web Url. 
Note : Some app building site call ut Monetize and some Use "Ads"(Section) any of the two is where to set up your Admob ads. 

==> Then you choose "Google Admob" for the ad network you want to use to monetize your app.
Note : In most app building website you may not choose ad network but rather be given direct box to fill with your Admob ad. Like below e.g androidcreator. 

==> Then two box will be provided. First one for "Admob banner ad unit id" and the second for "Admob interstitial ad unit id". Fill those boxes carefully with their required ad units then tap "Save" and re-download your app and see Admob ads displaying on it. 

  • Conclusion 

Now i have made app creating and monetization easy, you can now read other post related to monetization and ad network. Also you will start to earn more money with your app without restrictions. You can also use other Adnetworks to monetize your app (Facebook Audience Network is very good also).

FreeTimeShow : Time to talk - tell me the kind of app you illustrating using the name  and tell you the platform used to create it. That all guys 
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November 18, 2016

New Way To Use YouTube (Hosted) AdSense On Blogger - Upgrading Hosted To Non-Hosted

Upgrading your hosted Adsense account to Non-Hosted is the only way you can use YouTube AdSense (Hosted) on blogger. Therefore, you have to provide the domain or url that you want to show ads on to complete the upgrade request sucessfully for you to start displaying ads on non host sites. Hosted and non hosted Adsense what does it means? Read it here.

After providing the url, you don't just submit it anyhow. You need to read tips on what to do before signing for Adsense because upgrading hosted account to non hosted is like you are applying for Adsense via AdSense web page which is

New Way On How To Upgrade AdSense (YouTube) Hosted To Non-Hosted 

Once you have already gotten your Hosted AdSense for either Youtube, Blogger or Hubpages approved follow below steps to upgrade it to non-hosted. Did i just say "New Way". Yes this is a new way to upgrade hosted account to non hosted since google AdSense had changed tge design of their AdSense webpages from white to Blue; because the former way was very easy an simple whereby you will just input your url you want to show ads on and then you create ad unit and paste in the layout html widget of your blog or website. But now upgrading is now via Template editing. 

Adding Url And Getting Ad Units Code

Step 1 ==> Log On to your AdSense Account. Then click the three horizontal line at the top left side of the AdSense page. 

Step 2 ==> At the setions given, Click "My Ads", a new section will drop down, here click "Other Products". 

Step 3 ==> Since it is a hosted account, no products will be available so here click "Upgrade Now

Step 4 ==> Now a  new page will open where you will be prompted to drop the url you want to show ads on or the URL you want to use to upgrade your hosted to non-hosted.  Read those instructions carefully then input your website ( or blog url in the rectangular box provided and click "SUBMIT" button. 

Step 5 ==> Another page will open. Here you will be given a "Page Level Ad Unit Code" to paste under in your blog template. Copy the given code and Prase it using horlartechgist html praser

For example : 
<script async src="//"></script>
  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({
    google_ad_client: "ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    enable_page_level_ads: true
</script> will be prased 

&lt;script async src=&quot;//;&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({
    google_ad_client: &quot;ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&quot;,
    enable_page_level_ads: true
Now Copy the prased ad code and get ready to put them in your site templates. 

Putting Ad Unit Code Into Blog or Site's Template 

Step 1 ==> Log On To Your Blogger Dashboard, Go to "Template" page and Click "EDIT HTML"

Step 2 ==> Wait for the Edit Template page to load completely. When the page loads Press CTRL + F to find the opening head tag code or value <head> Then Paste the prased Adsense page level ad units under the <head>. 

Step 3 ==> Go back to your AdSense and click "DONE" to tell AdSense that you have paste the ad code into your website or blog. 

Step 4 ==>  After clicking the done button, you will see another message page saying : We are reviewing your site.... 

Now wait for approval if approved then your AdSense hosted has become non hosted ans can use it on your blog for better monetization. 
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Top 5 Ad Network For App Monetization That Pays App Owners

Android is now the most used platform Worldwide. Every day people create apps and publish them into google playstore consisting of more than 500K apps and most app may get up to 1Billion downloads. Most ad network wordwide has now made blogger and app owners become enriched. 

Monetizing your app is another simple way someone can startt earning. After creating your android app, the next thing is for you to place ads on them and start making money and also publish them to google playstore. As an app owner, you don't just monetize your app anyhow you must first of all looking fo a better ad network that will pay higher for monetizing your app then you move ahead that is why i am here to tell you top 5 Adnetworks you use to monetize your app. 

Top 5 Ad Network For App Monetization


Appnext is the best ad network i will say pays app owners. I prefer using appnext rather than using other ad networks for monetizing apps. Appnext uses PPC and CPC to pay app owners who desire to monetize their app using appnext. At least, appnext pays 3$ per click which is very good. Appnext need top app brands know you and bid directly for your audience, then Add direct CPI-based campaigns to meet
business needs, exceed user experience
and drive business results. 

You can sign up for appnext at and start making cool money with your app. 


Admob is an Adnetworks by Google is for app monetization. Google Admob is another ad network that pays apps owner but google Admob pays low on apps. Google also owns AdSense which is used to monetize online content. 

