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January 27, 2017

Facebook Live Video - Tips to Grow Your Viewers

If you have already started your facebook live video Sucessfully and you want to gain more success, you have you have great Views on your live video. Here i am writing some expensive tips grow your viewers or audience on your Facebook Live Video. How do you feel when you have just little views on your video, meaning it not useful and also how do you feel when you gat great views on your facebook live video, wow! Cool.

Therefore, checkout, the tips and tricks you can engage to grow your live audience / viewers.

1. Tell Fans When You're Broadcasting ahead of Time :

Build anticipation by letting your audience know when you'll be going live with a written post. We've found one day's notice gives people the right amount of time to tune in.

2. Go Live When You Have A Strong Connection :

Check the app to make sure that you have a strong signal before going live. WiFi tends to work best, but if you can't find a nearby network, you'll want a 4G connection. If you have weak signal, the
'Go Live' button will be grayed out.

3. Write A Catchy Description Before Going Live :

A great description will capture people's attention and help them understand what your broadcast is about.

4. Ask Viewers To Subscribe To Live Notifications :

Remind your audience that they can tap on the Follow button on live videos and videos that were live so that they can get notifications the next time you go live.

5. Say Hello To Commenters By Name; Respond To Their Comments Live :

Your audience will be thrilled to hear you mention their name and answer their questions when you are live.

6. Broadcast For Longer Periods Of Time To Reach More People :

The longer you broadcast, the more likely people are to discover and share your video with their friends on Facebook. We recommend that you go live for at least 10 minutes, although you can stay live for up to 90 minutes at a time.

7. Use A Closing Line To Signal The End Of The Broadcast :

Be sure to finish with a closing line, like “Thanks for watching!” or“I'll be going live again soon.” After you've wrapped up, wait a few seconds until you hear the “ping” indicating your broadcast is

8. Be Creative And Go Live Often! :

Try different types of broadcasts - and go live frequently - to keep your audience engaged. Here are some of our favorite examples so far:

Enjoy sharing life's events!
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How to Start Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live video streaming is a fun, engaging way to connect with your followers and grow your audience. Recently a post was published on how to enjoy facebook live audio which was really an intriguing experience, today I will show you how to engage a facebook live video on your smartphone and tips to grow your live audience.

How Do I Go Live on Facebook?

To go Live using Facebook for iOS:

1. Tap at the top of your News Feed or Page
2. Tap 📹Live
3. Write an optional description for your broadcast
4. Tap Go Live to begin your broadcast
5. Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast

To go Live using Facebook for Android:
1. Tap📹 Live at the top of your News Feed or Page
2. Write an optional description for your broadcast
3. Tap Go Live to begin your broadcast
4. Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast.

Once you begin streaming, an alert will be sent to your Facebook friends, notifying them of your stream. The top half of your screen will show what your viewers are seeing, with a control to switch between the front and rear facing camera in the top-right corner.

You can also go Live in a group or event by tapping Write Something or Say Something and then tapping the Live icon.

Note: You can block viewers during a live broadcast by tapping the profile picture next to a viewer's comment and then tapping Block. You can also unblock someone that you've previously blocked.
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January 08, 2017

How To Backup to Google Drive On WhatsApp

WhatsApp Inc- was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. After Koum and Acton left Yahoo! in September 2007, the duo traveled to South America as a break from work. Whatsapp today has hit more than a billion of users and downloads.

WhatsApp is now a popular messenger app which has More than 1 billion users and downloads in over 180 countries using WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family.

Backup refers to the copying of physical or virtual files or databases to a secondary site for preservation in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. When you backup all the files on yout WhatsApp, you will br able to restore them back if they get missing or mistakenly deleted.

Step 1 : Firstly, launch or open your WhatsApp Messenger.

Step 2 : Now click on the Menu Button > then click "Settings" >> "Chats".

Step 3 : Click "Chat Backup" Tap on "Back up to Google Drive"and set up the backup frequency to your liking, or tap Back Up to do an immediate backup.

Step 4 : You will be prompted to select a Google account that you will back up your chat history to. If you do not have a Google account, tap Add account when prompted. Please remember the Google account you are using for the backup.

Step 5 : Tap on Back up over to choose the network you wish to use for
backup. Please note that backing up over cellular may result in more or
additional data charges that's requires data.

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December 22, 2016

Postal or Zip Codes of Lagos and Other States In Nigeria

Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric, consisting of six digits. NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service, divides the country into nine regions, which make up the first digit of the code . The second and third digits, combined with the first, are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. Postal code can also be referred to as Zip Code

Postal is very important especially when you are filling an online form pr application especially Google AdSense form or application, you need a zip code if you want to sign up for AdSense or verify your AdSense, you need a postal or zip code to recieve the AdSense PIN.

