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May 21, 2017

Telegram Messenger Brings : Video messaging, Bot payments, and Instant View platform

Telegram is now one of the most popular messaging app like WhatsApp which Android users have been able to download in their phone and start messaging friends and family. It no more news that Telegram Messenger has lot of features than WhatsApp and we'all know that 70% of these features are gotten from WhatsApp. Telegram, the alternative messageing app to WhatsApp has successfully updated their app which brings latest version of 4.0 with exclusive major features :  video messaging, bot payments, and Instant View platform.

For the video messaging feature on Telegram, users can now send video message to one another in two different ways: the mic icon to switch to camera mode, then tap and hold to record a video message or by swiping up while in hands-free mode. However, telegram had also introduced Telescope that allows anyone to view video messages from public Telegram channels.

The Telegram Bot payment enables users order for pizza, pay bills, shops and lots more using using built-in Telegram bots. kOS users can pay in-app from Applepay with this bot payment support "Great Feature"

Lastly, it also supports instant view platform that allows users to view articles directly in the Telegram app and create article previews using the Instant View Editor. Telegram app is available on playstore for Android users and Appstore for iOS users.

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January 03, 2017

Telegram Finally Discontinues Support For Older Versions of Android OS

Telegram which is a newly introduced social messager app that a hits a lot of users because of ut freebies. It is no longer news that both Telegram and WhatsApp are timid about ending support for certain categories of devices
this year.

Now, Telegram have already has started displaying it early this year by quitting support for Android devices running Android 2.2, Android 2.3 and 3.0 too. Android 4.0 Ice Cream.

In the interim, Sandwich is the base working framework rendition required to run Telegram's most recent form.

I trust this move is made to suit new elements on the Wire application which more established android forms won't not bolster.

A similar reason WhatsApp is unyielding on sticking to this same pattern.

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Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are a Telegram client or fan as yet running the Android more seasoned variant, you can at present get to your Telegram account by means of the web from your versatile program or PC web program. The same applies to whatsapp clients.

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December 13, 2016

5 Essential Things To Do After Installing Telegram Messenger On Your Phone

Telegram is a new messenger app just like whatsapp. Telegram i will say stole all whatspp features and just embedded some little bread crumbs of them into it. Telegram is now mostly used now because, the app is flexible and easy to use and also people joined telegram to earn money(btc). The main stuff is that after installing telegram Messenger on your phone, there are somethings you need to so before using it fully. These things are very essential. Mainly this things will just help you to

  • Secure your Telegram Messenger App
  • Reduce Data Usage & Speed Loading. 

5 Essential Things To Do After Installing Telegram Messenger? 

1. Choose "No Media" when using mobile data

This is a telegram feature that helps you download all media immediately after being sent by friends. These will surely drain your data so why don't you disable it. To do this, launch your telegram go to "Settings" and scroll down to the "Automatic Media Download". Here, untick all options under "when using mobile data". You can leave "when using wifi" idle in a situation whereby you are using a free wifi.

2. Stop AutoPlay GIFs

This is another feature you should stop or disable after installing telegram messenger on your phone. This feature is already enabled immediately you install and launch your telegram. These feature helps you play Gif files automatically after been sent from telegram group or personal chat. It main aim is to drain data. Therefore, to stop this, go to "Settings", scroll down to the "Automatic Media Download" section, then you will see and can disabled AutoPlay Gif.

3. Set PassCode : 

This is a telegram feature that helps you lock your Telegram Messenger app it self and chats also.  You must make use of these feature to help you keep your Telegram Messenger from reach of those you are hiding things from. Therefore to set your passcode, go toto "Settings" >> Privacy and Security. Scroll to the security section and click "Passcode". Now enable the PassCode Lock, input your required passcode twice. It has been enabled.

Immediately a lock icon will br available in your whatsapp chat at the top. You can click it to lock your telegram. Note : If you forget this passcode, you can't recover it again, all you need to donis reinstall your telegram, all data (Chats and medias) will be gone.

4. Activate Two-Step Verification : 

Telegram Two-Step verification helps you account to be secured and safe from hackers. This feature is one that requires you to set up additional password incase someone wants to log in to your account. Without the set password, he or she cannot log in to your telegram account. Isn't this nice, read through to activate it. 

"Settings" >> "Privacy and Security".
under the Security option click "Two step authentication" then follow the required, input your email to confirm your password via "Spam Folder". 

5. Setup Your Account self-destructs : 

This is verys essential. You must set uo your Telegram Self-destructs option. This is a feature that delete your whatsapp account if telegram notice you didn't log in you telegram account after you've have set the main self-destructs option. The default option is one month. That's in one month if you don't log in, your account will deleted with immediate effect. 

To set this up "Settings" >> "Privacy and Security", under the Account Self-destructs, click "if you away for" choose 1year. There is no way yo won't log in telegram in one year. Amd if everything turns round and yoi didn't log in, just get ready to sign up in a nonymity again. 

All these are the things you should get done immediately you just launched your Telegram Messenger for security purposes and saving data purposes. 
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December 03, 2016

How To Stop "Auto Play GIFs" In Your Telegram Messenger App

Telegram messenger app is an alternative messenger app to whatsapp. It trends, though not oj PlayStore. Telegram has hit many users and downloads due to the fact that it is a making money app. Telegram messenger app is into bitcoin making money.  Telegram has a lots of features and to crown it all, it has all whatsapp features. Therefore, there is no need to start distinguishing their features.