It very funny that all the earnings that google is suppose to pay on Apps Monetization, they have used it for Online content Monetization. That is one of the reasons why google pays low on apps. Why i love admob is that they have too many advertisers. Therefore you can sign up for admob and start earning with your app. 


Facebook audience network is an ad network by facebook  which helps in app monetization. Facebook pays higher by showing live ads in your app. Facebook ads work because they’re personal, relevant and easy to measure on both desktop and mobile. The Audience Network brings these same powerful features to additional app-based mobile experiences, giving marketers even more scale for their
Facebook campaigns. 

Ads in the Facebook Audience Network are designed to help publishers meet
business objectives. To help deliver the best ads possible, the Audience Network delivers ads in three creative formats: 
  • Banner
  • Intestial
  • Native  

Therefore you can start earning cool money via facebook audience network by signing up here


I bet you search engines are turning millions of people into millionaires with their ad networks. Flurry is an ad network by popular Yahoo search engine that helps you earn money money by monetizing apps.

You can sign up here or here  and start earning large with flurry by yahoo.


Mopub is a mobile driving avenue ad network that is also best for monetizing apps. According to MoPub, it is a hosted ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers .

Mopub helps you grow your mobile advertising business with powerful ad
management, optimization and reporting capabilities, and earn
revenue by connecting to the world' s largest mobile ad exchange.

MoPub Native Ads, Uplike had access to an unexpected amount of demand that not only did they hit their revenue goal of $2.00 CPM, they also continued to grow ad revenue by 30% month over month. Read more 


Al these ad networks for app Monetization are good in all aspects and some are not fair in some aspects which reasons will make you understand. Therefore, have you created an android app for your blog or other events , now you can monetize it using any of above ad networks 
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How To Create Google Admob Account And Ad Units For App Monetization

Admob is a worldwide ad network made by google to monetize apps. This is just like AdSense but different in utilization. Admob for app and AdSense for websites. Google admob monetization is not the best for an app if you read this article. I say this because Google Admob pays low rather than AdSense that pays higher. Meaning all the money that admob is supposed or pay on app has diverted it to AdSense. I will say Admob is not the best for app Monetization but as a blogger or site owners you can connect your admob account with Adsense to earn more money.

Nevertheless admob ads are relevant ads and also they make sense in app. So i will advise you as a blogger or site owner to create app for your blog or website and monetize it with admob by linking your admob to AdSense to increase your earnings.

How To Create Google Admob Account 

Follow below steps to create your google admob account for app monetization. 

Step 1 ==> To create AdMob account you need a Google (Gmail) Account. To sign up with AdMob go or Here you wll enabled to use current account. That is click "Sign in with my Google Account".

Step 2 ==> Here you must have an Adsense and Adword account before creating an admob account and if you have non, you will be enabled to create both while signing for adsense. 

Fill Your Adsense Details 

1. Territory : select the country you are located in, your selection affects payment currency and reporting options
2. Account type : you have to select from two available options(Individual and Business)
  • Individual : have to introduce your Payee name, must match the full name on your bank account
  • Business : have to introduce Company Name
3. Street address : enter your local address(no, street name) 
4. City/Town : enter name of the city/town you live in
5. Phone : input your phone number
6. Email preferences – select type of service announcements
7. Click "Continue" Button 

Fill Your Admob m Details

Campaign-related reports, statistics, and billing will be based on your AdWords account settings. Therefore For AdWords you will have to complete "Time Zone" and "Billing Currency fields". 
  • Time zone : select your territory time zone. 
  • Billing currency : select a currency you want to be billed, and take note that you’re billed only if you created your own ads in AdMob

Step 3 ==> Read the AdMob program policies and Tick the small box that bedside it policies to be able to create AdMob Account. 

Step 4 ==> You can now start using google Admob on your mobile app by click "Get Started". 

How To Create Google Admob AdUnits 

Now that you have created an admob account for app Monetization, read belo to learn how to create adsl units for app monetizing. 

Monetize a new app 

Step 1 ==> Once you created your AdMob account you will be redirected 
to admob home page where you will find On the "Monetize" section on the left upper-corner, click on it. Another page opens. Here you have to write the app you want to monetize and also choose the app platform. 

Select ad format and name ad unit 

Step 2 ==>  Here you have to choose an ad format be it banner or Intestial but you need to create both for better ad serving then you give each ad unit name or title 

Step 3 ==> Now after creating ad units of any format, you will be given the ad units id which we refer to as ad code in Adsense but in Admob it is called id. Example are below : 
  • Banner : ca-app-pub-5241285385654134/2685649315
  • Intestial : ca-app-pub-5241285385654134/5137961681


So you can now paste these Admob ad unit id into the monetization page of where you develop your website android apps so as tp serve ads on the page of your website app. If you have not created an app foe your blog you can check out top 5+ website to create app for your blog or website
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November 15, 2016

Things To Do Before Signing Up For Google AdSense With Your Blog/Website To Get Account Approved Quickly In Future [Non-Hosted]

Just like i do say whenever i write any article related to AdSense; i do say Google AdSense is one of the top ad network in the world that enables publishers implement and disaplay ads on either their blog or website contents or videos using YouTube monetization. Meaning, as a blogger you can earn with your blog by disaplaying google ads om them and when it being clicked or impressed.