Therefore, in this article, i have decided to share with you how to get the Postal or zip codes of Lagos and other states in Nigeria.

Kindly note that Zip codes apply only to the United States.  In other countries, postal codes are used. Hence, if you're filling a form online and you're asked to enter a zip code, you can enter Nigerian Postal codes, don't be confused.

Therefore, How Do I Get Postal Code For My Address In Nigeria?

==> Go to
==> Select your State
==> Select a nearby town, area and street
==> Click "Get Postcode"

The postal code will be displayed to you as clicked.

Below are some Postal codes you can use:

  • Abuja 900001
  • Lagos (Island) 101001
  • Lagos (Mainland) 100001
  • Niger 920001
  • Ogun 110001
  • Abia 440001
  • Sokoto 840001
  • Borno 600001
  • Delta 320001
  • Edo 300001
  • Ondo 340001
  • Osun 230001
  • Oyo 200001
  • Plateau 930001
  • Rivers 500001
  • Enugu 400001
  • Imo 460001
  • Jigawa 720001
  • Kano 700001
  • Kaduna 800001
  • Kwara 240001
  • Taraba 660001
  • Yobe 320001
  • Ebonyi 840001
  • Katsina 820001
  • Kebbi 860001
Hope this helps, drop your comments below. In some other article, i will be writing more article on postal or zip codes. 
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December 16, 2016

How To WelcomeBack Your Lost, Stolen or Damaged Etisalat SIM Fast

Etisalat Group is one of the world’s leading telecom groups in emerging markets. Etisalat’s current market cap is over 132 billion AED (36 billion USD). With reported net revenues of AED 51.7
billion and net profit of AED 8.3 billion for 2015, Etisalat ranks amongst the most profitabletelecom groups in the world. Therefore, my question is that have you misplaced or damaged your etisalat simcard? but you don't want to buy another sim because the number you misplaced is very important to you, etisalat has now made it easier for you to welcome back your etisalat sim in a fast way. This new method of etisalat, it will save you from spending unwanted expenses while trying to recover your sim card popularly known as "Retrieve" Which mostly we pay sum of N1000 for it. Read through...

Required Materials 

  • Android get  HERE 
  • Or Laptop get HERE 
  • Full internet connection.
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Alternate Mobile Number
  • Phone Number of the Lost/Damaged/Stolen SIM Card
  • PUK Number of the Stolen/Lost/Damaged SIM card
  • Last Recharge Amount
  • Your Date of Birth (As registered with the SIM)
  • Three (3) frequently called phone numbers on the old SIM
  • Your FULL Address (As provided during registration)
  • Your EasyStarter U&Me phone number (If any)11-
  • The package of your damaged/lost/stolen SIM (EasyStarter or EasyClick)
  • The details on the newEtisalat SIM you wish to use for the swapping process (Phone number andSerial Number)

Required Steps 

==> Get the the Puk code/number of your. You can get that on the thick plastic card that came with your sim pack. If you've misplaced it(Sim Pack), simply contact Etisalat customer care number on 200 and follow the voice prompt.

==> Get a new Etisalat sim, you don't need to register it, you are going to do the retrieving all by yourself and doesn't request money. 

==> Click here and fill the form that is on the page. Fill the form correctly as required. 

==> Click Submit when you're done. 

That's all, now you have to stay tuned for the next 24 hours before you activate your new sim which now carries your old/former number. 

NOTE: If it doesn't activate after the given 24hours+, don't panic, just wait a little more it'll eventually work later. Also i will implore you to make use of a valid working email address because, you might engage in some further communications which will be made via your e-mail. 
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December 13, 2016

5 Essential Things To Do After Installing Telegram Messenger On Your Phone

Telegram is a new messenger app just like whatsapp. Telegram i will say stole all whatspp features and just embedded some little bread crumbs of them into it. Telegram is now mostly used now because, the app is flexible and easy to use and also people joined telegram to earn money(btc). The main stuff is that after installing telegram Messenger on your phone, there are somethings you need to so before using it fully. These things are very essential. Mainly this things will just help you to

  • Secure your Telegram Messenger App
  • Reduce Data Usage & Speed Loading. 

5 Essential Things To Do After Installing Telegram Messenger? 

1. Choose "No Media" when using mobile data

This is a telegram feature that helps you download all media immediately after being sent by friends. These will surely drain your data so why don't you disable it. To do this, launch your telegram go to "Settings" and scroll down to the "Automatic Media Download". Here, untick all options under "when using mobile data". You can leave "when using wifi" idle in a situation whereby you are using a free wifi.