I will say telegram has more feature than whatsapp. Telegram is very easy to operate and navigate through, but with these app, there are lots of enabled feature that drains your data which you can disable. One of them is "Auto-Play GIFs". Auto-Play Gif is a telegram feature embeded in telegram that helps you play telegram Gif Images before you download them. Gif images are like video, so when Auto-Play gif is enabled, any gif file sent to a group or personal chat in telegram will play automatically.

Benefits Of Auto-Play Gifs Images 

  • Helps you view gif images before downloading 
  • To know what the image is all about before deciding to download

How To Stop "Auto Play GIFs" On Telegram 

To stop "Auto-Play" GIFs on your telegram messenger app, launch ypur telegram app, swipe your telegram to tye right and click Settings 

Now scroll down, you will see the AutoPlay Gifs feature disable it.

That's all. You have now disabled Autoplay Gifs on your telegram fpr better messenging experience.  
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October 28, 2016

How To Send Apk Files On Telegram Messenger App Using Es File Explorer File manager And Normal Method

I swear to *** it is no longer news that Telegram app is overshadowing whatsapp messenger app. Whatsapp is indeed good but doesn't have a feature which has been embedded to the Latest telegram app. Telegram app is indeed one of the best messenger app that has stolen all whatsapp features from A-Z. Telegram stole all whatsapp features including the latest one that can tag friends and the other 3features. But why most people hate whatsapp is that it doesn't support sending apk files therefore we tech gurus use one way of the by changing the apk file to txt.

But i now see that Telegram can send apk files on whatsapp without any 3rd party method at all. And below is the method for you to send apk files on telegram.

There are two ways of sending apk files on whatsapp which are :

  • The use of Es file explorer file manager 
  • Normal method : Via Sd cards

How To Send Apk Files on Telegram Using Es file explorer file manager 

To send apk files on Telegram using es file explorer file manager, download es file explorer file manager, then launch it.

Swipe your phone to the right a slide page will open then click the drop down option Library and click Apps. 

Now do long click or long press on the app you want to send to Telegram (ex dictionary) then click the Share tab below the page like snapshot below.

Then a page will pop up disaplaying the chatting or messenging apps you want to share your selected app (dictionary) to. So choose Telegram.

After choosing Telegram, click the group or personal chat you want to send dictionary to and you will be asked Sending message to group or personal chat name? Click Yes

Now your apk file has been sent to your whatsapp personal or group chat. You can also follow same step to send app to Telegram via normal method.

How To Send Apk Files on Telegram Using Normal Methods 

For normal method to send apk to Telegram, go to file manager >Then choose either of  Sd card 0 or 1 depending on the onw your files are. Now do long click or long press on the app you want to send to Telegram  then click the Share icon and choose Telegram then send.

Now you can see the mad feature of Telegram overshadowing whatsapp. Hmm! i pray we see more developments in these apps. Drop you comment on your review of these messenger apps.
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October 25, 2016

Download Latest Telegram Messenger App :For Android And IOS Whatsapp Competitor

Latest messenger app that want to over shadow Whatsapp and it Portrayal that is description.

Unadulterated texting — basic, quick, secure, and adjusted over  every one of your gadgets. More than 100 million dynamic clients in over two  a long time.

Quick: Telegram is the speediest informing application available, interfacing individuals by means of a novel, circulated system of server farms around the world.

Synchronized: You can get to your messages from every one of your gadgets at  once. Begin writing on your telephone and complete the message from your  tablet or portable workstation. Never lose your info or data again.

Boundless: You can send media and documents, with no points of confinement on  their sort and size. Your whole talk history will require no plate space on your gadget, and will be safely put away in the Telegram cloud for whatever length of time that you require it.

SECURE: We made it our central goal to give the best security consolidated easily of utilization. Everything on Telegram, including talks, bunches, media, and so on is scrambled utilizing a blend of 256-  bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-piece RSA encryption, and  Diffie–Hellman secure key trade.

Effective: You can make aggregate visits for up to 5,000  individuals, share substantial recordings, archives of any sort (.DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, and so on.), and even set up bots for particular errands. It's the ideal  instrument for facilitating on the web groups and planning cooperation.

Solid: Built to convey your messages in the base bytes conceivable, Telegram is the most solid informing framework ever made. It works even on the weakest portable associations.

FUN: Telegram has capable photograph and video altering instruments and an
open sticker/GIF stage to take into account all your expressive needs.

Basic: While giving an extraordinary cluster of components, we are taking extraordinary care to keep the interface clean. With its moderate  outline, Telegram is incline and simple to utilize.

100% FREE and NO ADS: Telegram is free and will dependably be free. We are not going to offer promotions or present membership expenses.

PRIVATE: We consider your security important and will never give third parties access to your information. For those intrigued by most extreme security, Telegram offers Secret  Talks. Mystery Chat messages can be customized to self-destruct naturally from both taking an interest gadgets. Along these lines you can  send a wide range of vanishing substance — messages, photographs, recordings,
also, even records. Mystery Chats utilize end-to-end encryption to guarantee that message must be perused by its proposed beneficiary.

Telegram continue extending the limits of what you can do with a informing application. Try not to sit tight years for more established couriers to get up to speed  with Telegram — join the insurgency today.

Download Telegram Messenger App for Android - Here
Download Telegram Messenger App for IOS - Here 
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