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But nowadays it very hard to get AdSense Account Approved that is why i am writing this article for you to know what or things to do before signing up for AdSense for your blog so as to get that same AdSense account approved in future without been stressed.

If you just created a new blog and you want to get an Adsense for your Blog Monetization, you don't just sign up like that because you won't get approved. You need to do or fix somethings on your blog (new or old) before signing up for AdSense. Read below.....

Things To Do Before Signing Up For AdSense With Your Blog To Get Fast Account Approval Later. 

Things to do before signing up for Google AdSense with your blog/website to get account approved quickly In future are :

1. Getting A Top Level Domain For Your Blog : Top level custom domain is very useful in the life of a blog. Without a top paid custom domain, your blog is not complete rather it is better for you to use continue using hosted domain like or rather than using free domains (.tk, .ml, .ga and .cf). I onced used free domains but noticed it bad then i switched back to my before getting .com domain. What i am trying to say here is that you need to get a top level domain like .com, .net or .org for your blog to get fast AdSense approval. If you don't have enough to get a custom domain, Click here to get .com domain at $0.99

2. Seo Optimize Your Blog : This is also another thing to do for you to get fast AdSense Approval. After getting a custom domain, you need to seo optimize that's make your blog posts show in search engines evem though ut not in first search at least first search page. Therefore to make google crawl your post you can read fresh tip to mske google crawl your site or better still use google search for better understanding. Also you can add your blog sitemap to google for better search engine result.

Google crawled this post in 30 seconds 

3. Write Real Content, Avoid Spam Or Plagiarism :  This is the most important thing you need to do after creating a new blog and if you want to sign up doe AdSense. You need to write real posts / contents, avoid spam or plagiarism because google recognizes duplicate contents. Meaning if your blog posts are copied or full of spams or plagiarised, you need to delete or draft of them before signing for AdSense.

Delete copied/duplicate/plagiarised  contents 

Read Also : How To Protect Your Blog Or Website Using DMCA Badges

4. Blog Or Website Pages : You need to create pages like a about us, contact us and privacy policy for your website to get AdSense approval. Therefore learn how to create privacy policy page for your blog or website and how to create contact us page and as for about us, all you need to do is just create a static page in blogger and title it "About Us" and write about your blog in the world content section.

Essential blog pagee 

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5. Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog : Hmm! This is not important but necessary. You need to drive massive traffic to your blog to get AdSense approved. This is not important like i said earlier but it necessary. There are many ways to drive massive traffic to your blog which you can read here on how to increase your blog traffic.....

My traffic stats 

You can also add your blog Sitemap to google webmaster tool so as to get all your blog posts and pages indexed.

My indexed Sitemap by google 

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That's all. Less i forget, in the Write Real Content  aspect, write at least 20 post with at least 1000 word before publishing the post. All these can help you get your AdSense account approved. 
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Checkout! - What is Hosted And Non-Hosted Adsense Account - Difference And How To Identify

Google AdSense is a top ads network program  in the world program that enables publishers (e.x bloggers and webmasters) that own websites or blog to easily monetize their online contents (making money with thier blog or website content) by placing ads on them.

Google AdSense helps publishers earn money whenever blog or website users visit such pages with Google and or likely click the particular ads to find more about it and which will increase the publisher's earnings. Also it is very important for AdSense publishers to apply with Adsense policy to avoid been banned.

Difference Between Hosted And Non-Hosted Adsense Account 

Now that google AdSense is now rated as the no 1 top ad network world wide, people are no longer getting approved like before when it was launched. And today there are type of Adsense accounts which i will be discuss with us today which are the :

  • Hosted AdSense Account, and the 
  • Non-Hosted AdSense Account
Below are explanations on the two type of adsense account. 

What Is Hosted Adsense Account 
  • Google AdSense Hosted Account is an account which allows adsense publishers to serve ads on hosted domains or partner platform like Blogger, YouTube and hubpages.
  • Hosted AdSense account is very easy to get approved by signing up using other google partners platform as mentioned before. 
How To Identify? 
To indentify an Adsense Hosted account, when you log on to your hosted AdSense account you will see the label "Hosted Account"  written in red color beside your gmail associated with Adsense(For old AdSense webpage design) or under your gmail account(For the new AdSense webpage design). 

What Is Non-Hosted AdSense Account 
  • Google AdSense Hosted Account is an account which allows adsense publishers to serve ads on any web domain or blog url. 
  • This type of Adsense account is very difficult to get approved. 
  • Here when signing up you use google AdSense home page that is which will redirect you to and you will input the url you want to show ads on. 

How To Identify? 
To indentify an Adsense Non-Hosted account, when you log on to your AdSense account the label "Hosted Account" will be invisible. That's all. 

With this i hope you have known the differences between google adsense hosted and non hosted account and how to identify them. Hope this helps drop your comments below. 
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