2. Stop AutoPlay GIFs

This is another feature you should stop or disable after installing telegram messenger on your phone. This feature is already enabled immediately you install and launch your telegram. These feature helps you play Gif files automatically after been sent from telegram group or personal chat. It main aim is to drain data. Therefore, to stop this, go to "Settings", scroll down to the "Automatic Media Download" section, then you will see and can disabled AutoPlay Gif.

3. Set PassCode : 

This is a telegram feature that helps you lock your Telegram Messenger app it self and chats also.  You must make use of these feature to help you keep your Telegram Messenger from reach of those you are hiding things from. Therefore to set your passcode, go toto "Settings" >> Privacy and Security. Scroll to the security section and click "Passcode". Now enable the PassCode Lock, input your required passcode twice. It has been enabled.

Immediately a lock icon will br available in your whatsapp chat at the top. You can click it to lock your telegram. Note : If you forget this passcode, you can't recover it again, all you need to donis reinstall your telegram, all data (Chats and medias) will be gone.

4. Activate Two-Step Verification : 

Telegram Two-Step verification helps you account to be secured and safe from hackers. This feature is one that requires you to set up additional password incase someone wants to log in to your account. Without the set password, he or she cannot log in to your telegram account. Isn't this nice, read through to activate it. 

"Settings" >> "Privacy and Security".
under the Security option click "Two step authentication" then follow the required, input your email to confirm your password via "Spam Folder". 

5. Setup Your Account self-destructs : 

This is verys essential. You must set uo your Telegram Self-destructs option. This is a feature that delete your whatsapp account if telegram notice you didn't log in you telegram account after you've have set the main self-destructs option. The default option is one month. That's in one month if you don't log in, your account will deleted with immediate effect. 

To set this up "Settings" >> "Privacy and Security", under the Account Self-destructs, click "if you away for" choose 1year. There is no way yo won't log in telegram in one year. Amd if everything turns round and yoi didn't log in, just get ready to sign up in a nonymity again. 

All these are the things you should get done immediately you just launched your Telegram Messenger for security purposes and saving data purposes. 
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December 01, 2016

Products/Platforms Made By Google And Their Meaning

Google actually doesn't have full form officially . The word originated from a misspelling of the word “googol” which means , a very huge number - the number 1 followed by one hundred 0
0 's. But I have read somewhere that GOOGLE is an acronym for "Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth".  

Google is a multinational, publicly-traded organization built around the company's hugely popular search engine. Google's other enterprises include Internet analytics, cloud computing, advertising technologies, and Web app, browser and operating
system development. Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and

Google is popularly known by it search engine and some other few products but here today, i will list and explain all of Google's created products. Read below...

Products/Platforms Made By Google And Their Meaning 


  • Web Search : Web search is a product by Google to help you search billions of Webpages. 
  • Google Chrome : A browser (App) built for speed, simplicity and security. 
  • Bookmarks : Bookmark is a product by Google to help you Access your bookmarks and starred items. 


  • G Suite : Get email, docs, storage and more, customized for your business
  • AdSense : This is a product by Google to help you Create online revenue. That is turning your passion into profits by monetizating your site's contents (Blogger) or videos(YouTube). 
  • AdMob : A product to help make money from your apps by placing Admob ads on them. 
  • Digital Skills for Africa : Google's product that helps you learn digital business skills for free. 

  • Books : This product helps you search the full text of books
  • Image Search : Search for images on the web
  • News : Search thousands of news stories
  • Video Search : Search for videos on the web
  • Google Photos : All your photos on all your devices, organized and easy to share. This is available on all tecno phones made from 2015 till date. 
  • Google Cardboard : Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way

  • Map : Map as a google product that helps you view maps 
  • Earth : This is a google product that helps you explore the world from your computer/pc or phones 

Specialized Search 
  • Custom Search : Create a customized search experience for your community
  • Scholar : Search scholarly papers
  • Trends : Explore past and present search trends
  • Google Flights : Find flights, track prices and book your next destination

Home & Office 
  • Gmail : Fast, searchable email with less spam
  • Drive : Create, share and keep all your stuff in one place
  • Docs : Open, edit, and create documents
  • Sheets : Open, edit, and create spreadsheets
  • Slides : Open, edit, and create presentations
  • Forms : Build free surveys
  • Drawings : Create diagrams and flow charts
  • Sites : Create websites and secure group wikis
  • Calendar : Organize your schedule and share events with friends
  • Translate : Instantly translate text, web pages, and files between over 50 languages
  • Hangouts : Conversations that come to life. Anytime, anywhere, for free

  • Google+ : Google's social media platform to discover amazing things, created by passionate people
  • Blogger : A blogging platform by google for you to publish your passions, your way as a blogger. 
  • Groups : Create mailing lists and discussion groups
  • Spaces : Find, discuss and do things with friends. 

All these are the product Google runs without anynof them running down. Meaning Google is great, great works by google. They really also helped people publish their passion using Blogger  blogging platform and turn the passion into profit using AdSense 

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Never Shorten Your Blog/Site URLs : Reasons Will Suprise You - Checkout!

This article is a guest post written by Gift Amadi of Giftechs for top nigeria blog Technaij.Com . This article is will tell us reasons whuwhy we shouldn't shorten our blog/site urls when we find out that it too long and don't want to exhibit/portray spam while sharing the shortened url. This means we should shorten our url on url shortening sites. Most reasons why we shorten url are :

  • Making Url/Links Short : Url Shortner make your url to be as short as anything short. 
  • To avoid spam : It helps to avoid spam in the sense that when your link is too long while sharing to social media platforms, it would lead to spam messages o that is why most of us shorten urls. 
  • Most for fun : Most of us shorten url for fun just to check how many people will click the Url/Link. 

URL shorteners sites  provide a useful, simple, way of sharing links, but you should not use them again because it exposes your most personal information. 

Researches were carried out by professional webmaster and it was later discovered that millions of (as a url shortener site) generated short URLs are actually, randomly generated to allow them to access the content behind them secretly. Beware! 

Below are some hazards that could be
incurred using url shorteners. 

  • Short URLs are able to access millions driving routes and hundreds of thousands of private documents. In particular, the links related to Google Maps data and documents stored on Microsoft's OneDrive.
  • It would be theoretically possi malware and malicious documents to OneDrive folders, which would then automatically synced to a user's computer.
  • The flaw in short URL consequences on the security of cloud services. 
  • URL shorteners are mostly used by scammers to shorten adverts for the purpose of inflating costs on their advertisers using unsuspecting visitors as bait. 
  • Hackers can hack any of these url Shortner sites and also take advantage of shorteners to gain access to one’s system and log files. 
What most of don't observe is that we are driving massive traffic to all these fake url shortner sites. I as a tech blogger will recommend you to start using Google Url Shortner because Google it self is safe. Save your self today from Online Scam or Hack. 

Happy New Month Guys. 

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November 08, 2016

How To Get .Com From GoDaddy For $0.99 Using Coupon Codes - 2016

Lovely viewers, and bloggers especially, have you ever thought of buy a custom domain for a blog or website with less than 1 dollar? Today, I will share the collection of $0.99 coupons for .com domain name. This is the lowest price
from GoDaddy. I am sure most of us would have being seeing most image of $.099 .Com from Godaddy. It real but ut need some trick to apply to get it done; because nothing good comes easily.

GoDaddy is a word wide top  domain registrar. The company is famous for providing high-quality domain & hosting services. Besides, their support team is so nice and helpful whenever you meet an issue. You can get the most
competitive price on domain all the time, especially for .COM domain name, from only $0.99.

2016 GoDaddy $0.99 .COM Domain Coupon Codes

These $0.99 coupon codes are only valid for new customers who has never used this kind of coupon before to register a new .COM domains. Some coupon codes can also used to transfer domain from other providers .

(Checked November, 2016)

  • CJC99ZCOM1 – . COM domain just $0.99 the 1st year , $9.99/2+ years
  • CJC99GZCOM – SUPER SAVINGS! .COM just $0.99 *!
  • CJCCOUP99 – New registration or transfer .COM domain just $0.99
  • CJCEB99 – $0.99 price good for the first year of one new or transfer .COM per customer.
  • CJC99COM8 – $0.99 price good for the first year of one new or transfer .COM per customer.
  • CJCRMNCA99 – Get new $0.99 .COM Domain
  • TE99COMP – Register new .COM at GoDaddy for $0.99

For $0.99 domain at GoDaddy, not all payment methods valid with this offer, acceptable payments will display in cart at checkout. Credit/Debit/Prepaid
Card and Checking Account are acceptable. And some offers just for US. and CA customers.

It was supprising that one of these 99 cents coupon can be use to get a .COM domain with only $0.81/year.

TDEFR99 – Take your .COM domain at just $0.81/year

  • Other working $0.99 .COM promo codes

(Checked valid November, 2016)


Note :
  • Each coupon code can be used once.
  • Plus ICANN fee of $0.18/per domain/year.
  • Only Credit Card accepted.

GoDaddy $0.99 .COM Coupon by location
These coupons are especially dedicated to customers in specific countries. Please choose your Country/Region to get the promo price.

***Please leave a comment below if any of them expired.

Besides GoDaddy, there’re some other providers have the same cheap price on domain names like BigRock, , Rebel … Let’s check out to get more selections.

Drop your comments below if you need a renewal cupon code. Post sourced from top coupon code blog - 
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November 07, 2016

Checkout! Upcoming Adobe VoCo Tech Suprise : Photoshop For Audio

Photoshop is no doubt one of the best pc app used for creating or editing pictures or images. Photoshop has been in existence for years and now popular all over the word. But the problem is that this app is only on pc. This app has many features which i cant mention here for privacy. Hmm! This app is now mostly used by Scammers to scam the ignorant ones.

As it name implies "Photoshop", you will get that this app deal witg photos only or images but the upcoming tech suprise from Adobe VoCo is that they are planning to create Photoshop For Audio. Wow!, isn't this great? Read more about the tech suprise below.

It a new that Adobe recently announced Project VoCo, which is an experimental tool that allows you to tweak, remove and replace some words in a speech; to tge extent that you can even add
words that did not originally appear in the audio file just like when you hear a website from a particular music e.g does it.

This is not yet available for now. That is, the Project VoCo is not yet available. Keep in touch and stay updated to this blog so you get notifications when i will give out the download link as soon as the product is available.
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October 06, 2016

How to Auto share your post on all facebook group

As we know that Facebook always rescricts  your from Posting in all facebook groups at once.If you we post one by one then it takes much time. Her is the solution : with a little trick, you can now post in all facebook groups at once than you are absolutly right here. Today the main aim of this post is to solve this problem. In this tutorial I will teach you how to use html javascript to post in all facebook groups manualy.So let's start without waisting the time.

How to share your post on all facebook group At Once. 

  • First of all, Logon to your Facebook account.
  • Now open the Facebook Home.
  • If you are using "Google Chrome" Browser Press CTRL + SHIFT + J  and CTRL + SHIFT + C For "Mozilla Firefox".
  • Now in the Tab Menu Go to Console Tab.

  • Copy all the codes From the given link and paste in the Console Box.
  • Wait for Few Seconds and you will see a textarea box appear on the Screen like this.

  • Now type the post in the blue box textarea and click on post button.
  • It takes a few seconds to post in all facebook groups.
  • Now a popup message appear to refresh the page.

That's all. And if you are still finding it difficult to adhere to this tutorial use the comment section below to let us know.

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October 04, 2016

Step-wise Guide On Taking Screenshots On IPhone Or IPad Smartphones

Taking a screenshot on your ipad and iphone is very easy but only 50% of both iPad and IPhone users can do so. But since the remaining 50% of people don't know how to go about it, this tutorial or tip is for you. So taking screenshots on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is so easy. Just two buttons are required.


  • Open  or navigate to what you want to take a screenshot of or snapshot of. 
  • Simply Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top or side of your device along with the Home button at the same time
  • The screenshot or snapshot has already been taken. Then You will notice a brief flash of white on the screen.
  • Now Locate screenshots or snapshot by opening your Photos "app" > "Albums" and tap "Screenshots" Album 

NOTE: Screenshots you have taken can be shared via Meida Platforms like email, messaging, facbook, whatsapp, Pinterest, twitter and other social media available on your IPhone or IPad device
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September 21, 2016

All You Need To Know About Analyzing Imei : How To Analyze Imei Number Online[Website] And Offline[App]

Analyzing Imei Number is the first thing an android users also an Imei tweaker will First of all do before tweaking an Imei an after that he or she can it on the MTK Engineering App. If you don't Analyze your before tweaking the Imei, you will get error after tweaking. The purpose of why you are tweaking will be unsuccessful.

Why Must I Analyze Imei Before Tweaking?

You must analyze your Imei before tweaking so as to :

  • Have a successful tweaking 
  • Sucessful reason for tweaking
Barriers You Face If you Don't Analyze Your Imei Before Tweaking 

If you don't analyze your Imei before tweaking, you will face below barriers :
  • Unsuccessful Tweaking 
  • Unsuccessful reasons for tweaking 
  • Phone start misbehaving 
  • You will lose lot of offer which are suppose to be given to the analyzes Imei. 
If you don't want to face above barriers and regret tweaking, always analyze your Imei 

Wow cool so how do I analyze my imei before tweaking?

To Analyze your Imei before tweaking, follow steps below. 


There are two types of Imei analyzing which are as listed below : 
  1. Online Imei Analyzing (Via Website)
  2. Offline Imei Analyzing (Via Mobile App)

How To Analyze Imei Online (Via Website)

This type of Imei number analyzing is very creative but expensive. As it indicates (Online), you need data before going Online. So in this aspect of analyzing Imei Number, you need data all you need ia just have to to 10MB of data available in your data balance. 

Then to analyze Imei Number online, log on to

After visiting the website, let the website page load before analyzing Imei Number. 

After it loads, scroll down to the provided space (session) and input your 15 IMEI in the provided rectanglar box and click Validate Imei. 

Wait for 3 seconds and let the Imei Number validate and wait for result for validation. 

If it not valid, it will be written at same place saying " Imei Number 356760051192002 is not valid or invalid... But 356760051192001 is valid" This means they have already generated the correct one for you which Is just rheumatoid last number they changed. 

Then if you switch to the correct one provided below the wrong one, it will be written under the box you put your 15 digit Imei Number by saying " Imei Number 356760051192001 is valid..... "

And that all about analyzing Imei Number online via Website. 

How To Analyze Imei Offline (Via Mobile App)

This type of Imei number analyzing is also very creative and cheap. As it indicates (Offline), you don't need data before going offline. So in this aspect of analyzing Imei Number, you need data all you need ia just have to to 5MB of data available in your data balance. 

And what will you ise the data for?, you are going to use the data for download Imei Analyzer Android App - Download it Here . It just 1.2MB while the remaining 3.8MB are for website charges. You can't view a web site page without data. At least 160KB per page. 

After downloading the app from our official website, launch it and follow below procedures. 

Procedures : 
  • Launch the app and input your 15 digit available imei in the box provideed anew click analyse
  • If your Imei is wrong then it will give you a visible note saying : Invalid Imei Number. The Check Digit is not correct sad!!
  • Do you know with Imei analyzer app you can get the correct imei to the wrong one.
How To 

After you get an invalid Imei message, don't panic there is way 😃😜. When there's life there's hope. All you do to correct your wrong imei uaing Imei analyzer app is delete the last digit of Imei which will become 14 digits then click Analyze. and it will bring the same Imei you analyze before filling  the last number you deleted with a new one to make it valid. Just like snapshot below 

So when you fix the last number generated automatically, and you click analyze, you Imei will tell you " The Check Digits is correct. This Imei looks valid

Something special About Analyzing Imei Offline (Via Mobile App)

Something special About Analyzing Imei Offline (Via Mobile App) is that all they need while analyzing Imei number is the last digit. They don't care if the first 14 digit are wrong. All they need is the last digit to be valid and that is what they will always tell you the Check Digit is not correct or The Check Digits is correct. 

Check digit  meaning a or. That is the last digit of an Imei. 

So that all you neee to know  All You Need To Know About Analyzing Imei and How To Analyze Imei Number Online[Website] And Offline[App]

Please this article is useful please share using the share/like buttons below. Thanks  
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September 18, 2016

Solution To Disabled Android Phone "Unknown Sources" Widget That Hinders Installation Of App And Games

Disabled Android "Unknown Sources" is a widget in all Android smartphone that blocks installation of app. That is, if this widget is disabled, you will not be able to install any applications no matter what.

This problem occurs when you get a new smartphone but whe you notice this, you will feel your android smartphone is fake. No! It not fake it helps also in some situations that is why the widget is added in your android smartphones.

How Does This Start Or Begin ? 

This situation Starts when you get a new android smartphone and you want to install an app. If this widget is disabled(Unknown Sources). While clicking the App you want to install it will bring a note like below:
For security, your phone is set to block installation of app obtained from unknown sources. 

Don't Panic when you see this all you need to do ia just follow below method to unblock your app installation.

How To Unblock Your App Installation When Above Situation Occurs. 

To unblock your app installation when above situations comes up or occurs, immediately it bring below note, click "Settings".

Immediately your android device will scroll down automatically to where you will enable the "Unknown Sources"

When your android takes you there, check out the provided little box  in front of the android widget that says "Unknown Sources".

Tick it. Then it will bring an info like below so you click OK

Now Your "Unknown Sources" Widget has being "Enabled" Then you are good to go.

That's  all. Then go back and watch your app installing

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September 11, 2016

Best Alternative To Droid Edited And Wps Office : How To Use Uc Browser To Open Text Files - Mad Features Of Uc Browser Itself

In this world we are,  everything has alternative. Even to die has alternative (live) lol... Don't mind me. Last month , we pubish an article in this blog about alternative to adobe reader : how to to use web browsers to open PDF files (On PC Only). This Article is really amazing. Meaning, you can view your  files just in few seconds without stress using uc browser or mini. You can read full article here.

So this article is based on Android devices. Here you can use Uc Browser Ap for Android devices to open and view TXT files. Wow isn't this cool? isn't this an alternative to adobe reader check below method to allow you use Uc browser to Open TXT files.


Requirements :

  • An Android Device 
  • Latest Version 10... Uc browser / Mini App For Android - Download Here 
  • Any Text File - Get From Anywhere 
Methods / Steps : 

When you get above requirements ready, follow below steps to ope txt file with your uc browser app 
  • Step 1: Get the Android device you want to use then. 
  • Step : Install Latest Uc Browser to in your android phone 
  • Step 3: Launch the Uc Browser app, then 
==> Click the "three horizontal short lines" at the right end comer of yourself ur uc browser app just like snapshot below 

==> Click "Downloads" Tab 

==> Navigate to the third tab which has "File Icon" like below snapshot 

==> Almost done!. I all you need to do is now loacte the "Txt File" you want to open. 

== >Wait for the page to load then you can only view your text files but you cannot edit it ? 

So does this article means Uc Browser is far better than Driod Edit, Wps Office and other App(not browser) that can view and edit txt files ? Or has more features tha dream the other browsers? Drop your comments. 
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August 30, 2016

How To Update File(s) In Google Drive Without Changing the Link(s)

Most probably, we get into the situation where we have multiple coies of same file saved on Google Drive, but when we upgrade version of Google Drive,
it takes too much work to locate the files in the Drive.

Due to having multiple copies of same file in Drive, it not only creates confusion but also takes precious stage space into the drive.  don’t you think that it could be easier to you if simply replace an existing file in Google Drive with the new version inspite of uploading the separated file.

Now I am going to make aware you the procedure of Replacing files in Google Drive. So have a look on below steps to proceed :

How To Update File(s) In Google Drive Without Changing the Link(s) 

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow up simple step by step guide to
proceed and that we have just listed right below.

1. Go to Google Drive and select the file that you want to update.

2. Right Click on that particular file, and choose “ Manage Versions ” from the menu and then click on “ Upload new version ” button (this will upload the update file to the Google Drive).

3. Now the file name and the file’s Url didn’t changed but all the old shared links will now automatically transferred to the new version of your file.

4. Thats it you are done, now the File get update without change of the link.

» This method will also be helpful in replacing the file in one format with another format.

» Suppose you have a video file in Google Drive that you want to replace it with a animation file of smaller size , the option “Manger Versions ” will also have facility to do this and the shared link won’t change.Guys, if you are using Dropbox and would like to update a share file in Dropbox without
changing link, you just upload the new version of file in the same Dropbox folder.

» But here is one thing that you must know that when we upload a file in Dropbox and file with same name is already existing there, Dropbox will replace the Old file with the new one while the share link will continue to work. But in case of Google drive, we can have multiple file with same name consist in one folder and hence

» So above guide is all about How To Update File(s) In Google Drive Without Changing the Link(s). Use the method and it can be greatly helpful while managing multiple files in your google drive. Hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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What Does 1G 2G 2.5G 3G 3.5G 4G 5G Mean? See it here

With the announcement of the new iPhone 4 there is a lot of confusion about what is 3G and 4G. Here is a great video which explains the evolution of the technology and what AT&T,
Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint use on their networks. The first iPhone 3G used a technology called EGDE and the new iPhone 4 is using the the HSPA technology. Here are the protocols explained so that when someone says they have a 4G iPhone you can correct them.

Generation - Definition - Technologies - Speeds
1G - Original analog cellular for voice (AMPS, NMT, TACS) 14.4 kbps
2G - Digital narrowband circuit data (TDMA, CDMA) 9-14.4 kbps
2.5G - Packet data onto a 2G network (GPRS, EDGE) 20-40 kpbs
3G - Digital broadband packet data (CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, EDGE)
500-700 kbps
3.5G - Replacement for EDGE is (HSPA) 1-3 mbps
4G - Digital broadband packet data all IP (Wi-Fi, WIMAX, LTE) 3-5 mbps
5G - Gigabit per second in a few years (?) 1+ gbps

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How To Convert PC exe file to Android Apk file

Hi friends, Welcome to the tutorial on How To Convert EXE File To APK File. In the previous article i gave step by step instruction to Install Windows 8.1/8/7/XP On Android Mobile/Tablet Dual Boot, you can install windows on your Android mobile/tablet by reading that article. If you install Windows on android mobile then you can use any EXE file on your android mobile/ tablet. You can also use EXE files on your android mobile without installing Windows OS on your android mobile by just converting the EXE files to APK files.

Android users can only install and use the APK files on their mobile but not the many useful EXE applications and games available for windows. Here in this tutorial i will explain you how to convert EXE file to APK file by using a simple EXE to APK Converter Tool available for free on the web. Convert any useful EXE file to apk file and install them on your android mobile by just following the below simple process.

How To Convert Exe File to Apk file

Requirements :
Below image are your requirements

Requirements to convert exe file to apk file


After you downloaded the tool from the above link, launch the software in your computer.

launch EXE After launching the software, select “I have a portable application” and click next in the Exe to APK Converted Tool. select portable app

Now select the EXE file that you want to convert.

It will take some time to load the files, after completion of loading  then click on “convert”.

The Tool will take some time to convert the EXE file to APK file. The process of converting depends on the Exe file size. So leave the tool to complete the process converting exe file

After completion of the process, you will get the success message." success coverter"

Now your EXE file will convert into Apk file so that you can install that file in your android mobile/tablet to use.

If you got any problems in following the process, please post them in the comment section. 
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August 29, 2016

Method To Show Lyrics Of YouTube Music Videos On Windows 10 Edge Browser

This ia another update from YouTube just recently when ee published an article about Youtube Might Be Transformed Into A Full Pledged Social Media Platform Soon.

Since the windows 10 anniversary updateMicrosoft have tried to
introduce more features to the windows 10 OS. Such as better customizable app centre, better battery option, improved lock screen, redesigned start menu, Microsoft Ink, extension support for the edge browser among many others. But
the area that actually got more of the update is arguably the Cortana.

New updates on the Cortana includes new notification features, easy interaction between your PC and Android or Windows Mobile and one of the major update which we are going to talking about is the new Cortana integration into other windows 10 apps.

Cortana has now been integrated on the edge browser with a new feature which works exclusively on YouTube. Now Cortana can easily help you get the lyrics of any music video you are playing on
YouTube and the better part of it is that you even can pin the lyrics beside the YouTube music video you are watching.

Read Also
Youtube Might Be Transformed Into A Full Pledged Social Media Platform Soon.

Method To Enable The Cortana Lyrics Feature

==> Launch your Edge browser.
==> Open YouTube and play the music video you need the lyrics for.
==> At the right side of your URL bar, click on the ring icon that represents Cortana.
==> A panel will appear at the right hand side of the screen displaying the lyrics of the current music video you are watching.
==> Click on the little pin icon at the top right corner so that the panel won't close when yoi click outside of it.

It's as simple and easy as that. Now you can sing along to your favourite music without the need for any third party app.

As I mentioned earlier, this feature currently works on only YouTube. But you never can tell, Microsoft might decide to extend it to other streaming sites like SoundCloud or vimeo.
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August 28, 2016

Method To Hinder WhatsApp From Sharing Your Contact / Details To Facebook

Trending now ,is the announcement from WhatsApp via a blog post that it will start providing targeted ads to users. To achieve this, "WhatsApp will share your phone number with Facebook’s system." and your WhatsApp account might be receiving advertisements from companies.

However, if you live this new this feature, then no qualms. but if you don't like it, no cause to cry out loud as they also created a way to opt-out from it. So follow me along.

If you have already opted in by accepting the new terms and conditions that is now popping up on WhatsApp app, you will apply the second method but if you are yet to see or accept the terms, use the
first method.


When you launch your updated WhatsApp application, you will see a page that asks you to tap agree on new terms and privacy policy on the screen, just follow below steps:

1. Hit/Tap Read
2. Uncheck Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook…
(See why you need to read the terms and
conditions being approached?)

Whereas, if you have already agreed to this terms and services ignorantly and wish to opt out, follow this second method

For iOS users only
1. Open your WhatsApp
2. Go to Settings > Account.
3. Uncheck Share my account info.

For Android users only 
1. Open your WhatsApp
2. Tap the three dots icon on the top-right.
3. Tap Settings > Account.
4. Uncheck Share my account info.

NOTE: After 30 days, you might not be able to opt out again.

Although Opting out option is just a pardon / consolation, by closely reading their privacy policy, you will see that it
still shares your data and whatsapp it’s not all that private again. So checking that option might not still guarantee 100% safety but your chats and messages are still encrypted i.e end to end.

Have you seen or noticed  this info notification on your WhatsApp(all Devices)?

What steps did you took? Let's see your opinion via the comments box.
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